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“my happiest memory is you… because it’s not just a memory, it’s the present”

//slams hands on desk// when I thought I was finally over this yoi hp au, my friend gave me ANOTHER prompt and it just flew from there;;;;

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Drarry: A Summary
  • Harry calls Draco “Dragon Boy” because his name means dragon in Greek (from Latin).
  • Draco does not appreciate this and proceeds to call him “Henry” because Harry is a nickname for the German name Henry.
  • Harry also, does not appreciate his pet name.
  • Thus began the list of names they call each other.
    • “Ferret.”
    • “Scarhead.”
    • “Pretty boy.”
    • “WHOREcrux!”
    • “I’m a whore for you, blondie.”
  • Harry holds doors open for Draco. He also pulls out chairs for him.
  • Because Draco is a, “Pretty pretty princess that deserves to be treated like one.”
    • “Cough cough.”
    • “What?”
    • “Cough cough… the door?”
    • “I’m carrying all the groceries, Draco. I don’t have a free hand.”
    • “Well, put some down and open it.”
    • “Are you-”
    • “Yes, Potter, I am serious. Do I look like I open my own doors?”
  • Draco bought them a kitten.
  • He named her Rosie Malfoy-Potter.
  • She’s a little pure white kitty with clear blue eyes, and the constant need to lick Harry’s nose.
  • Harry didn’t know he was going to come home to his boyfriend holding a tiny animal, letting it crawl over his arms and onto their couch.
  • He was shocked, and angry at first.
  • But not even the Boy-Who-Lived can resist a kitten.
    • “Look at her! She’s nuzzling my hand!”
    • “Yes, I see that.”
    • “Isn’t she the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?”
    • “It’s a cat.”
    • “No, it’s our daughter!”
    • “No, it’s a cat.”
    • “Come here, let me just…”
  • Draco placed the fluffy ball of fur in Harry’s arms. She quickly warmed up to him and began snuggling into his chest.
  • Harry picked her up, pulling her in front of his face.
  • Draco pushed the kitten closer, as she cautiously sniffed his nose.
  • And licked it.
    • “See? She loves you.”
    • “….”
    • “Harry? Please, I’ll be the housewife and take care of the children. Let me have her? Let us have her?”
    • “….”
    • “Honey?”
    • “Alright, she can stay.”
  • Harry’s a workaholic.
  • Sometimes he takes extra shifts because he wants to. Not for the money.
  • This annoys Draco.
  • Before they moved in together, he didn’t know how often Harry could throw himself into his work.
  • Saving lives, trying to protect the world from forces that would never cease.
  • Sometimes he needed to be reminded that not everyone can be saved. There’s more to life than being the hero.
  • Draco was a good reminder. Like an alarm.
  • He would go off at a certain time, whenever he needed him. Whenever Harry stayed up for forty-eight hours without sleep working on a case, he was there. Ready to owl him in sick, make sure he slept that night, he got food in the morning, he made sure Harry knew he couldn’t be there for everyone. The only way to stay sane as an Auror is to know when to go home. 
    • “Harry, you can’t keep going like this.”
    • “I have to finish looking over this file. If I can find out where this kid is then-”
    • “Harry Potter!”
    • “Give that back!”
    • “No, you listen to me. You can’t keep doing this.”
    • “Doing what?”
    • “Not eating, not sleeping, not talking, only working. It’s not good for you. I’m worried. You come home, but you’re not home. You’re at work. We haven’t had sex in three weeks. You haven’t had a full meal in three weeks. Mrs. Weasley flooed wondering where you were at dinner this Sunday. You know what I told her? You were hooked on this case. Addicted. This is an addiction, Harry. You’re addicted to saving people. Addicted to helping. Yeah, well you can’t save everyone, Potter! If you’re going to have a fucking hero complex then why don’t you save the ones who really matter in your life. I’ve woken up screaming and crying twice this month, and where were you? Not next to me, not where I needed you. I’ve needed saving. I love you, you stupid prick. I fucking love you. I fucking care about you. Please, for fuck’s sake, don’t do this to yourself.To us.”
  • He stopped bringing his work home after that.
A Malfoy By Marriage-Part 1

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Characters: Y/n, Draco, Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny

Pairing: Draco x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Awkwardness, arranged marriage, Draco being kinda sweet, somewhat fluff, bit of angst, arguing…

Word count: 1850

Summary: When the Ministry decides it knows best-you find yourself married to Draco Malfoy.

A/N: Ok, so…requested fic from anon-If possible, could you do a post-Battle of Hogwarts draco x fem reader, where reader the Trio’s friend and the M.O.M have decided that bc of the low population after the war, marriages are going to be arranged for the seventh years (and the seventh years during BoH that are doing seventh year again) based on who would produce the strongest offspring. Draco and Reader get paired up and it’s awkward at first and then theres fluff? Please and thanks and sorry if youre not comfortable with it 💜💜 A whole lot longer than I expected…and there’ll be two more parts…Hope u like it!!


A Malfoy By Marriage Masterlist

“So…this is it, I guess”.

He nodded, taking the bags and carrying them into the little house you’d been given.

You loitered around outside, not sure how you were supposed to adjust to becoming a wife.

Hell, you were still a teenager. You hadn’t even finished school, and yet, here you were-married to Draco Malfoy.

You’d never even spoken to him once the entire time you were at Hogwarts-but somehow, you were supposedly the best person for him to ‘mate’ with.

God, that sounded vile. Mating. Like you were animals, forced together to repopulate a dying breed.

Then again-that was exactly what you were. Well-according to the Ministry anyway.

