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Favorite single moments from each episode of Critical Role thus far

Here’s a full list. One for each episode. Sorry that there are no timestamps.

  1. Save the Bear (Episode 1)
  2. Keyleth Kraghammer (Episode 2)
  3. The Women Take No Shit From The Men (Episode 3)
  4. Operation Goblin Shit Bucket (Episode 4)
  5. Killing a Hook Horror, Spider-Man Style (Episode 5)
  6. “I Encourage Violence!” (Episode 6)
  7. Scanlan the Kingslayer (Episode 7)
  8. Keyleth vs. Kima (Episode 8)
  9. The Insight Check (Episode 9)
  10. Scrying on K'Varn (Episode 10)
  11. “You don’t FUCK! With Grog’s! Cask of Ale!” (Episode 11)
  12. Haven’t seen it due to it being a one-shot that was not canon.
  13. Pike Inspires Scanlan (Episode 13)
  14. Enter Shaun Gilmore (Episode 14)
  15. Sky-High Skirmish (Episode 15)
  16. Pike’s Departure (Episode 16)
  17. Phillip vs. Kern (Episode 17)
  18. Campfire Bonding (Episode 18)
  19. Hellish Rebuke (Episode 19)
  20. CSI: Vasselheim (Episode 20)
  21. RIP Carpet (Episode 21)
  22. A Vision of her Death (Episode 22)
  23. Grog the Victorious (Episode 23)
  24. Percy’s Past (Episode 24)
  25. My Friends, Keyleth, and Vex'ahlia (Episode 25)
  26. Nothing for this one. Sorry.
  27. Nothing for this one. Sorry.
  28. The Sun Tree (Episode 28)
  29. Doors: VM’s Favored Enemy (Episode 29)
  30. “Your sister lives, Percival.” (Episode 30)
  31. Scanbo Shorthalt (Episode 31)
  32. The Angel of Sarenrae Returns (Episode 32)
  33. Vaxleth’s First Kiss (Episode 33)
  34. Sylas Eats A Bag of Holy Dicks (Episode 34)
  35. “If you’ll have me, I’m yours.” (Episode 35)
  36. Gift Exchange (Episode 36)
  37. Scanlan vs. Kaylie (Episode 37)
  38. “Scanlan, You Are My Father.” (Episode 38)
  39. When Dragons Attack (Episode 39)
  40. Allura Tells All (Episode 40)
  41. Gilmore is Saved (Episode 41)
  42. “I don’t want to be alone tonight.” (Episode 42)
  43. My Friends Are My Power (Episode 43)
  44. The Nat 1 That Changed Everything (Episode 44)
  45. "And I think I love you. I don’t know if I can allow myself to.” (Episode 45)
  46. Korrin’s Encouragement (Episode 46)
  47. Casa del Shorthalt (Episode 47)
  48. Tyriok Taken For Granite (Episode 48)
  49. Kamaljiori: Mr. Exposition (Episode 49)
  50. Bye-Bye, Craven Edge! (Episode 50)
  51. Grog Calls For Aid (Episode 51)
  52. “FOR STRONGJAW!!!” (Episode 52)
  53. The Proposal (Episode 53)
  54. Lord Grog and the Ironstocks (Episode 54)
  55. Escape from the Belly of the Beast (Episode 55)
  56. Girl Talk (Episode 56)
  57. The Communion (Episode 57)
  58. Pike’s Advice to Keyleth (Episode 58)
  59. Vex Lets Her Guard Down (Episode 59)
  60. Lady Vex'ahlia (Episode 60)
  61. The Neverending Thumbs-Up (Episode 61)
  62. Blight Is Not Your Best Friend (Episode 62)
  63. “My heart is someone else’s.” (Episode 63)
  64. Keyleth the Negotiator (Episode 64)
  65. “I love you, Vax. I have for a long time.” (Episode 65)
  66. The Meat Man Cometh (Episode 66)
  67. Channeling Ororo Munroe (Episode 67)
  68. “Percy’s killing you today. Not us.” (Episode 68)
  69. Pleas to a Fallen Friend (Episode 69)
  70. Keyleth vs. Raishan (Episode 70)
  71. Divine Intervention (Episode 71)
  72. Anything Can Happen in the Woods (Episode 72)
  73. No More Secrets (Episode 73)
  74. Senokir and Uten (Episode 74)
  75. “Some might call them… card games.” (Episode 75)
  76. The Bard Strikes Back (Episode 76)
  77. Kimallura (Episode 77)
  78. A Trip to Zephrah (Episode 78)
  79. The Whisper of Oblivion (Episode 79)
  80. A Volcanic Faceplant (Episode 80)
  81. Faith and a Haircut (Episode 81)
  82. A Chasm of Corpses (Episode 82)
  83. Poetic Justice (Episode 83)
  84. Lamor’s Wisdom (Episode 84)
  85. A Bard Exits the Stage (Episode 85)
  86. The Hazing (Episode 86)
  87. "Yes, I heard.” (Episode 87)
  88. “Fade to feathers.” (Episode 88)
  89. Flash Cards (Episode 89) (It was this or Vax’s resurrection.)
  90. The Voice Speaks (Episode 90)
  91. Soul Food (Episode 91)
  92. Kiki the Erinyes (Episode 92)
  93. The Hail-Mary Death Save (Episode 93)
  94. The Hunt is On (Episode 94)
  95. The Prankster is Back (Episode 95)
  96. You Wouldn’t Like Pike When She’s Angry (Episode 96)
  97. Kiki Goes Off the Deep End (Episode 97)
  98. A Rousing Breakfast Speech (Episode 98)
  99. The Darrington Family’s Future (Episode 99)
  100. An Old Foe Returns (Episode 100)
  101. Foresight (Episode 101)
  102. Entropis, the Jenga Tower (Episode 102)
  103. A Fateful Deal for the Fate-Touched (Episode 103)
  104. Vex’ahlia Reborn (Episode 104)
  105. Ioun’s Library (Episode 105)
  106. A Bloody Victory Smooch (Episode 106)

