Jessiah had never really found her place in Hogwarts. She had transferred from the Salem all-girl’s school just two years ago in her third year but even in two years she constantly floated between tables in the Great Hall during meals and busied herself with random students who didn’t mind talking to her intermittently. She glanced at her House table and bit her bottom lip before her eyes drifted to the table beside it- Gryffindor. 

She scanned the red and gold table before her eyes settled on a somewhat familiar face- James Potter. He was Quidditch team captain for his House and he had been kind to her the few select times they shared a class or book. She walked over and took the seat beside him, usually she would sit across from people but she was hoping to actually speak with James and if she were going to hear him with her quickly deteriorating hearing, she’d need to be beside him.

She flashed him a shy but warm smile and nodded in greeting, working on the courage to actually speak words. 

“Hi, mind if I- if I sit with you?”