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Dating Fred Weasley Would Include

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  • Teasing each other all the time but adding “I love you” and a kiss to the end of each little tease.
  • Snape deliberately splitting the two of you up and placing you on opposite sides of the classroom. He made the mistake of partnering the two of you up once, and he’s never doing that again.
    - Fred coming over and leaning on your table and giving you a wink, “Blow things up here often?”
  • Snape keeping you after class because you were one of his best students until you started seeing Fred and he’s “disappointed”. Fred kisses you as soon as you leave the class, which gets a very disapproving cough from Snape.
  • Fred meeting you outside each and every class, often surprising you by grabbing you and pushing you against the wall to kiss you.
  • Eventually you tell him you’re worried about yours (and his) grades so Fred starts trying super hard to impress you. He even told you he couldn’t go on a date with you because he had to study. That earned an eyebrow raise from you so he gave in and the two of you had a study date.
  • Fred’s eyes lighting up whenever he makes you smile. ESPECIALLY if you do that look-down-blush-smile.
  • Fred blatantly kissing you in the middle of the corridor just to annoy people and to make sure everyone knows you’re his.
  • “God I love you, (Y/n).”
  • Molly loves you and thinks you’re the sweetest thing. She makes you a jumper with your initial on it and invites you over every holidays. She just loves you.
  • Ginny loves you as well because you’re like an older sister to her. She asks you to braid her hair. She sits in front of you and Fred sits behind you and it’s a little train (except Fred sort of just plays with your hair and kisses you occasionally.)
  • George is a little bit jealous. Even though you and him are really good friends, it’s hard having his twin brother find someone perfect for him while he’s alone.
  • Lots of tickle fights
  • Going to the Yule Ball with Fred. He doesn’t ask you at first because he just assumes you’ll go with him. You end up teasing him and saying he hasn’t asked you yet. He asks you and you say, “Hmmm. I don’t know I’ll have to think about it, weigh in my options.” Fred laughs and kisses you, “I’ll eagerly await your reply.”
  • Both of the twins are incredibly protective over you.
  • If you play Quidditch, you’re a Chaser. If you’re on their team, Fred and George fiercely protect you, but if you’re on the other team (maybe you’re a beater), it’s war. “Whoops sorry Honey didn’t see you there.” As a bludger goes sailing past your ear.
  • Joking and confusing people who don’t understand your relationship; Are you dating? Enemies? Friends?
  • Fred getting jealous at little things when he’s in a mood. You have to hold him back from getting in fights.
  • Fred asking you to marry him a week before Bill and Fleur’s wedding. The two of you try and keep it secret until after their wedding so as not to not steal their thunder but Molly finds out and is so happy for the two of you. (George already knows)
  • Dancing at their wedding until your feet ache and your cheeks ache from smiling so much. 
  • After a few drinks Fred lets it slip to Ron that the two of you are engaged. Ron loudly exclaims “What!?”.
  • Fred loses you in the crowd and drunkenly screams “Where is my wife?!” Then everyone knows.
  • You and Fred end up getting married and Fred is just so happy he can’t stop smiling and he is running around excitedly telling everyone he’s going to spend the rest of his life with you. 


Draco was protective of what was his, so when he saw a certain Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley trying to force what was his to ask someone on a date, he wasn’t happy. Not only that, but when Harry actually got up just to comply with what the two were telling him to do, he was practically furious- the wink Harry had given him as he passed wasn’t helping the situation either.

Draco had watched as Harry had slid in to a chair next to a pretty average looking girl and had begin to ask her about herself, as she was happily babbling on however, Draco was quick to get up and stalk over until he was hovering behind Harry. 

‘Potter, a word with you? Now.’ Harry’s shoulders had tensed ever so slightly before relaxing and he had let out a groan before climbing out of his chair and looking up to Draco. Unfortunately for him Draco had grown exponentially since after the war, and Harry had seemed to have shrunk in comparison. 

Draco lets out a low predatory growl, and Harry knew he was absolutely in for it, so instead of saying anything he began to walk out of the great hall, knowing Draco would be close behind after grabbing his bag and explaining why he was leaving so early to the rest of his housemates.

As soon as Draco is out of the large wooden doors, he stalks up to Harry and in one fluid movement he has him against one of the walls, their bodies flushed together and breath mingling in a hot flurry of lips and tongue. All too soon however Draco is moving away, leaving Harry breathless and flushed.

‘Mine, remember that Harry. Mine.’ Just to punctuate his words he leans down, hands purchasing against Harrys thighs and hoisting him up, leaving Harry to squeak and wrap his legs around his waist. He leans in ever so slowly, and with another whisper of ‘Mine.’ against the shell of his ear, he leans down and leaves a purple hickey sticking out against Harry’s adams apple.

Suffice to say, the next day for quidditch practice despite the heat Harry could be found wearing a turtleneck jumper and a blush on his cheeks whenever someone would ask him why he was wearing such a ridiculous piece of clothing when it was mid summer, both Ron and Hermione were curious as to why he would be wearing it too, but just shared a glance and stayed quiet about it.

Only after Gryffindor won the first quidditch tournament of the year did Draco truly get furious about the people surrounding Harry all the time, and even watched with a glower as the girl he dragged Harry away from pulls Harry in and kisses him hard, almost as possessively as Draco gives Harry kisses, and that stirred something in Draco.

Draco waits though, waits until he knows that Gryffindor and more will be watching. He knew that there would be a celebration of Gryffindor winning, so that’s exactly where he heads- straight to the Gryffindor common room, and of course he can get in because he knows it from all those times he and Harry sneaked in and out.

When he enters the common room, the atmosphere is bubbly until everything drops silent as he stalks further in to the room, until he’s stood in front of the fire, facing Harry. In a matter of moments, Harry is being pulled up by the chin and is being kissed, hard.

