Turnaround for my character Isha for an upcoming comic project. She’s a synthetic humanoid and also part of the friendliest hivemind you’ll ever meet.

I’ve been using DesignDoll to help with proportions and poses and stuff, it seems like a really useful piece of software, particularly as I’m not that confident with drawing humanoids. Hopefully this will be good practise!

gonna animate this little dessert monster!!

i’m thinking of calling them dextrose! or maybe dexter rose? i’m not sure why they’d have a formal name if they’re a horrible wild thing (or why they’d have a collar? i may or may not keep that) but why not!!

Character tag

Thank you @6pews !

Rules: Name ten favorite characters from ten of your fandoms, then tag ten people and repost

(In no particular order of course)

1. Anne Boleyn (The Tudors)
2. Newt (The Maze Runner trilogy)
3. Will Scarlett (BBC Robin Hood)
4. Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones)
5. Lexa (The 100)
6. Peter Pan (Once Upon a Time)
7. Mordred (Merlin)
8. Chris Prentiss (Ashes trilogy)
9.Wanda Maximoff (Age of Ultron)
10. Finn (The Force Awakens)

And thus I tag:

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