You know im really deep into something when I make a hogwarts au

Gon is a first-year half-blood who was raised as a muggle by his aunt Mito until Kaito knocks down his door on his 11th birthday and tells him his dad (Ging’s a muggle born probably?) is a really famous wizard but has gone missing. Gon attends Hogwarts in hopes of learning magic and being able to find his dad. He’s a Gryffindor and his patronus is either a cerebus or the king of the lake or whatever he fished up in the first episode. Something big and dangerous looking. His best class is Magical Creatures. Gon’s a member of his Quiddich team but I haven’t decided what member yet. A beater probably?

Killua’s family is this aus equivalent of the Malfoys. The Zoldycks have homeschooled their kids for generations until Killua runs away and ends up on the Hogwarts Express. Illumi eventually tracks him down and gets into Hogwarts too. His patronus is a cat and he’s a Ravenclaw. Killua is very good at dueling. He’s a first-year seeker on his Quiddich team.

Leorio is a 6th-year muggle-born Slytherin who wants to learn magic so he can go back to his hometown and use magic to help everyone. He generally gets very good grades which surprises all his classmates. His best classes are arithmatic and potions. He’s known for making a huge fuss every Hogsmeade visit because he haggles way too intensely. His patronus is a boar

Kurapika is really hard to place in this au? I don’t know how their Kurta thing will translate. The only idea I had was that their family was killed by Death Eaters during the whole Voldemort thing and they want to get revenge on anyone who still supports his ideals. They’re a 5th-year and they work very hard at school and they’re a prefect along with Melody. Kurapika is captain of the dueling club and tries to emphasize that the skills they learn in the club are not for fighting, but for defending others. They want to be an auror. Kurapika’s best class is History of Magic and their patronus is a rat. 

Netero is headmaster and Pariston is the vice, but he’ll step down eventually. The zodiacs are all teachers in the school.