Laughter and cheers echo around the common room, until the two familiar voices of Ron and Hermione can be heard saying in unison- ‘What the hell?!’

story time: harry’s malfoy obsession picks up again in eighth year. but this time, with a twist (not really)

draco has to attend hogwarts for eighth year as per his probation and he’s a totally different person. instead of snarky, confident, and towering over everyone in his height but he’s now coming across as quiet, small, and unobtrusive.

he’s bullied and does nothing about it and harry itches to punch each bully in the face for it. draco has charms that make most spells bounce off of him, but it doesn’t stop people from trying or shouting taunts.

harry gets angry and finally snaps and flings a bat-bogey hex thanks ginny at a fifth year ravenclaw taunting draco. and to harry’s dismay malfoy barely glances at him. just nods and hurries off and now harry is determined. he starts to fling stinging jinxes at anyone he can catch, tripping jinxes too. he hexes bullies enough to get the message out and once draco leaves he yells at them. losing his control.

then, malfoy finally pays attention to him one day.

harry’s picking up malfoy’s books after he was hit with a tripping jinx, tossing his books in the air only to scatter across the hall. harry had already hexed the bully, shouted an obscenity, and kneeled down to help. malfoy doesn’t say anything and he looks like he’s trying to burrow into his robes to hide. but harry smiles at him and watches as draco’s head tilts curiously and his cheeks pink. huh that’s cute… wait what? then their fingers brush as harry hands over a book and malfoy’s fingers are warm and that surprises harry. now he can’t think about anything but that warmth for weeks. weeks. he needs a plan.

so harry keeps trying to approach malfoy and befriend him not so subtly. draco huffs and gets fidgety but stops trying to protest. just lets harry sit at the same table at the library. let’s him walk alongside him to class just blabbing about whatever he wants to talk about.

weeks pass and malfoy’s resolve starts to crumble and harry catches him trying to fight off smiles. huffing a cough when he really intends to let out a laugh, but tries to smother it. he even sees draco wait a bit in the hall after breakfast until harry comes out and walks with him to class. he even delays packing up by doing so painfully slowly - one book every minute - when he notices harry is behind in cleaning up his workstation in potions too.

then, one evening harry can’t find malfoy at dinner and he’s freaking out. he storms over to slytherin and demands information about his whereabouts and theo looks up at him seemingly bored, but with knowing eyes. don’t get your knickers in a twist potter. he’s not hurt there’s no need to start a fuss. he’s taking a walk outside. i would check the lake if i were you. your boy is quite angsty. the words your boy filter through his head on repeat as he takes theo’s advice and goes to the lake.

he does find draco there sitting at the dock and looking out over the eerily dark water that splashes ominously occasionally as the giant squid slips by. harry sits next to him and draco doesn’t move at all.

harry glances over and notices the red, puffy eyes. draco has been crying and harry doesn’t know what the fuck to do, but he hates seeing malfoy - usually so good at masking his feelings - so broken and vulnerable like this. so he reaches out an arm and wraps it around draco’s shoulders, tugging a bit and pulling him close. draco melts into it and rests his head in the crook of harry’s neck. his hands weave up and grab at his most recent Weasley christmas sweater. holding tight.

after ten minutes, draco’s shaking slows to small shivers and he’s no longer letting out heaving sobs. harry dips his head down and buries his nose in draco’s hair - it’s draco now. has been for a while he supposed but doesn’t recognize that until now. draco smells like vanilla and lavender and suddenly harry feels the overwhelming urge to kiss his head.

and holy shit he smells like vanilla and lavender and he’s warm and soft and cuddling! into! harry’s! chest! and harry realizes he’s so fucking stupid and could fall in love with draco malfoy. what the fuck!!!

so harry talks to draco about why he’s crying and it’s his father - he’s being admitted to st. mungos permanently. they don’t know quite what happened, but he’s lost himself. draco sobs he can’t remember anything anymore. he wanders dazedly and confused like he’s lost. he’s gone. he‘s so ill. harry never liked lucius and draco didn’t really appreciate him all that much either to be honest, but he feels terrible. his heart breaks for draco and he has a new plan.

operation support and love malfoy begins and it’s fucking difficult. harry keeps sneaking out after hours and through the hidden passageway under the womping willow to get treats for draco from hogsmeade. he gets his favorite quills, books, tools for potion making, and loads of candy. draco has such a sweet tooth even if he won’t admit it.

harry spends all his free time with draco. listening when draco wants to talk. talking when he wants a distraction. cracking jokes, telling him stories, being honest and vulnerable and sharing secrets. they play exploding snap and wizards chess. they study together and explore the castle.

they go to the room of requirement together for the first time and harry holds draco’s hand while he cries a bit over the scorch marks that stain a corner of the empty room. it’s not the room of hidden things - that just won’t come back. and neither will crabbe.

harry spends hours daily for an entire month in slytherin before draco finally visits gryffindor tower. at this point, everyone in gryffindor knows harry has a crush on draco even if he hasn’t admitted it and they’re all kind and include draco in everything. draco’s a bit overwhelmed but he actually starts to like the bloody gryffindors, harry can tell, and they start to spend more of their time there instead.

harry starts to be more tactile too. he sits closer than he has to when they’re on the sofa by the fire and if he’s feeling bold and notices draco is particularly comfortable then he tucks his feet under draco’s bum or lays his legs across his thigh. he’ll touch him constantly at the small of his back or tap his arm for attention, like grabbing his wrist to point something useless out and not letting go until he has to. extends an arm to rest on the back of the couch behind draco or lets their knees rest together while they study. draco never complains, but doesn’t initiate it yet either.

