There was a long pause, and slowly Snape regained control of himself, mastered his own breathing. At last he said, “Very well. Very well. But never - never tell, Dumbledore! This must be between us! Swear it! I cannot bear…especially Potter’s son…I want your word!”

“My word, Severus, that I shall never reveal the best of you?”

guys… i just realized that if u put baz and draco’s family names from their mother’s side together you get “pitch black”



3rdアルバム『70-07 -SEVENTY/seventh-』


Religion and Holidays in PS/SS and CoS

Religion and HP. Also known as my second biggest peeve with fandom after “no Muggle clothes ever.”

They seemed to be arguing. What looked like a fat little monk was saying, ‘Forgive and forget, I say, we ought to give him a second chance -‘

A reminder that one of the house ghosts is a Friar.

A thousand live bats fluttered from the walls and ceiling while a thousand more swooped over the tables in low black clouds, making the candles in the pumpkins stutter.

Pumpkins? Not turnips? Pumpkin Jack-o’Lanterns only extend back to the 19th century, same for Irish turnip cousins.

So who was the Irish/American Headmaster who made Jack-o’-Lanterns a thing at Hogwarts?

‘Honestly, Hermione, you think all teachers are saints or something,’ snapped Ron.

Ron is familiar enough with the concept of sainthood to use it casually in a sentence.

When they left the dungeons at the end of Potions, they found a large fir tree blocking the corridor ahead. Two enormous feet sticking out at the bottom and a loud puffing sound told them that Hagrid was behind it.

Christmas trees - not having a fir in your house but actual trees for Christmas -didn’t become common in Germany until the 18th century. Way after the Statute of Secrecy.

 Who was the German headmaster who made Christmas trees a thing at Hogwarts?

Festoons of holly and mistletoe hung all around the walls and no fewer than twelve towering Christmas trees stood around the room, some sparkling with tiny icicles, some glittering with hundreds of candles.

Hanging mistletoe and holly does go back to the Druids and the Norse so that’s something.

‘Yeah, I’ve seen those things they think are gnomes,’ said Ron, bent double with his head in a peony bush. ‘Like fat little Father Christmases with fishing rods

Other than wondering how Ron became so familiar with Muggle lawn ornaments - Father Christmas is a thing for wizards. And given that magic is also a thing for them, I wonder if it’s not unusual for kids to believe in him well into Hogwarts and even beyond.

(Draco believed in Father Christmas well into his third year, y/y?)

Dumbledore led them in a few of his favourite carols, Hagrid booming more and more loudly with every goblet of eggnog he consumed.

I want a book of wizarding Christmas carols.

Saint Potter, the Mudbloods’ friend,’ said Malfoy slowly.

Someone else who is familiar enough with the concept of sainthood and even gives a full title like you would for a saint and their beneficiaries. 

‘Happy Valentine’s Day!’ Lockhart shouted. ‘And may I thank the forty-six people who have so far sent me cards! Yes, I have taken the liberty of arranging this little surprise for you all - and it doesn’t end here!’

Lockhart is the only one truly celebrating, yes, but it’s clear that everyone else is familiar enough with the concept of Valentine’s Day to know what he’s going on about. So what happened in 19th century wizarding England that so many Muggle trends and traditions became common and how did that impact the rise of anti-Muggle sentiment in the 20th century?

Papers due next Monday. At least two feet.

The second-years were given something new to think about during their Easter holidays.

Easter holidays, like Christmas holidays, are something they kept even after the Statute of Secrecy. Maybe because there were actually wizards who celebrated these holidays - and not just those raised with Muggles?

Hermione Granger in PS/SS

‘Harry Potter,’ said Harry.

‘Are you really?’ said Hermione. ‘I know all about you, of course - I got a few extra books for background reading, and you’re in Modern Magical History and The Rise and Fall of the Dark Arts and Great Wizarding Events of the Twentieth Century.

‘Am I?’ said Harry, feeling dazed.

‘Goodness, didn’t you know, I’d have found out everything I could if it was me.’

Smooth, Hermione.

Harry grabbed his broom.

 ‘No!’ shouted Hermione Granger. ‘Madam Hooch told us not to move - you’ll get us all  into trouble.’

