Ok but have you ever thought about Rose learning to knit?

  • Molly insists she learn the muggle way, without magic. So Rose spends weeks hunched over the kitchen table at the burrow trying to make tea cozies 
  • Rose knitting Al and Scorpius something every year for Christmas
  • first year she tries hard to make everything perfect, ravenclaw colours for Scorpius and slytherin green for Al but the scarves turn out lumpy and disfigured
  • they totally wore them anyway but after that Rose stops taking it so seriously
  • second year she asks Hermione to send her bright pink yarn by owl
  • third year they both get ridiculous orange pom pom hats
  • by fifth year Al refuses to wear his because for goodness sake Rosie he is a slytherin
  • Scorpius on the other hand wears his EVERYWHERE
  • purple mittens before quidditch practice, pom pom hats in hogsmead, stripped socks in the common room
  • Al teases him constantly but they’re warm and Scorpius likes the way Rose smiles at him when she sees him wearing them 
  • Imagine Rose knitting herself knee high socks
  • Imagine Rose knitting Teddy and Victoire’s first baby a blanket
  • Imagine Rose taking up the Weasley sweater tradition

Harry Potter Next Generation:

Andrew Garfield- Teddy Lupin
Dylan O'Brien- James Sirius Potter
Molly C. Quinn- Lily Luna Potter
Logan Lerman- Albus Severus Potter
Jessica Sula- Roxanne Weasley
Jacob Artist- Fred Weasley II
Colin Ford- Hugo Weasley
Holland Roden- Rose Weasley
Emma Roberts- Victoire Weasley
Sarah Snook- Dominique Weasley
Hunter Parrish- Louis Weasley
Alex Pettyfer- Scorpius Malfoy
Jane Levy- Molly Weasley
Lily Collins- Lucy Weasley
Dylan & Cole Sprouse-
Lysander & Lorcan Scamander

Whenever Teddy Lupin visited the Burrow, Mrs. Weasley always made sure to stuff him with food, more so than any of the others. Teddy thought that it was due to her caring and motherly nature but whenever Molly saw Teddy she thought of his father and remembered what Remus had said to her years ago in Grimmauld Place after a boggart has terrified her.
“And as for who’s going to look after Ron and Ginny if you and Arthur died, what do you think we’d do, let them starve?”



It seems our saviour just can’t catch a break with his children. Following on from the shocking news that his eldest child, James Sirius might prefer polishing broomsticks a little bit more than he should, I’ve just received some exclusive photos of Harry Potter’s youngest, the darling Lily Luna. These daring images, featured in this week’s issue of Witch Weekly, show the Chosen One’s youngest in fewer items of clothing than desired by daddy dearest.

Of course, this isn’t the first time young Lily has shocked us all. If you care to think back that far, you will remember when Harry Potter’s youngest, wide eyed and abnormally freckled, first attended Hogwarts, only to be placed in Slytherin of all houses! Certainly, The Man Who Lived claimed to have moved on from the prejudices held from the war, yet we can’t help but think he loved his daughter a little bit less after this revelation. 

As if that wasn’t enough, as the years have gone by, we’ve seen Lily Luna partake in her fair share of mischief. If donning Slytherin colours wasn’t enough, certainly sleeping with a snake would have sent Potter over the edge. When she was only fourteen, the youngest Potter was snapped in a steamy embrace with housemate Justin Nott, who was in his sixth year at the time. It seems this sort of behaviour is genetic, with her mother, Quidditch star Ginevra Potter, having partaken in such affairs in her youth.

Outside of the bedroom, Lily’s behaviour has fared no better. With her last name landing her the position of Prefect, it seemed this member of the downright alarmingly large Weasley-Potter clan was born to make trouble. Seemingly the bane of the staff at Hogwarts’ existence, her personal file (exclusively shown on page 7!) shows a troublesome record of detentions and misdemeanours. Surely her father did not risk his life so she could live such a reckless existence, endangering the safety of other students and staff?

Perhaps this vivacious redhead will have to try and pretend this photoshoot was just some another elaborate trick. However she breaks the news, I for one am certainly looking forward to watching this vixen’s wild side continue to play out. If her behaviour keeps up like this, there’s little doubt she will stay the youngest Potter for very long.