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this was easily my favorite moment of season 4. when Viggo was holding Astrid “hostage” he was telling Hiccup basically “Are you seriously going to risk your future wife, and maybe your children, for the Dragon Eye?” i absolutely loved how he worded this and it made me so freakin happy he threw it into the lava. the way Hiccup chose to throw the Dragon Eye, the thing he’s been fighting for, into the lava for Astrid just UGH. it’s so amazing and i absolutely loved this. but im wondering, did Astrid run to Hiccup and did he hold her? 🌚

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Hello sweetheart! Congratulations on your milestone, I'm very happy for you! 😊 My question: what's your favourite J2 moment of 2016?

Hi sweet seraphyde666!!

Thank you so much for the ask, you are officially my first!  I’m excited to answer your question, I’ve been thinking about it all day.  So many amazing moments come to mind…The Thinkery Imaginarium Gala, The weekend at the Concours d’Elegance, ACL, watching the world series….etc, etc.   I can’t narrow it down to just one favorite, so I thought I’d do my top three.

3.  The arm/hand stroking during Purple Rain.  I love ALL their touches, but I love this one in particular because I feel like it was a private moment not meant to be seen.  And I love that before, Jared made Jensen put his arm around Misha so that Jared could touch his arm.

2.  The epic JibCon hug. I felt like this was Jensen staking claim.  He was so fierce during this moment, face grabbing Jared and pulling him into the hug.  He was protective and supportive all at the same time.  He is there for his man and he wants the world to know it.  I can really feel the love Jensen has for Jared when I look at that hug.  And then Jared, holding on so tight, his eyes closed.  It’s just so incredibly sweet.

1.  My very favorite moment was the date night Kaleo concert.  I love how they share a passion for that band.  I love that they let us in and see that night.  It looked like they had so much fun.  They are so comfortable with each other and I really felt that looking at the pictures from that night.

Thank you for the question, sweet friend!  I really enjoyed answering.  Have a great night!!

After rewatching the final problem

Favorite moments:

  • Mycroft’s smile while watching his family tape where Sherlock hugs him
  • The umbrella / sword / gun
  • Martin’s Perfect Hair
  • John is family and that is why he stays
  • ”The deduction thing”?
  • Such a beautiful cinematography
  • Mycroft disguised as the fisherman
  • Mycroft being all power and orders in front of the governor
  • Eurus being bysexual
  • John being all soldier about the recordings and telling Mycroft to shut up
  • Moriarty and his geeky red alert voice recording
  • QUEEEEN!!!
  • “How do you want me?” Moriarty
  • “I will not be manipulated like this” Mycroft
  • “To hell with what happens with us” John
  • Sherlock explaining his Mycrofts true intentions
  • Mycroft promising his Brain to the Royal Society
  • Sherlock solving the song for the sole sake of saving John 
  • Mystrade being canon
  • Greg surprised to be told his name twice in a season
  • Sherlock being better than a great man, being a good one
  • Sherlock and Eurus duet 
  • Reconstructing 221B
  • Parentlock
  • Mommy Holmes taking Mycrofts hands
  • “My Baker Street boys”

Hillarious moments:

  • Sherlock calling off the prank 
  • “If there’s a cue join them” 
  • Ms Hudson being a metalhead 
  • Sherlock Holmes, the pirate
  • Moriarty street speañing
  • “This one has more stamina but he’s less caring in the afterglow” Pansexual MORIARTY
  • Ms Hudson spraying 221B

Scary moments:

  • The fucking clown
  • Mycroft describing Eurus childhood behavior
  • Eurus being colder and not being able to relate to feelings
  • Eurus feeling the need to exterminate her family
  • Eurus recordings
  • Sherlock seeing but not observing
  • Mycroft’s unbuttoned shirt 
  • Mycroft unsure and scare about killing the governor and killing it
  • “She’s very clever”- “I’m begining to think you are not”
  • Sherlock experimenting emotions after Molly’s phone call
  • Mycroft being so cold hearted toward John and saying all the hurtful things he said 
  • Eurus loosing it because sherlock decided to kill himself
  • Sherlock being so lost in emotion by remembering his Childhood friend

Hated Moments:

  • The plain metaphore making Eurus look vulnerable when she clearly isn´t
  • Why does the freaking skull paint keep changing through the episodes 
  • John not able to identify a granade (he is a soldier FGS)
  • John quoting Oscar Wilde after feeling this show was a whole queerbait
  • Sherlock rewritting his memories because in that case we cannot trust even his memory
  • The regret in Mycrofts face being unsecure about Moriarty and Eurus meeting
  • John specking about Mary while watching Sherlock in the eyes making him feel guilty again.
  • The stressfull atmosphere created by the changing lights and Moriarty’s messages
  • Are sherlock grandparents even alive to be metioned by the little girl on the phone?
  • Molly’s phone call and not because of the ship but because of what it does to her as a character, her suffering is just a horrible thing to watch.
  • The doctor doen´t recognize human bones…
  • Eurus’ voice changing when she is talking about the plain metaphore sounding like the child 
  • Holmes parents blaming Mycroft for the measures he took to secure her
  • Mary saying that whan they can become doen´t matter even though she know who they really are

Overall this is a GOOD episode, is it the finale we wanted? NO, at least no must of us. We are dissapointed but it is not a bad episode so please don´t throw shit to the creators. Hopefully some kind of statement will be said in the next weeks and we wil not feel fooled or worst Queerbaited…

CRStats Favorite Moments (Eps 01-38)

@tytytheshyguy asked: Hi! So I’ve recently discovered (like about two weeks ago) critical role and decided to catch up and am on episode 38 and I was just wondering what some of your favorite moments were…

In anticipated memoriam after tonight, we Dammit, Andrew, we said NO! Everything’s going to be FINE!

We tried really hard to keep this list under 20, but there are four of us, and we couldn’t decide. Also, we kept coming up with more the longer we thought about it. (Seriously. We added like four of these today.) We’re just lucky we were limited to the first 38 episodes, or it’d be closer to 50. The list is in order of appearance, not ranking—we have no idea how we’d even come up with a ranking for them.

  • Keyleth’s “Dwarvish” accent (Ep02, 0:52:50)
  • Finding Clarota (Ep03, 2:12:35)
  • Kima’s Revenge (Ep06, 2:33:50)
  • Grog vs. Tiny (Ep11, 1:49:39)
  • Gilmore’s Glorious Entrance (Ep14, 2:03:21)
  • Wyvern turned Bunny (Ep15, 2:19:48)
  • Holy Man Scanlan (Ep16, 1:13:49)
  • Zahra’s HDYWTDT on Rimefang (Ep19, 3:23:37)
  • Grog “Haggles” (Ep22, 1:07:20)
  • Grog Defeats Kern (Ep23, 1:25:25)
  • Burt Reynolds Gets Keyleth and Tiberius Out of Jail (Ep23, 1:38:03)
  • Victor the Black Powder Merchant (Ep23, 2:08:28)
  • Pretty Trinket (Ep24, 2:18:28)
  • Beardgate (Ep24, 2:34:33)
  • Vox Moochina (Ep26, 2:34:35)
  • The Sun Tree (Ep28, 2:38:18)
  • Getting into the Zenith Temple (Ep29, 0:30:00)
  • Scanbo (Ep31, p1. 0:13:45)
  • Pike Appears, Destroys an Army (Ep32, 0:25:00)
  • Ripley is the Luckiest Person in Whitestone (Ep33, p1. 0:31:48)
  • Pike Saves Vax from Possession (Ep 33, p2. 1:22:35)
  • Scanlan Writes an Epic Poem and Commissions a Painting (Ep 36, 0:25:09)
  • Grog Meets Craven Edge (Ep36, 0:49:20)
  • Trinket the Human (Ep36, 2:00:20)
  • Vax and Gilmore Have a Conversation (Ep38, 0:58:33)
  • Kaylee Tells Us About Herself (Ep38, 1:19:04)

My favorite Jared moments of the year!!!

Well, this 2016 is about to go and 2017 is about to come… while this happens, I came up with the idea of making this post. Of all the things Jared did this year, I want to mention which are my favorite ones:

The Oscars: I loved this appearance, he really looked gorgeous that day (well, he’s always gorgeous), perfect hairstyle, perfect beard (at least the perfect beard for me)… I liked his outfit with the exception of that flower but I guess this is a typical Gucci stuff lol… and him mentioning the word “merkin” was a memorable thing… I had no idea what on earth “merkin” meant, I remember having googled it lol

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Carrera campaign: my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE campaign of his this year. I liked it way more than the Gucci Guilty one. It’s not that I didn’t like him in Gucci Guilty campaign, it’s that I didn’t like the concept of the campaign as such. Besides, if you ask me in which campaign Jared looked more gorgeous, I’d definitely say Carrera.Those pics for Carrera campaign are to die for. Even though I’ve always said ombre Jared is my favorite ever, I must confess that he looks terribly HOTTTT with short hair (of that color, in combination with that short beard), that look does things on me, seriously:

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Rolling Stone magazine cover: my favorite cover this year!!! A cover designed to kill!! so much HOTNESS in it!!