draco gets more and more comfortable as time goes on and harry can’t remember the last time he saw draco sneer. but he does see a new side of malfoy and draco is always so smiley and soft. his grey eyes sparkle and get squinty when he laughs and oh boy does he laugh. he throws his head back and really just lets it out when he’s happy and harry wants to drown in it.

eventually draco even starts to steal harry’s hoodie. he was fascinated the first time he saw it. what is that potter? he dipped his hands in the pocket at the front and harry nearly choked on his own tongue but then harry wore it a lot because draco was always more tactile when he wore it. he’d fiddle with the hood and therefore his fingers were close to harry’s hair at the nape of his neck and harry loved it. but then one day he took it off, leaving it on the sofa, and draco took it before he left. harry didn’t realize until draco walked in the next day wearing it. harry nearly passed out because draco was wearing his hoodie. draco practically owns it for a while. harry’s thrilled.

towards the end of the year, harry buys draco his own hoodie and draco looks offended and storms off and harry doesn’t get it. hermoine rolls her eyes at him because he’s so oblivious. so harry goes to find draco and draco won’t talk about it but makes harry wear the new hoodie himself. green looks better on you anyway.

so then, a week later, that hoodie goes missing and his old one returns for some bizarre reason. harry’s so confused but then he notices the hoodie smells like malfoy. soft and like vanilla with a touch of his cologne and harry gets it. draco wanted the hoodie because it smelled like him. because it was his.

he’s jumping up and freaking the fuck out because oh my god does draco like him too? and runs to talk to hermoine, forgetting about the charm on the girl’s dorm’s stairs and ends up sliding down and shooting across the common room only to slide right into draco who can get into the tower on his own because even though the fat lady gives him shit for being a slytherin she reluctantly loves him and always lets him in when he knows the password, which he always does and knocking his legs out from under him.

draco collapses on top of him and harry thinks oh shit he’s going to be so angry but instead draco just bursts into laughter and brushes the hair out of harry’s face. he pauses awkwardly after doing so, seemingly realizing what he’s just done, but then he notices harry is clutching the hoodie he returned and he smiles shyly.

he goes to climb off harry but harry grabs a hold of his wrist and just mumbles draco. and this is the first time he said draco out loud even though malfoy has been draco since christmas. draco looks at him, eyes wide, and then he seems to make a decision. then, harry notices draco leaning down and KISSES him.

and, obviously, harry loses his shit and gasps so audibly that draco pulls back like oh my fuck i read all the signs wrong and harry just smiles so brightly and then grabs draco’s shoulders and squashes him in a tight hug, draco’s face squished against harry’s cheek and harry whispers thank god. and then kisses his cheek and temples until draco manages to squirm enough to face him again and they kiss but this time it’s slow and lasting and so so gentle but passionate and the whole gryffindor common room including hermoine who came down after hearing draco’s yelping as he fell down is clapping and cheering and mumbling fucking finally. idiots.


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Headcannon harry telling his parents about Draco?

I like to pretend that no one actually died, let’s all be in denial together!

“Come on, Draco. They’re going to love you, I promise.” Harry wrapped his arms around Draco’s waist from behind and kissed his cheek, trying to sooth his boyfriend.

“What if they don’t?” Draco asked as he nervously fixed his tie in the mirror. He’d never met the Potter’s before and he was extremely nervous, knowing that their families never got along. “I mean, I’m a Malfoy. You really think they’re going to like me?”

Harry sighed. “I know my mom will love you. My dad might take a while, but he’ll open up eventually.” He turned Draco around and kissed him. Harry smiled at him and softly pushed a loose strand of hair behind his ear. Draco smiled back, what would he do without him? “Oh, and my dad might make really bad jokes, so just ignore him. And also my uncles might be there which would make that worse. I usually tune it out whenever my Dad and Uncle Sirius are in the same room together. Good luck with that.”

“Well, that makes me feel better.” Draco commented sardonically. Harry rolled his eyes and kissed him again.

They Apparated to Godric’s Hollow where Harry’s parents lived. Harry was just about to knock on the door when Draco stopped him. “Wait. Give me a second.” He took a deep breath. Harry put a hand on Draco’s shoulder.

“Hey, can I tell you something?” Draco nodded. “I know for a fact that they’ll love you. You know why?” Draco shook his head. “Because I love you. I love you so much, Draco.”

His boyfriend seemed to calm down a bit. “I love you too, Harry.” They kissed softly, not realising that Lily Potter was standing on the other side of the door, listening. She smiled softly as she heard her son speak so kindly, so full of love. It reminded her of the way James spoke to her before she met his parents.

There was a knock on the door that pulled her out of her trance. James and Sirius ran to open it and Remus walked calmly behind, shaking his head fondly at the two men. Lily opened the door and hugged her son.

“Well, don’t hog him.” James joked. He pulled Harry inside just as Lily let go of him, hugging him and asking how he’d been. Sirius did the same with Draco, pulling him into a headlock and giving him a noogie.

“How’s my favourite nephew doing?” He asked and let Draco go. He stumbled to regain his balance and straightened himself up, fixing his hair. Harry smiled amusedly at the slytherin. He looked like a snake that just wandered into a lion’s den.

“I’ve been good.” Draco answered. “Until you attacked me.” He muttered under his breath.

“Mom. Dad. This is my boyfriend, Draco.”

“Pleasure to meet you, Mr and Mrs. Potter.” He held out a hand for them to shake. Before Lily shook his hand, she turned to her husband and pointed a finger at him.

“Don’t do it.” She scolded, knowing he was about to mimick Draco’s posh accent. James scoffed like he was going to defend himself, but then thought better of it and closed his mouth.

