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Imagine being Professor Snape's apprentice and him protecting you from Professor Umbridge

(I just got too inspire from a hc that was sent in XD hope i did it justice and you all like it :D Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

You were called into Umbridge’s office again this time this week and this time it seemed she wasn’t going to let you off so easily.

The woman was accusing you of using magic to distract the others while in her class and you couldn’t believe it. Clearly, someone was setting you up and you just didn’t have any of it.

You started to argue with her and after opening your mouth to say one thing against her methods, your realized how utterly screwed you were. The old hag silenced with a glare and sudden smile.

1000 lines it was for you and 1000 lines you wrote. The marks in your hand from her quill had engraved into you so much, you knew they were going to last for a terribly long while.

As she released you, you cursed the wretched woman under your breath and made sure to hide your embarrassing punishment under your sleeves.

Your friends who waited for you by the stairs, quickly went to join you. They asked you countless of questions and you were quick to dismiss them. You asked for the hour and soon enough, realized how late you were to your next lesson.

Although, classes were over for the day, you still had your private potion lessons with professor Snape to attend to. Quickly, dismissing them away, you ran down the stairs and just hoped he was still there waiting.


For as long as you could remember, you always had a love for potion making and had from the start of your years at Hogwarts, you begged him to let you learn more and let you help him.

After being so persistent about it, your work finally payed off and he had offered you the apprenticeship you wanted so badly. Your tasks were rather simple, it included brewing some potion, putting ingredients away in new jars, cleaning up the potion room and in exchange professor Snape would give you extra insight in the world of potion making.

At first, it was pretty awkward, him being cold and a little too blunt. He would have a habit of pointing out all your wrongdoings and would rather barge in to handle things himself rather than explain to you carefully.

Surely, you ended up adapting to him and learned to read from his expressions and sighs to correct yourself beforehand, and oddly enough you grew to be right with each and every one of them. Slowly, he became less stuck up with you, nodding in praise and even letting you know you did great and so on.

Your relationship with him became less strained and even in his own classroom, as eventually you were regarded as the only one he had absolutely nothing to say against.

With you being so hardworking and trustworthy, he got used to your frequent company and couldn’t deny he was somewhat attached to you.


Noticing the first few minutes pass, he bit his lip in slight annoyance but kept his calm, trying his best to not get too worked up by your sudden and slight tardiness. He moved himself to go work on some stuff beforehand and tried to forget about the time for the little while.

However, soon enough, alone and bored, the few minutes started to become a good hour or so and he was starting to get worried rather than grow angry from the situation.

It was truly strange of you to not be on time, he knew something was keeping you up at that point, certainly he couldn’t ever imagine you missing out on a lesson on purpose, even when you’d be more than sick you’d show your head up and make him have to practically walk you back to your room to keep you from staying.

Certainly something was up and he knew he had to figure it out. Getting up from his seat, he moved towards the door as calmly as he could, collecting his thoughts on a clear and reasonable explanation for this.

As he opened the door, he felt his heart jump in and his eyes widened in surprise to see you so sudden. Out of breath, you pushed him out of the way and quickly got in, preparing yourself to start brewing some potions.

“I’m so sorry, Professor! I-It wasn’t my intention to keep you waiting for so long! I just forgot about today…”

Looking at you back, he frowned at your last words. “Forgot”, impossible he thought, if anything you had every set out date in your notebook and you would even write it out on your hand in the morning just to be sure.

He knew something was off with you, you weren’t yourself. You seemed too distraught and nervous and he had yet to open his mouth.

Trailing his gaze down, he noticed how you kept avoiding showing off your hands as you’d take out the needed ingredients and how you kept them closer to yourself more than usually.

Following your movements, he finally caught a glimpse of something new with you. It was too weird of a sight to see you with gloves all of a sudden and he knew for sure something was up. He approached closer to you, being careful with his steps to not just scare you away and stealthily reached to your shoulder.

Gripping onto you, he made you turn around to finally face him. His eyes went down to your hands and quickly you tried to hide them behind your back. Growling, he tried to force your arm out.

“Y/N…I don’t think you forgot about today…But rather something was keeping you…”, eyeing up from your nervous gaze to your hands.

Reaching down to your wrists, he pulled your hand up, forcing you to look and explain yourself.

“You really expected me to believe that you had forgotten about today…”

You shied your gaze away from that remark and were truly cornered. You didn’t knew what to say properly, feeling like letting him know of what happened would disappoint him a little too much.

From that simple look, he knew you wouldn’t say anything more and he finally had his opportunity. “Take it off…”

“Professor I-”

“Take. It. Off. Y/N…I am not repeating myself…”

With his authoritative gaze upon you from higher up, you sighed in defeat. Doing just as he asked, you slid your glove off the hand he was holding you from, exposing to him your newly fresh scars from your punishment.

You could feel his grip tightening the instant he caught sight of the little red marks. Darkness was filling his eyes and you swore you felt anger coming from the way his grip shook. He knew exactly whose work it was and just couldn’t believe she even dared to lay a hand on you.

There was no way he was ever going to believe you ever did anything wrong, even to her. Gritting his teeth, he pulled your hand closer and traced his fingers along the scars. Feeling and seeing how deep they were, he was fuming at the thought of yourself writing lines and lines, going through such punishment for something you surely hadn’t done.

“Why…”, he asked, wanting to know how to confront the old woman.


Staying silent for a while, you took a deep breath. From the way he held you, his tone and his gaze you knew you could trust him enough with the truth. As you explained the misunderstanding there was between you and her, he slowly let go of your wrist.

