• Harry:was told by the Sorting Hat he has “not a bad mind” obviously referring to his Ravenclaw potential
  • Harry:read through all his books before starting Hogwarts like a total nerd
  • Harry:thought up sharp witty comebacks to Malfoy every day
  • Harry:taught DADA to nearly 30 students (a larger class than any Hogwarts teacher has at one time) while dealing with his own homework and Umbridge's detentions
  • Harry:actually thought up half of the adrenaline-fuelled plans that Hermione takes credit for in the films e.g. riding a dragon out of Gringotts
  • Harry:figured out how the Basilisk victims got Petrified instead of just dying
  • Harry:received Exceeds Expectations in most of his OWLs INCLUDING Potions, despite Snape's teaching
  • Warner Bros:adds in stupid lines/actions for Harry in the movies

I like to imagine that Albus Severus was a surprise baby so Harry and Ginny were like “crap we have so many great people we could name him after, it would be impossible to choose” so they wrote down all the names of all their friends and put it into a spelled goblet that would pick the best ones, but it spat out Albus Severus because James and Uncle George bewitched it to pick the funniest one instead.

Hermione Granger rules and how to be a super cute nerd!

1. Read! Books are an escape and an entry to someones mind. The more you read the easier is it to express yourself properly. 

2. Although having good grades and being eager is a good attribute, don´t forget to have fun and care for your social life. The world is better with true friends. Don´t be anxious about the future and don´t stress if you could´t accomplish your goal - be brave about the future.

3. Friends are great. It´s not the more the better. It´s nice to know a lot of kindly people but always stay in contact with your closest friends. Grow up together, share your experience, don´t fight over insignificantly things. Sometimes peace is more important than being right.

4. Try to motivate other students. It´s okay to be sassy. Be confident with your own results but don´t brag about your success. 

5. Just Hermione… (know your learning content)

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