“Nice to meet you too, Draco. Harry has told us so much about you.” Draco smiled at her, grateful for her kindness. “And this is Sirius, James’s boyfriend-” Harry’s father lightly slapped her shoulder. “I mean, best friend. And the only other sane member of this family besides myself is Sirius’s husband, Remus.” She told him, pointing to where Remus was leaning against the wall. He waved at Draco, smiling lightly at him.

“Or as I like to call him, the second hottest person on earth.” Sirius stated and slung an arm around his husband.

“Who’s the first?” Draco asked.

“Me, obviously.” He said, flipping his hair.

“Woah woah wait.” James interrupted. “You don’t think I’m the hottest person on earth?” He asked, looking offended.

“You’re the third hottest, Prongsy.” Sirius winked at him.

“Boyfriends. Told you.” Lily told Draco in a quiet voice. Draco chuckled softly.

The evening had been quite fun and relaxing. The only thing that bothered Draco was that Harry’s father had never talked directly to him. The night was coming to a close when James pulled Draco aside, Lily eyeing him nervously but he sent her a signal that there was nothing to worry about. It was almost creepy how similar Harry and James looked. Draco felt like he was looking at an older version of his boyfriend. Though Harry’s father didn’t have those bright emerald eyes that he adored so much.

“So, you and Harry are pretty serious, huh?” He asked. Draco nodded, not trusting himself to speak. “He seems to really love you. It reminds me a lot of how Sirius and Remus were when they first got together. I can’t say I’m surprised you ended up together though, he was always talking about you, even before you became friends. Anyway, I just wanted to say welcome to the family.”

Draco smiled. “Thank you, sir.”

“Please, call me James.” He pulled the blonde into a hug.

“Oh are we hugging?” He heard Sirius say and join in. “Hey, Evans! Get in here!” He called out. Lily walked in and laughed.

“Boys, you’re smothering the poor lad.” She said and pulled on her husband so he’d let go.

Remus walked in next. “Come now, Pads. I’m sure Draco has had enough of you for one evening.” Sirius detached himself from his nephew and leeched onto Remus instead.

“Can you ever have enough of me, Moony?”

He laughed and kissed his husband on the cheek. “Definitely.”

It was in...

It was in 1st year when Draco Malfoy finally got to meet his hero, Harry Potter. However he wasn’t ready to meet the realisation that Harry Potter didn’t want to meet him. He didn’t even want to be his friend, so it was from this day forth that if he couldn’t be his friend, he would be his enemy.

It was in 2nd year that Draco got to challenge Harry Potter in Quidditch and in a duel. But it was all to beat him right? Because Draco was better than Saint Potter. He wasn’t trying to impress him, was he?

It was in 3rd year that Draco heard the famous Sirius Black had escaped from Azkaban. A man who was his family and who intended to hurt Harry Potter. But he couldn’t do anything apart from let him find Harry. Anyway he wanted this, for once the famous Harry Potter couldn’t be helped. He most certainly wasn’t scared for Harry, he was scared for himself. Right?

It was in 4th year that for once when the name “Harry Potter” was called out Draco didn’t feel annoyed or angry, he felt anxious and this time he knew it. Even though Harry was his rival, Draco knew that he couldn’t lose him to a stupid tournament. So when Harry came back clutching the lifeless body of Cedric Diggory and screaming “He’s back,” Draco knew that he wasn’t lying. That Voldemort really was back and Harry has to fight him. He’s his only hope.

It was in 5th year that everyone believed Harry was lying, Draco of course didn’t but he had to pretend he did. He couldn’t let anyone know that he’d come to care for his rival. So of course he teamed up with Umbridge to help bring Harry down whilst all the while spending every second fearing when Voldemort will strike and take away Harry.

It was in 6th year that Draco realised he was in love. He was in love with the one person everyone around him had taught him to hate. But it was also in this year that Voldemort asked him to murder Dumbledore. From the start he knew he not only couldn’t do it but he wouldn’t do it. For once he wanted to be like Harry, he wanted to do the right thing. Even though he failed to complete the task Draco felt as though he had succeeded in doing the right thing.

It was in 7th year that everything fell apart. Everything Draco knew was crumbling around him, he didn’t know where Harry was and he was scared. For he was slowly starting to believe that Voldemort might win. The first thing that Draco felt when Harry Potter was thrust onto the Manor floor was relief. Even with a stinging hex Draco knew it was Harry, how couldn’t he? But Draco was still so scared for his entire future, he can’t have Voldemort win. So he said he couldn’t be sure if it was Harry because that’s what you do when you’re in love, you protect them no matter the consequences on yourself. Yet when Draco heard Voldemort utter the four words he never wanted to hear of “ Harry Potter is dead,” Draco felt as though his entire world was collapsing. But the thrill that surged through every vein of his when Harry jumped out of Hagrid’s hands was so intense that Draco’s whole body shuddered. Harry can win this Draco muttered to himself and the sense of unlawful joy that ripped through Draco when Harry did win was almost impossible.

It was in 8th year when everyone who fought in the war came back to retake their 7th year that Draco had the courage to express his feelings to a newly befriended Harry Potter. And thankfully, it was in 8th year that Draco felt at ease because for once he was doing okay. He had someone to love and the fact that they loved him back, well that was extraordinary.

Good Enough ~ Sirius Black

oh boy here we go with insecure!Sirius…my heart broke writing this. this is an AU set in October of 1982 so Sirius and reader are about 22/23 years old. sorry, I just live for AUs because I can pretend everyone lived and that Sirius never went to Azkaban :) it’s the only way I survive :) so anyway, this was a request sent in by @huflerin ! I hope you like it, love! 

Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Request: I’m sorry, can you do Sirius Black x Fem reader with 4. “Do you know how it feels when the person you love most tells you that you shouldn’t love them?” And 45? Where Sirius and the reader get into a huge fight and some words are said (like the one in 4) Can you end it on a happy note where they end back up together? Thank you!

Prompts: “Do you know how it feels when the person you love most tells you that you shouldn’t love them?” & “Don’t joke about that.”

Y/N: Your Name

Warnings: language, sad and insecure Sirius, crying, ugh so much sadness

Word Count: 1.7k

It was a Saturday afternoon, which meant that you and Sirius were at the Potter’s for your weekly get together.

Harry had just turned two a few weeks ago, and watching him grow up brought you so much joy, but it also brought you sadness. Lily noticed the glum look on your face, because she set her baking tools down and walked over to where you stood.

You were watching Sirius and James play with Harry in the living room, and your heart swelled at the sight of the man who owned your heart interacting with his godson.

“Y/N? Are you alright?”

Lily placed a comforting hand on your shoulder as you turned to face her.

“It’s just the same as usual, Lils. You know how much I love him, and I want commitment and children, but he’s still not ready. I don’t know if he’ll ever be ready, and that scares me to death.”

“Oh, Y/N, he loves you. He loves you so much, never doubt that.”

“I don’t doubt that he loves me, Lily, I just…sometimes I wonder if he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. I want what you and James have, Lils.”

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Draco’s Soulmate

so I saw this au where there was a countdown on someone’s wrist to the moment they meet their soulmate and I’m a sucker for soulmate and muggle au’s so I decided to write one! I might do one in Harry’s POV if y’all want me to. Enjoy!

3 minutes and 34 seconds. The nerves were growing inside him. Draco had always strived to look his best, however this morning nothing seemed right. Even though his hair was perfectly styled and he tried to look casual but not too casual (even though the man almost always wore a suit). Today he wore a white button up under a black blazer and black skinny jeans. Draco didn’t think it was possible for someone to feel overdressed and underdressed at the same time, but that’s what he was feeling.

2 minutes and 52 seconds. He was fidgeting in his seat. Draco had decided to enter a little coffee shop as to escape the chill that winter brought. The snow was falling lightly outside. It really was a perfect day, he only wished that he wasn’t overtaken by nerves. Draco took another sip of his tea before putting it down and continued to flick the side of it. The sound had seemed to calm his a little.

2 minutes and 12 seconds. It could be anybody who walked it. He jumped ever so slightly whenever anybody walked it. Could it be anybody? Draco was the gayest man you’d ever meet in your entire life, but did the rules of soulmates abide by sexuality? What if it was a girl? Would he immediately be taken with her? Or would he have to learn to love her? Or would they be like platonic soulmates? That wasn’t a thing. Or was it? He glanced down at his wrist again.

1 minute and 4 seconds. He decided to get up and go to the bathroom really quickly. Draco looked at himself in the mirror, took a deep breath, and left the bathroom. He hadn’t realised how long he’d been in the bathroom, but when he glanced down on his wrist there was only a few seconds left.

5 seconds

4 seconds

3 seconds

2 seconds

1 second… CRASH!

“Shit!” He yelped when he felt hot coffee seeping through his shirt and burning his skin. He looked up and saw an attractive man. The effect of his bright green eyes hindered by round glasses that framed his face perfectly. He also had black hair that stuck up in every direction, though it didn’t look bad at all.

“Oh god, I am so sorry.” He spoke. Draco swore it was the most beautiful sound he’d ever heard. The man grabbed a bunch of napkins and started to dab his shirt. In the moment, Draco didn’t even realise he’d just met his soulmate. He also didn’t care how handsome this man was, he didn’t hesitate to give his snarkiest remark.

“Are you sure those lenses are the right prescription?” He snapped. His nerves had put him on edge and this just pushed him over. Wait, why had he been nervous? Oh yeah, soulmate. Soulmate!

The man chuckled lightly. “Sadly, my ability to look where I’m going is just as bad as my eyesight.” Draco suddenly felt self conscious. His soulmate, god this was his soulmate, was wearing black jeans that were ripped at the knee and a very baggy jumper. Draco had definitely overdressed. The man looked up at him and Draco had noticed their height difference for the first time. It was endearing, if he was being completely honest.

“So, are you going to tell me your name or am I just going to have to call you Soulmate?” He flashed a smile that made Draco weak in the knees.

Draco smirked. “Soulmate is fine, thank you.” He said haughtily. The man rolled his eyes and Draco held out his hand. “The name’s Malfoy. Draco Malfoy.” He let his smirk soften into a grin when his soulmate shook his hand.

“I’m Harry.” Harry’s smile grew and it reached his eyes. “Harry Potter.”    

Read Harry’s POV

Draco Malfoy had only ever been scared twice in his life. Once when The Dark Lord returned and once when he told Harry Potter he was in love with him.

He can recall the moment he realised that he was in love with The Boy Who Lived. It was an early Tuesday morning and Draco had awoken to an empty bed, yet he thought nothing of it. This usually happened so he presumed Harry had gone off to work. He was wrong, Draco came down to his kitchen to find Harry whistling along to the tune of the radio whilst fussing about over the stove. Draco can distinctly remember the smirk Harry threw over his shoulder followed by “Your coffee is on the table babe.” And it was as if in that instance everything had been flipped upside down because for the first time in his life, Draco Malfoy was in love.

This in itself didn’t scare him but he knew that the day he told Harry would be the day he feared. That day came around sooner than anticipated. Of course he hadn’t planned to have told Harry, the words had slipped passed Draco’s lips before he even knew they were out. It was the sheer surprise of it all that scared him to his core. However when Harry pulled him into a hug, kissed his temple and replied with “I love you too Draco, more than you could ever imagine,” Draco wondered why he had ever feared it at all.

