How dare you give me a link to an entire concert? 

admiral hackett: shepard i need you to uh *rolls dice* rescue scientists on *spins wheel* an abandoned mining facility from *flips coin* the geth in the *throws dart* hades gamma cluster

hackett out

these people actually expect me to defend my stance on feminism and give sources and everything like??? just go on google?? and type feminism?? its really that easy

but of course they’re gonna keep defending their anti-feminist agenda with bias sources that mainly include other anti-feminist blogs lmao

  • October when it's 45 degrees:what have we done to deserve such a fate *puts on 3 layers of clothing, a winter coat, 2 pairs of gloves, and boots before setting foot outside*
  • March when it's 45 degrees:god has blessed us with a beautiful day honestly i feel inspired *opens windows, goes outside with no jacket, smiles at strangers as they pass by*

Respect girls who do not care about “virginity” because it’s a social construct.

Respect girls who want to save themselves to make their sexual debut a blockbuster with someone special.

Respect girls who don’t want sex at all.

Easy breezy.