anonymous asked:

Hiii, im new to your blog but from what i've seen, you seem to be a very realistic shipper, so would you say your what your favorite jikook moments are and why do you ship them? Also, is there any other bts ship you like? Thaanks in advance (^^)

hello there~~~, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving back nice questions for me ^-^~. Sorry that it took me a while to answer your ask since I needed time to gather materials (?).

uhm… well I dunno if I’m there yet, but I do try to be realistic xD. Perhaps because of my age too, I’m not as young as most fans/shippers, so it’s not all pink for me. Jikook/Kookmin and BTS in general heal my old soul ♥. But thank you for saying that, it seems I’m on the right track with my posts :-)

However, I can tell you that these moments I list below aren’t in that direction, it’s more like sth personal and meaningful to me… I’m sorry if can’t live up to your expectation… 

So… 1st, my favorite Jikook/Kookmin moments… like we’ve been blessed with so much in the 1st 3 months of this year, but I guess the good old times left stronger impression on me, so imma try my best to find them back in my rusty mind xD

Originally posted by kookieshands

Like, who is a Jikook/Kookmin shipper that doesn’t know about this moment? This was when I started questioning their relationship. As an Asian, I try to find an explanation for this by saying things like “yeah friends and brothers can back-hug too, why not?”… But no, it didn’t work out that way. The way they were swaying, the way Jimin leaned back into Jungkook’s embrace, the way Jungkook just gently held Jimin in his arm, how they did all this while enjoying the music and having a time of their life, plus Hobi’s staring at them. I can see all flowers and butterflies there 🌺🦋. No, this is definitely not usual 🐥🐰.

