you know that bit in the film adaption of prisoner of azkaban where the full moon comes out and sirius gets so Extra and desperate and also like really Gay 

sirius: [rushes over to remus WHO IS LITERALLY TURNING!!!!!]

sirius: remus, my old friend!!!!!! have you taken your potion tonight?

remus, inwardly: WHAT DO YOU THINK, DUMBASS

remus, outwardly: [literally cannot do anything but Turn]

sirius: [grabs remus, wraps his arms around him, their chests flush against each other] YOU KNOW THE MAN YOU TRULY ARE 

remus: [obviously knows the man he is, obviously cannot respond to sirius’ ridiculous rambling because he IS TURNING] 

sirius: THIS HEART IS WHERE YOU TRULY LIVE [pushes his hand against remus’ chest desperately as if the power of his love can somehow stop all of this from happening] THIS HEART HERE 

remus: [is now a foot taller than sirius and is Struggling not to hurt him]

sirius: THIS!!! FLESH!!!! IS!!! ONLY!!!! FLESH!!!!!! [continues to keep his arms wrapped around remus as he keeps turning] REMUS!!!! 

remus: [howls, turns completely into The Wolf, flings sirius high into the air] 

me: hello 911 yes sirius black is a Gay Fool 

okay, since i keep seeing people doubting that durmstrang and beauxbatons are co-ed and NOT single-gender schools:

here’s your proof that there was at least one girl in durmstrang delegation

(you can argue that it doesn’t say here that she was from durmstrang, but let me remind you that it’s their first evening at hogwarts and the boy seems to be somewhat familiar with this girl. as if she was his classmate. as in, from durmstrang)

here’s your proof that there were at least two boys in beauxbatons delegation

just think about it, there’s not that many wizarding schools for them not to be co-ed. don’t let that sad attempt called screen adaptation of the goblet of fire fool you. like, i dunno, imagine you’re a french wizard. according to the gof movie logic, the only way for you to get a wizarding education is to go abroad because guess what!! the only school in your country teaches only witches! doesn’t this sound ridiculous and questionable to you, because it certainly does to me.

also don’t you find movie’s portrayal of durmstrang and beauxbatons highly unsettling. with beauxbatons being all like “blue floaty robes and butterflies are a girl thing” and durmstrang being like “north!!!!! extreme masculinity!!!!!!!!! NO GIRLS ALLOWED!!!!11″ just. why did they have to do this.

tl;dr please support co-ed durmstrang and beauxbatons ok thank you for your time