5002) My father refuses to let me start T until I "show I want it" by losing weight and gaining muscle. I guess he's just unaware that I've had an eating disorder and workout for 20min three time a day, because of dysphoria and self hatred

It just so happens I’ve had the horsetool for a while, which gave me ample time to work on a ponified version.

So uh, meet Ed, an unassuming grey pony who I’m certain would like to answer a few askblog type questions (and I could totally use them to practice doodling this new horsecritter).

I like the idea of most ponies having a little quirky touch of magic, something low level and passive. For example, Ed attracts tiny ferrous objects. Pins, needles, paperclips, small screws, those little coins that vending machines never accept.


Yeah, I thought he looked adorable is his PJs. And sorry if it looks weird, I’m trying out a type of shading style that I like. Also, I will be taking requests for as long as this blog lives, so don’t worry. And for anyone else reading this as well, go ahead and send me a request and see what happens. (Also, it’s not letting me tag you for some reason. I’ll try anyway I guess) @damgiftshop