Yummy yum

For dinner we had roasted veggies and black beans. I felt I needed more than that, so I heated up some curry quinoa to go with it.

Lunch was a struggle today- had an awkward schedule and tried to rationalize skipping lunch, but I grabbed a turkey sandwich (on a croissant) at school. And afterward I felt so much clearer in the head. I always do once I decide to eat instead of skip. It’s like the mean thoughts fade even though before eating, I feel that food will only make my head meaner. So yay (:

anonymous asked:

So my friend was found in her basement passed out cause she tried to overdose last night and I'm at the hospital with her. She's refusing to eat and the doctors said if she keeps refusing to eat for the rest of today they'll put her on a feeding tube. She's been through this before and she told me she hates it cause they feed her like 4000 calories a day. What can I do to convince her to eat? Please help me

Because an anorexic restricts their diet to a very low amount so double the amount we are meant to have, could be possibly be x8 the amount they normally have on a 500calorie in take which can be extremely scary.

Get her to eat little bits at first don’t pressure her to eat all of it, as she gets comfterble slowly get her to eat more and more. When will doctors learn shoving anorexic on that much straight away can be too hard at first. Look out for her, don’t let her be alone, and don’t let her purge after meals or drink too much water claiming to be full, in reality it’s all water.


So I was looking at old pictures today. Last year vs now. And looking at myself, I get really sad looking at last year. I couldn’t see it then, but now I see how sick my face looked. How bulimia and binging and purging and restricting made my cheeks puffy and put bags under my eyes. I’m so happy to be free. And no it doesn’t mean I’m necessarily fit or healthy or eat well always. But I’m in control now. And I can see the difference. :)