Originally posted by jun-kookie

Not long into the ship I found this, I still remembered how surprised I was, since I hadn’t known that Jungkook had this kind of expression, and it was towards Jimin. Back then Jungkook gave me this kind of rough manly image but here he’s all soft and cute, nervously waiting for Jimin’s answer while looking at him with that longing look… I’m melting, help 💧💦✨

Back to the past a bit further, I dunno how I can explain this, but I just simply love this? Cuties having fun together, those smiles, the way Jungkook’s eye wrinkles shown while looking at Jimin, it’s just… so beautiful to me? 💞💞

I dunno if this is counted as a moment, probably not, but it’s meaningful to me in a way. Since I’m one of those people who believe that in order to take a great picture for another person, you have to have certain type of affection towards that person. When I 1st saw this picture, I thought this was a masterpiece without knowing it was Jungkook who took it. I know it doesn’t make any sense, but that’s just my point of view. This picture just screams “adoration” to me.

The content says it all.  갖고싶다 x3, “I want you” x3. Like I tried to find explanations to why in the middle of Jimin’s shooting, Kookie just had to film him with the kind of compliment like “oh sexy expression” and say that he wants Jimin? Like out of nowhere? And to the caption at the end of the vid, yes he wants Jimin, but no, it never ends xD

I just love this so much, too? How their voices sound together, how they’re singing a love song, how they look so passionate and how Jimin giggles because of Jungkook’s antics. What can we ask more from this match made in heaven (or hell xD)? 

Originally posted by tanktoptiger

Jimin basically asks Jungkook to give birth to his child… And people can walk away without having to look like they’re nodding their head… 

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13 DAYS OF OUTLANDER ~ 2.04 La Dame Blanche | Favorite Moments

“There was this place inside me I…A place I think everyone has that they keep to themselves. A fortress! Where the most private part of you lives. Maybe it’s your soul. The bit that makes you yourself and not anyone else. But after Wentworth, it was like my…my fortress had been blown apart. The thing that once lived there was suddenly exposed out in the open. Without shelter, without. – That’s where I’ve been ever since, Claire. Naked. Alone. Trying to hide under a blade of grass.”

Things I forgot about but love in the Voltron pilot episode

* “Lance and Keith, neck and neck.”
* “I’ll stick you in a wormhole!”
* P I D G E
* Keith smiling as he drives off the edge of the cliff
* Shiro being one hell of a Space Dad™
* “Go. Be great.”
* Hunk saving Lance from the missiles
* “Girl, you’ve already activated my particl-“ “Lance.”
* “Here’s an option, shut your head quiznak”
* Lance constantly picking on Keith, and vice versa
* “Patience yields focus”
* “It’s me, Keith; I aM yOUr pAlaDIN”
* “Good kitty” (Keith has some great lines okay)
* Hunk being all science-y
* Hunk trying not to puke
* Ok but why did I almost cry when Keith said “It’s been an honor flying with you boys”
* “I’M A LEG”
* (Feel free to reblog with your own!)

Sometimes I’m not a big fan of non canon material, but the Detective Conan movies and fillers give us some really good moments of some characters.

I mean, look at Kogoro in movies and fillers

Look at Ran in the movies

And look at Haibara

I hope they can get moments like this in the manga soon. 


13 DAYS OF OUTLANDER ~ 2.13 Dragonfly in Amber | Favorite Moments 1 / 2

“How did ye do it? Finally say goodbye…to that one person ye loved most in all the world?” 

anonymous asked:

What was your favorite scene from 2x18?

I’m gonna cheat here because I’m actually going to pick a favorite scene from four separate storylines. I know I know cheaters never win but my blog my rules.

1st Scene: Maia Opens Up to Simon

Alisha Wainwright you beautiful soul you. I’ve known from the beginning she was going to make a great Maia and that moment solidified it. My heart physically hurt for her. All I wanted to do was put my arm around her and tell her it was going to be okay. I wanted her to know she wasn’t alone and that what happened to her wasn’t her fault. 

