This makes me fucking sick. Yet a large portion of society doesn’t recognize or understand eating disorders and how damaging they can be to ones mental and physical health. IT’S THIS IT’S YOU SHAMING WOMEN FOR HAVING A FUCKING BODY THAT’S HOW THEY HAPPEN. Not everyone’s body is going to be comfortable or function at low a low weight and how the fuck does ones weight equal their worth as a human being. Fucking explain that to me and FUCK OFF WITH THIS BULLSHIT.


HGUC 1/144 Dom Tropen Modeled by ED 

Very happy to announce somewhat of a re-vamp to my Youtube channel.  I’ve neglected it for far, far too long.  Youtube is where started my entire Gundam thing, and now that I’ve been gone and scarce for almost a year on it while I’ve been airbrushing and improving my skills, it’s time to start making videos again.  

I’m proud to announce my new videos entitled ‘Gunpla With ED’ In which Ill be no longer doing videos on just reviewing a kit and looking at it when it’s all done.  These 20-30 minute videos will cover everything from the runners to the final piece, and every step in between. Hope you guys enjoy this Dom Tropen and enjoy this new video as I get my foot back into the YouTube door. 

Watch the video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7i5yUwx_Dg

Full HD Photoshoot - http://tinyurl.com/pyqt7r3

Physicians and medical professionals can play an integral role in educating and assisting individuals who may be struggling with eating disorders or at risk for developing these illnesses.. Due to a lack of education about the complexities of eating disorders and the range of behaviors and symptoms associated with them,  physicians often overlook warning signs or misdiagnose eating disorders.


Hunter/jumper trainer Kristen Johnston, of Gallop Training, knows what it is to live with an eating disorder. Hers started when she was just 8 years old…

In honor of NED Week, I wanted to post this article about the pressure some people may feel within the equestrian world to stay thin.

I’m sorry if this offends/triggers anyone (I’ll do my best to tag it). Please remember to reach out to someone if you are struggling with an ED.

I got in contact with uni today. me and my mum have come to the agreement that I need to take whatever help I can get my hands on. so, i’ve asked for a meeting with student support to see what they can offer me, seeing as i’m struggling at uni.

there is also BEAT which is based in Norwich, so I may call in there to see if there is any groups or anything I can go to. my therapist is seeing me once/twice a week and says I can phone her any time. 

I am supported, now it’s up to me to climb back out of this relapse