A Malfoy By Marriage-Finale

Originally posted by kim-salseo-z4

Characters: Y/n, Draco, Harry, Hermione, Ron, Professor McGonagall

Pairing: Draco x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Fluff, more fluff, bit of angst, cuteness, fluff and even more fluff to top it all off…

Word count: 2600

Summary: Hogwarts may not be the best place for a married couple-but you and Draco find a way to make it work.

A/N: Ok, so…final part…I loved this series, even tho it’s hella short and I’ve only been writing it for a few weeks…and it’s one of the few series where people have actually stuck with it-so that must mean I’ve done something right with it…But it is time we say goodbye to this series…so…here u go…Hope u like it!!


A Malfoy By Marriage Masterlist

“Hey, Harry? Can I?”

He glanced up, nodding and turning back to his book, Ron keeping his eyes on you, watching you grab cloak and walk out of the common room.

“You know that git’s using it too, right?”

“Yea-but so is y/n”, he muttered, tired of having the same conversation almost every night.

“You could say no”.

“Y/n’s our friend, Ron. Of course he can’t say no”, Hermione hissed, annoyed that this was the topic of discussion once again.

They both heard Ron mutter something under his breath-but decided not to comment further-determined to stay away from a full-blown argument for the third night in a row.

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Paid Relationship Study

I’m obsessed with the fake relationship trope and I saw this post and got inspired

“Have you gone insane, Potter?” Draco told his roommate, who was holding up a flyer excitedly in front of him. Written across the top in bold, capital letter said “PAID RESEARCH OPPORTUNITY” and just under than “Romantic Couples Study”.

“What? We’re both over eighteen, we both live together, and we get paid six thousand pounds! That’s three thousand pounds each!” Harry replied, reading off the criteria from the paper.

Draco snatched it from his hand and examined it. “Potter, we are not in a committed, monogamous romantic relationship, nor have we been dating for six months!”

“Yes, but six thousand pounds! You and I both know we need the money. It’s only a two week study, so we just have to pretend to be a couple until it’s over.” He explained. Draco crossed his arms, looking conflicted. It was bad enough that he had to share a house with the guy he fancied, but pretending to be in a relationship with him? Could he go back to being just his friend after this was over? “Come on, Draco.”

The words softened him. Of course he’d do anything for Harry bloody Potter when he was looking at him like that. “Fine.” He gave in, handing the flyer back to Harry. “But you’ll owe me, Potter.” Pointing a finger at him accusingly, Draco walked out of the room.

“More than giving you half of the money?” Harry shouted after him.

“You better buy me a present with your half!” He shouted back, hearing Harry chuckle.

The day finally came when Harry and Draco had to go down to the clinic to start the study. Before they walked out the door, Harry stopped them. “Wait, shouldn’t we have like a story? Like how long we’ve been dating or how we got together?”

“Yeah, I guess.” Draco said, trying to sound casual.

“Okay, umm, let’s say we’ve dated for two years?” He walked out the door towards the car. “Now who asked out who?”

“You asked me out.”

“Do we love each other.” Draco wondered how Harry could say that so casually, even if it was for a fake relationship.

He blushed. “I think most couples who move in together love each other.”

They arrived at the clinic, driving in silence all the way there. Harry clasped his hand as they waited to be called in. It was agony. Draco prayed that his hands weren’t sweating. The doctor called them in, Harry not letting go of his hand, and sat in his office.

“Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. You’ve been dating for how long?”

“Two years.” They said in unison.

He annotated on his chart. “And you live together?”

“Yes.” They said again in unison.

“And how old are you?”

“We are both twenty three.” Harry answered. The doctor scribbled away. “So, if you don’t mind me asking, what does this study entail? The ad was a little vague.”

“Well, what we are trying to see here is how being in a loving relationship affects overall health. So we’ll be testing blood pressure, brain waves, cholesterol, and mental health as well.”

“Brain waves?” Harry asked.

“Yes, we can learn a lot from how the brain reacts to certain stimulants. For example, on day seven we’ll monitor your brainwaves while you’re holding hands, talking, and kissing.” Draco tried his best to look calm and collected. Merlin, they had to kiss? He had never thought about that before.

“Okay, for the first week of the study I want you to sleep in different beds and record the hours of sleep you got and how you slept. Then you can continue to sleep in the same bed for the second week.” He handed them each a chart. “That’ll be all for today. I will see you both tomorrow.”

The days passed. None of it was too intimate, except day four when they had to stare into each other’s eyes while the doctor checked to see how much their pupils dilated before and after. Then the dreaded day seven came along. Draco spent a long time in the bathroom, brushing his teeth and freshening his breath. It’s not a big deal. He told himself. It means nothing. You’re just friends. You’ll always be just friends.

Sadly, he walked out of the bathroom and into the living room. “Ready to go?” Harry asked, not seeming even the tiniest bit nervous.

“Yeah.” He lied. “Can you drive today? I’m not feeling so well.”

“Sure. Is it contagious? Because I don’t want to get sick after kissing you.”

Draco felt his face heat up. “It’s just a headache.”

The drive to the clinic was more tense than the other days, at least that’s how Draco felt. Harry, however, seemed to not be bothered by the fact that they’d be kissing at all. He was tapping his fingers on the steering wheel along to the radio.

“I’m just going to get a read of your brainwaves while you’re facing away from each other first, if you don’t mind.” The doctor told them. They turned in their seats for a while. “Okay, can you face each other and keep eye contact?” They did as they were told. “Now hold hands.” Harry moved forward first, grabbing Draco’s hands, and rubbing circles into his skin with his thumb. “Mr. Potter, can you kiss Mr. Malfoy on the cheek?” Harry leant forward and pecked him on the cheek. The doctor asked Draco to do the same. He hesitated for a moment before pressing his lips to Harry’s cheek.

