There was one sketch I was going to use for Chalcedony’s ref sheet, mostly to give an example of an expression she was capable of, and I wound up not using it because it made things crowded. But because I had inked it already, I went and finished it up anyways.

And this is the end result. Just me messing around and seeing what I can do as far as lighting that I’m not used to doing.

people need to stop making all of their characters so perfect

if you have over 100 characters, chances are that at least one is racist, or that one is sexist, one is hard pro-gun, or that one hates a certain religion

and that’s okay

the author is not their characters. all characters being pro-LGBT, feminist, and completely liberal and open minded gets stale!

not all characters have to be ideal people, and those who aren’t ideal don’t have to have an epiphany to show them they were wrong all along

and that’s okay

Character Casting (Kingsman 1.0)

So, you guys know what Harry and David (Merlin) look like, and of course, a young Michael Caine is soon to be stepping in as Arthur, but I have a  whole cast of characters and you have yet to know what they look like.

First, Felicity King: Age 18; Height 5’ 6"; apprentice to the Quartermaster; Played by Hayley Atwell

Merlin: Age mid 50s; Height 5’ 8"; Quartermaster; played by Dame Maggie Smith

Arthur (soon to retire)/Reginald Hart: Age 60; Height 6’ 0"; Leader of Kingsman; Played by Sean Connery (sans accent)

Lancelot: Age late 40s; Height 5’ 11"; Kingsman Agent and Handler; Played by Jason Issacs 

Percival (The jerk in the hallway): Age early 50s; Height 6’ 1"; Kingsman Agent; Played by Charles Dance

I, of course, claim no ownership of these pictures!   

warriors au notes

Four Clans: SunClan, SilverClan, NightClan, SkyClan

(Credit: this-wandering-lamb)

NightClan - specializes in stealth and silence

SkyClan - specializes in moving from and hunting in trees

SilverClan - (silver streams where the water is like quicksilver) specializes in water, fishing

SunClan - specializes in hunting on the plains under the sun

NightClan: a very proud Clan, calling themselves “pure blooded”. There’s a old nursery tale of how if you meet a black cat, it will bring you misfortune - even to Twolegs.

They’re kind of “colorist” too. Their Clan consists of almost all pure black/gray cats. In  fact, the darker the pelt, the more valued you are. They specialize in stealth and cunning, making themselves invisible in the dark.

Colored cats are viewed to be diluting the purity and nobility of the Clan. These cats are used to do lesser jobs and never get proper warrior names. Overtime, they made it so that all kits who are not born jet-black are to be culled, basically.

The more isolated they become, the more horrid their “culture” becomes.

SunClan: more progressive compared to the other clans. Lionstar thinks certain rules in the warrior code are outdated and outlandish. Fireflight, Foxleap and Frostclaw are sort of the troublemakers of the Clan. Like the more…harmful ones in the sense where they don’t seem to fully respect the warrior code and their leader. Especially Fireflight because she does as she pleases despite Pinefur’s orders. Frostclaw ends up slipping out and falls for different cats in different Clans (yes, multiple).

Pinefur is forced to make unpleasant/unfavourable decisions in order to punish the three. He probably is forced to strip their warrior privileges and make them do apprentice duties (like they have to be accompanied when they hunt, look after elders, clear dirt, etc etc). Heck, to reinforce the punishment, Lionstar took away their warrior names temporarily, so they have been known by their apprentice names.

Meanwhile, Pinefur is uncomfortable with Lionstar’s tweaking of the warrior code. Lionstar also knows he cannot stir up too much controversy, because the other Clans can decide that he is not worthy to be a leader at all (if he doesn’t even obey the warrior code and all) and they can band together and drive SunClan out.

Noday’s arc: Lightheart may be just a ‘paw’ when he vanishes but he is probably taken in by one of the other Clans and they kept him because they were in need of warriors or something. Probably SilverClan, hence the name Reedwhisker. When SunClan realizes that Lightpaw is still alive, they demand him back from SilverClan but Reedwhisker is confused. He thinks he’s SilverClan born (also Day and swimming) and they give him the choice to choose, so he chooses SilverClan.

So then it triggers this thing where Cloudheart’s loyalty is now in question. Does his loyalties lie in one cat that doesn’t remember him? or do they lie in his Clan

Possible arc: Smokefoot/Odette could be one of NightClan’s abandoned kits. Her twin, Nettlestorm/Mara, was found half-drowned by SilverClan. Larkfeather finds Smokefoot and takes her in. This causes controversy.

Oakheart leaves NightClan and joins SunClan because of Larkfeather