Photoshoot for GQ style magazine (September 2016 issue). My favorite photoshoot of the year. I loved each and one of the pics of it. The cover is my second favorite one of this year. My God, how gorgeous!!!

All the snaps and pics during his trip to Rome. Specially the ones in which he has fluffy hair… so HOT. And those snaps videos of him speaking italian, specially that one in which he says “vaffanculo”… lol

His appearance at Ellen’s show: another appearance that killed me!! The “Never Have I Ever” play… lol 

aaaand finally

Tonight Show: Jared and the puppies… the CUTEST thing ever!! and also that gift the Joker gave to Jimmy Fallon, lmao how much I laughed with it!!

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This is about me, what about you guys???? opinions are welcome!!

Favorite Moments in The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen
  • Pg. 26-27
  • Connor: Sage?
  • Sage: Beg mercy.
  • (Roden snorts)
  • Sage: Then when my opponent lowers his guard, certain of his victory. I’d finish the battle.
  • Tobias: A violation of all sportsmanship in swordplay.
  • Sage: What do I care about sportsmanship? If I’m about to get killed, it’s not play anymore. I won’t check the rules to see if my survival fits with someone’s codebook of fair play.
  • ....
  • Pg 47
  • Sage: (looks at his feet) I don’t remember them being this color, that tickles. Are you finished yet? I don’t like having a man help me with my bath.
  • Errol: Shall I have a woman sent it?
  • Sage: (laughs)
  • ....
  • Pg 86
  • Sage: Fine but I need help getting up.
  • Cregan: Can’t even mount a horse by yourself?
  • Sage: It’s a ridding contest, not a mounting one.
  • ....
  • Pg 89
  • Matt: Are you okay?
  • Sage: I think bruises are the worst of it. She stopped to get a drink of water and I fell off.
  • Matt: You stayed on through the ride and fell off when she stopped? Cregan’s going to laugh all night about that.
  • ....
  • Pg 106
  • Sage: For the first time, I think I’m glad that horse ran off with me.
  • ...
  • Pg 180
  • Sage: I definitely don’t like pain, so if you do decide to kill me, make it quick.
  • Roden: (laughs)
  • Pg 187
  • Sage: I never said the dirt detracted from your beauty, Highness, only that it was there.
  • Amarinda: (smiles embarrassed)
  • ....
  • Pg 196
  • Matt: Where are you going?
  • Sage: To my room. My back hurts.
  • Matt: How will It look to everyone at dinner if the servant who left with Amerinda fails to return?
  • Sage: How will I look if that servant’s bandages bleed trough and he drips blood on Connor’s dinner table?
  • ....
  • Pg 199
  • Sage: If he asks for me at night, he’ll find me in my night clothes.
  • Errol: It’s inappropriate.
  • Sage: And it’s indecent of him to summon me when he knows I’m asleep!
  • Matt: I won’t bring you to the master like that. Allow Errol to dress you, or I will do it.
  • .....
  • Pg 200
  • Connor: You’re lucky she did. She might as easily have you whipped for being disrespectful.
  • Sage: I’ve already been whipped.
  • Connor: And stabbed, I hear.
  • Sage: Matt has my story on that accident, sir.
  • Connor: A story which is probably a lie.
  • Sage: At Fatherwood, lies and truth blur together.
  • Connor: Only lies in pursuit of the truth, Sage.
  • ....
  • Pg 248
  • Connor: (looks at Sage) Hail His Majesty, the scourge of my life. I fear the devils no longer, because I have the worst of them right in my home!
  • .....
  • Pg 315
  • Roden: I’m still better than you.
  • Sage: Perhaps, but I’m more handsomer, don’t you think?
  • ....
  • Pg 316
  • Sage: Do you offer mercy?
  • Roden: If you accept that I win this challenge. If you concede that I win and give me that crown, then you and the others may go in peace. That is the mercy I offer. I am Prince Jaron.
  • Sage: If you were Jaron, then you’d never fall for a simple trick like this.
  • (Sweeps Roden‘s feet from under him)
  • Roden: It’s what you said you would do on your very first day, beg mercy and trick your opponent. I’d forgotten.