smashyq  asked:

6 characters meme: Kelsier, Vin, Hoid, Elend, Kaladin, aaand Vaati. :P

You would ask for Vaati. I swear, that Wind Mage is always on your mind. xD

  • Push off a Cliff: Kelsier. It was a joke, most certainly! It’s not like I think he’s a bit of a cad and deserves it some of the time or anything especially after he messed up a perfectly good Mistborn by teaching them about Hemalurgy… After all, he has Allomancy, he’ll be fine! :D
  • Kiss: Vin. On the head, platonically. Then give her a warm cup of choc and a blanket. She needs to have a good day.
  • Marry: WELL, with these choices… Elend. I guess. I am not interested in wedding the cosmere trolls, and the other three…nah. :P
  • Be roommates with: Hoid. Though he’ll probably tease me…I’d insult him back in creative and fun ways. In the end, it’d be excellent!
  • Set on fire: VAATI. It’s the best way to beat a boss, right? He’s a wind mage…he should be flammable! Then we can talk about a redemption arch or something in a few hundred years time…
  • Wrap a blanket around: Kaladin. That guy needs a break. Plus, I heard he may have had to deal with a lot of rain recently…

hey.. remember that moment in dwsa during the song of purple summer,, after everyone has stripped back down to their base costumes, when the back wall lifts, creating a doorway, n through it u can see lots of trees n greenery,, bc it’s supposed to represent rebirth n youth, and all the children start to walk through the opening and then hänschen picks up anna from her chair n carries her through the wall in his arms n then melchior is the last to leave n he signs the final lyrics without any voices, leaving all the adults on stage in the dark.. alone…,,, yea me too


Photos from recent clashes between students and security forces in South Africa. There have been near daily protests for free education at SA Universities throughout September and October 2016. 

Check here for regular updates on the situation: http://dialectical-delinquents.com/south-africa-the-latest/