Things I've actually heard college students say
  • “Look how pretty my notes are!! Too bad I’ll never study them”
  • “I might look fine in class but I’m dying inside" 
  • “I’ve never seen frozen and at this point i’m afraid to" 
  • "when the professor shows up I’m just gonna get up, make eye contact, and leave”
  •  ”shut the fuck up and eat your shitty frosted flakes”
  •  ”Is it acceptable to throw myself out the window after we take this exam”
  • “I need more gay people in my life I’m suffocating in straights”
  •  ”I think I’m just gonna sleep outside and let the snow bury me until I die”
  • “why the fuck would i pay 5 dollars for a grilled cheese? oh wait they’re delivering them? ok buy 3”
  • “i feel like a child but i look like an adult and i think it throws a lot of people off”
  • “yo look at this dog! i want this dog. this dog is straight g”
  • “I got super drunk and told everyone I was a lesbian” 
  • “instead of studying art we should MAKE ART WITH OUR BODIES”

feel free to add anything you’ve heard

why glasses suck 

  • they’re always dirty. like w hat the fuck what is coming into contact with my face? why are they so fucking dirty? wha t the fuck 
  • 3D movies 
  • dont ever fuckin lose them bc good luck tryin to find ANYTHING without them on 
  • roller coasters 
  • idk why but like?? children really like to take them off of you??? and play with them??? wh y 
  • the rain 
  • steamy bathrooms/kitchens/anywhere with an unnecessary abundance of steam  
  • tfw u can feel ur prescription getting weaker on you 
what the signs think about zodiac posts
  • ARIES:excuse you i am SUPER CHILL ALL THE TIME
  • TAURUS:i do more than eat food omfg
  • GEMINI:what the fuck
  • CANCER:this is so not me... omfg wait THIS one is ME tho
  • LEO:pls keep feeding my ego
  • VIRGO:if i'm not being compared to beyonce idgaf
  • LIBRA:is this me? someone tell me if this is me omg
  • SCORPIO:why am i always the evil one i'll murder all ur asses
  • SAGITTARIUS:haha i don't care *reblogs*
  • CAPRICORN:i'm not nearly as motivated as these posts make me seem
  • AQUARIUS:i'm fine with this
  • PISCES:i'm not THAT sensitive *starts crying*