2nd Scene: Luke Takes Charge His Way

From the very beginning, Luke has been trying to balance his Shadowhunter side with his pack leader side and tonight it is finally starting to feel like he has fully accepted his responsibility as a pack leader. Except it also felt as though he’s learning to use his Shadowhunter side in a way that helps his pack, not hinder them. I can’t wait to see him continue to grow as a leader. I have a feeling he is going to be a very important player on both sides. 

3rd Scene: Jonathan Takes Out the Guards

Are you fucking kidding me, Will Tudor??? I am in love with that fight choreography so much I could watch it on a loop and by could I mean I did. Perhaps I should be embarrassed by the number of times I watched that scene but since I have no shame I’m not. I couldn’t stand the book’s version of Jonathan, but Will’s version has me dreading the day he’s no longer on the show. 

4th Scene: Magnus Comes To a Decision

Bet you thought I was going to pick one of the earlier scenes involving Magnus & Alec and while I loved them all something fierce it was this scene that brought how much they truly love each other home. Just as Alec had come to realize that he couldn’t keep work and Magnus separate Magnus was realizing that in order to be the leader his people need him to be he had to let go of the one person who he loved more than anything. I don’t believe for a second this is the end of Magnus & Alec but I do think it is an absolutely necessary step in their journey. The icing on the cake was watching Matthew & Harry’s ultimate love and dedication to telling the story of this couple shine brighter than ever before. They hit upon a new level and there’s no turning back now. 


13 DAYS OF OUTLANDER ~ 2.05 Untimely Resurrection | Favorite Moments

“Jesus God, Claire! You’d stop me taking vengeance on the man that made me play his whore? The man that lived in my nightmares, and in our bed? Who almost drove me to take my own life? – I’m a man of honor. I pay my debts. So tell me now, is that what you’re asking of me? To pay you with the life of Black Jack Randall?”

My 20 Favorite Moments From Tim Burton Films

20.) The Pets Become Horror Movie Monsters- ‘Frankenweenie’

19.) “They blew up congress!” - 'Mars Attacks!’

18.) Large Marge- 'Pee Wee’s Big Adventure’

17.) The “Happening”- 'Dark Shadows’

16.) Penguin Finds His Parents- 'Batman Returns’

15.) Lydia and Beetlejuice’s Wedding- 'Beetlejuice’

14.) “Did you steal my tarts?”- 'Alice in Wonderland’

13.) “We’re simply meant to be.” - 'The Nightmare Before Christmas’

12.) Party Man- 'Batman’

11.) Tears to Shed/ Piano Duet- “Corpse Bride”

10.) The Bathtub Scene- 'Big Fish’

09.) “Hi Dad.”- 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’

08.) The Hessian Horseman- 'Sleepy Hollow’

07.) Bela’s Speech- 'Ed Wood’

06.) The Finale- 'Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street’

05.) Ice Dance- 'Edward Scissorhands’

04.) Oogie Boogie’s Song- 'The Nightmare Before Christmas’

03.) Day O- 'Beetlejuice’

02.) Selina’s Transformation- 'Batman Returns’

01.) A Christmas Past- 'Edward Scissorhands’

Nanbaka Week - Day 4 - Favorite Episode(s)/Moment(s)

And here ya go, finally something else colored for today- 

Honestly, I go to this part of Episode 14 allll the time when I’m in a bad or stressful mood and it makes my day every time~

I just love Nico and his random diseases and chronic illnesses cause of reasons like this. Seeing Uno and Jyugo being convinced for a moment that nothing has happened, then to their hair color swapping and their reactions were priceless~ Of course, everyone else’s reactions to that was also hilarious~ 

Other favorite episodes -

Well- I have a few others like the episode where Nico’s second personality comes out, to Rock and Uno flirting with Jyugo after he got caught so easily, and some other moments that are just so awesome~