“Now on the lips.” To Draco’s surprise, Harry leaned in with no hesitation and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. “You’re going to have to hold the kiss for a little longer, boys.” Harry leaned in again, with a little hesitation this time around, and kissed him. Draco felt his hand rest on his neck. The action made him shiver. It was just like Draco imagined it would be. Harry’s soft lips pressed against his. His gentle touch lingering on his neck. But it’s not real. Said the voice in his head which made him pull back. They stared at each other for a moment after until the doctor spoke up.

“Thank you for coming in today. That’s the end of the first week, so you can go back to sleeping in the same bed. Here are the sleeping charts again. I’ll see you boys tomorrow.”

The ride back home was definitely more tense than the ride to the clinic. This time Draco could sense that Harry was just as anxious as he was. After what felt like hours, they arrived back home. The silence was so heavy at that point that Draco felt like he would suffocate.

“So,” Harry finally spoke as they entered their flat. “Do you wanna order take out?” He asked awkwardly. Draco nodded. “Chinese?” He nodded again. “Are you gonna talk to me tonight?” Harry asked, chuckling awkwardly.

“Probably not.” He smiled nervously and stuck his hands in his back pocket.

“You know, it’s not that big a deal. It’s just a kiss.”

“I know.”

“So, why are we being all nervous around each other?”

“I don’t know.” He lied. “Let’s just order some food, yeah?” He said, patting Harry on the back and walking past him into the kitchen.

Soon the study was over and both boys have gotten their money. There was a very weird and awkward air around them afterwards. Draco found that he missed the feel of Harry’s hand in his. He wanted to kiss him again. He really wanted to kiss him again.

“So, what are you going to do with your half of the money?” Harry asked him.

Draco shrugged. “I don’t know. What about you?”

“Well, I’m using some of it to buy you a present obviously.”

Draco smiled a bit. “What?”

“Remember when I first asked you to do this and you said you would if I bought you a present?”

“Oh yeah.”  Draco chuckled.

“I miss this.” Harry said. “Us just talking normally.”

“Me too.”

“I don’t know why it got so weird.”

“Beats me.” Draco said, looking down at his hands.

There was silence before Harry spoke up again. “Though it was fun pretending to date. I think we’d make a good couple.” Draco hummed in response, still not looking at Harry. “You’re very good at the hand holding thing.” The blonde murmured a thank you. Harry moved a bit closer to him. “So,” He took a breath. “Since we were so good at the fake dating thing… maybe we could try the real dating thing?”

Draco’s head shot up, eyes wide. “Really?” Harry nodded. Draco cleared his throat and tentatively held his hand. “Yeah, that sounds nice.” He said, smiling lightly at the green eyed boy. “You know, you were pretty good at the hand holding thing too… and you weren’t bad at that kissing thing either.” Harry laughed and leant forward to press their lips together. It felt one hundred times better than when they kissed before. There was still that same softness and slowness, but there was one factor that made it way better than the first time.

It was real.

  • Draco was horrified of what he’d done during the war
  • But the thing that shocked him the most weren’t the countless dead faces, or all the people hating him and his family
  • It were the many children who were now scarred for life
  • Seven young students had lost limbs when they didn’t reach the room of requirement on time
  • Another nineteen had stayed to fight and lost limbs in the process
  • So, instead of sulking in a corner after the trials, or even trying to apologise for what he’d done, Draco Malfoy decided to actually do something
  • He wasn’t going to tell people he was sorry
  • He wasn’t going to say he would change his ways
  • He was going to show them
  • While he awaited his trial he did research on muggle prosthesis
  • While he was supposed to be helping with the rebuilding of Hogwarts he sneaked off to the library, looking for the right charms to enhance the muggle technique
  • While he was supposed to notice Harry’s lingering gaze on his lean and handsome figure, he was adjusting the charms on the wheelchair of a fourth year Hufflepuff
  • While he was supposed to study for his N.E.W.T.’s, he worked deep into the night trying to assimilate a bluetooth speaker in the artificial leg of a third year Ravenclaw
  • While he was supposed to fill out an application form for his potion master’s degree, he crafted a synthetic hand that could be controlled with your mind for a second year Slytherin
  • While he was supposed to feel terrible about all the hostile stares and howlers he got, he was actually happy as he saw a fifth year Gryffindor chase their friends through the great hall on their new running blades
  • Their face finally filled with happiness as they learned losing a limb didn’t mean losing their fun
  • And while his yearmates and former friends alienated from him when he came back for his eighth year, he grew closer to the younger students
  • Seeing how much effort he put into making them and their disabled friends feel better, they knew he was sorry
  • Seeing how he put an equal amount of work into every prosthesis he made, no matter a student’s blood status or attitude towards him, they knew he had changed his ways
  • Knowing his past of bullying and prejudice, they didn’t always end up liking him, and Draco knew some of them never would
  • But they respected the way he redeemed himself, loved the way he could make them laugh, valued all the time and energy he put into them without asking for anything in return
  • Because Draco Malfoy had a lot to make up for
  • And a lot to give
  • Like an apology to everybody he hurt in the past, because actions speak louder than words but he learnd that owning up to your mistakes is an action too
  • Like free rehabilitation treatments facilitated by his own prosthesis clinic, because that was the only right way to spend his family fortune
  • Like a gentle kiss on Harry’s forehead every morning before he left for work, because Draco couldn’t help but give the Saviour not just his sincere apology and love, but a delicate silver ring too