 Harry ignored her.


Hermione ignored him and spoke to Harry.

‘I couldn’t help overhearing what you and Malfoy were saying -‘

 ‘Bet you could,’ Ron muttered.

 ‘- and you mustn’t go wandering around the school at night, think of the points you’ll lose Gryffindor if you’re caught, and you’re bound to be. It’s really very selfish of you.’

  ‘And it’s really none of your business,’ said Harry.

Hermione is objectively correct here. However, it’s funny how fandom colors this as Ron being rude when it Ron and Harry are both antagonistic towards Hermione - Harry just tends to ignore her unless she forces the issue. Ron, even in PS/SS, is incapable of doing so.

It was Hermione Granger, wearing a pink dressing-gown and a frown.

Evidence of Hermione wearing pink - part 1.

Harry couldn’t believe anyone could be so interfering.


Hermione wasn’t going to give up that easily. She followed Ron through the portrait hole, hissing at them like an angry goose.


Hermione was now refusing to speak to Harry and Ron, but she was such a bossy know-it-all that they saw this as an added bonus.


‘So I suppose you think that’s a reward for breaking rules?’ came an angry voice from just behind them. Hermione was stomping up the stairs looking disapprovingly at the package in Harry’s hand.

‘I thought you weren’t speaking to us?’ said Harry.

Harry is so much nicer to Hermione than Ron. Totes.

It was really lucky that Harry now had Hermione as a friend. He didn’t know how he’d have got through all his homework without her, what with all the last-minute Quidditch practice Wood was making them do. 

‘You’ve got to eat some breakfast.’

‘I don’t want anything.’

‘Just a bit of toast,’ wheedled Hermione.

Ron and Hermione: Trying to get Harry to eat since 1992

 Everywhere Harry went, people pointed and didn’t trouble to lower their voices as they insulted him. Slytherins, on the other hand, clapped as he walked past them, whistling and cheering, ‘Thanks Potter, we owe you one!’

Only Ron stood by him.

This could have gone under the Ron part but I thought it’s interesting here as well. Makes for a great comparison between Hermione and Neville and their willingness to stand by their unpopular beliefs and Harry’s tendency to be dismissive of them because of that and other reasons. 

Harry had suddenly gone into a spectacular dive, which drew gasps and cheers from the crowd. Hermione stood up, her crossed fingers in her mouth, as Harry streaked towards the ground like a bullet.

But fanfic tells me Hermione hates Quidditch almost as much as Draco and would rather go to the opera?

Hermione did a sort of jig.


‘SO WHAT?’ Harry shouted. ‘Don’t you understand? If Snape gets hold of the Stone, Voldemort’s coming back! Haven’t you heard what it was like when he was trying to take over? There won’t be any Hogwarts to get expelled from! He’ll flatten it, or turn it into a school for the Dark Arts! Losing points doesn’t matter any more, can’t you see? D’you think he’ll leave you and your families alone if Gryffindor win the House Cup? If I get caught before I can get to the Stone, well, I’ll have to go back to the Dursleys and wait for Voldemort to find me there. It’s only dying a bit later than I would have done, because I’m never going over to the Dark Side! I’m going through that trapdoor tonight and nothing you two say is going to stop me! Voldemort killed my parents, remember?’

He glared at them.

‘You’re right, Harry,’ said Hermione in a small voice.

And right off the bat we establish Hermione is wary of Harry’s temper just like he has little patience for her tendency to needle and argue.

‘Well, Harry, you take the place of that bishop, and Hermione, you go there instead of that castle.’

While bishops and knights are about equal in terms of “power” and usefulness, the rook (or castle) is stronger than both and more on level with the queen.

‘Me!’ said Hermione. ‘Books! And cleverness! There are more important things - friendship and bravery and - oh Harry - be careful!’

One of the many, many, many mistakes the movies made was not having Hermione look at Ron while delivering this line. 

‘D’you think he meant you to do it?’ said Ron. ‘Sending you your father’s Cloak and everything?’

‘Well,’ Hermione exploded, ‘if he did - I mean to say - that’s terrible - you could have been killed.’

Hogwarts, Hermione.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