Turning away from you, he made a quick move towards the door, slamming it open as he walked out. Surprised, you jumped and yelped at the sudden outburst.

Registering what had just happened, you realized his intentions and quickly rushed out yourself.

From it had seemed, he was already quite far ahead. He walked as fast as he could, and from his stance and the way he’d stomp, it was clear to everyone who happened to be near by that he was in a hurry to confront someone.

They all made way for him, not saying a word and avoiding his stern gaze. Even the stairs didn’t dare to change as he climbed them up.

You tried your best to catch up to him, and ended up having to run after just to catch a glimpse of him. Finally, you caught sight of him walking towards Professor Umbridge’s office and from the down the hall you tried to beg him to come back.

However, you were too late and already he barged in, slamming the door right behind him. At that sound, the others had grown too curious to not want to know as to what was going to happen.

They all moved in closer to you and to her office, gathering around and trying to keep quiet to listen as to what was being said.

“Professor Snape?!”, the woman yelped at the unexpected visit and sudden slam of her door.

“How dare you enter with no permission?! I did not inv-”

Not caring an instant about her, he moved in closer, towering above her as she sat behind her desk. Frowning and glaring down at her, he snapped.

“What the hell are your intentions towards Y/N?!”

Hearing your name, she faked her ignorance, “I beg your pardon, who?”

“Y/N L/N…”

From the way he said your full name, she realized she couldn’t hide her intention and simply decided to let her thoughts about you known, trying to convince him to her side.  

“Oh that little brat…Enjoys playing jokes a little too much so I gave her what she deserved-”

Not believing for an instant her excuse to have punished you, he groaned in disgust under his breath and staring at her with disdain for even daring using such words to describe you. 

Soon enough he couldn’t stand her anymore with her insolence towards you, he slammed his hands down to her desk, startling her. Cutting her mid sentence, he raised his voice over hers. “You listen to me carefully! And make sure to understand me because I won’t repeat myself!”

He leaned in closer and growled. “The next time I ever see one more scar on my apprentice, Y/N, L/N coming from your stupid quill…or any sort of punishment you can come up with…I’ll make sure it’ll be the last day you’ll ever be seen alive…”

His cold gaze fixed upon her own, he could see the sudden terror in her eyes from the warning he gave her. Smirking arrogantly, he leaned back, straightening himself up.

With nothing else to say, she had to let the man walk out. At his words, everyone outside had gasps and oddly enough your friends kept patting your back and giggling between them from the whole situation.

As the door opened, they all stepped away and tried to act like they hadn’t heard the whole conversation and how defensive he was about you. Your gaze met his as he stepped out. Not caring about the others around, he nodded you over, telling you to hurry and join him for your lesson.

Following his footstep, you couldn’t help but smile, thinking to yourself about how protected you actually were.

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sirius x remus → “look at you two, quarreling like an old married couple.”

↳ for my wife @ravencalws

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Hello! I was wondering if you could do something along the lines of a Remus Lupin x hufflepuff!reader. Like they always see each other at the library and theyre quiet and shy around the other but there like fluff and stuff????

He was there again.

You tried, oh how you tried, to keep your eyes on the page of the novel in your hands, but the traitors kept straying to look at him. Perhaps you’d have been able to stop looking at him, had you not caught him looking at you too.

Remus Lupin always seemed to be in the library when you were. You’d fallen for him way back in third year, and your feelings were just as strong now in sixth year. You weren’t sure if it was his beautifully messy hair, his kind but melancholy eyes, or his rather wonderful taste in books, but you had fallen for him hard.

Remus sighed, returning to the beginning of the sentence he’d spent the last ten minutes trying to read. His eyes kept drifting to where you sat at the next table, bundled up in a woolly cardigan with a cup of tea in a saucer beside you as you read. He chuckled to himself; you must have been the only person he knew, other than his grandmother, who still used a saucer when drinking tea. It was yet another adorable quality of yours.

He bit his lip, realising that you were now about halfway through your book. Knowing that it was the second book in the series you were reading and therefore that you would borrow it soon, he had left a note in the middle to try and break the ice between the pair of you. He had thought, by placing the note halfway through the book, that he would have a few days to mentally prepare himself, but you were a much faster reader than he gave you credit for.

You frowned slightly as you slid your finger behind a page and felt an odd sheet of paper. For a moment, you wondered if the page had come loose from the bindings, but when you lifted the book, a folded sheet of paper fell out.

Confused, you unfolded the page to see a note in a thin, sloping hand.

“I don’t think we’ve met, but based on your choice of literature I think we would make great friends,” you read in a whisper, a smile spreading across your face. You looked up and caught Remus watching you nervously. You held the note up, raising your eyebrows in question, and he nodded slightly.

Deciding to channel your inner Gryffindor and take a risk, you swept your textbooks into your bag and marked your page in your novel before standing and collecting your coat from its nearby chair. Remus looked panicked for a few moments, thinking that you had taken offence and were leaving, before you sat down opposite him at his table.

“Hi,” you said quietly, a shy smile on your face. He smiled back, his expression one of relief.

“Hi,” he breathed. You bit your lip.

“I liked your note,” you told him, tucking your hair behind your ear. “You like Jane Austen too?”

Remus nodded enthusiastically, and began talking about his favourite book. You listened, enraptured, and with every word that left his mouth you felt yourself falling for him even more.

He was definitely right. This was the start of a beautiful friendship.

Love Me Harder - A Remus Lupin Imagine

I tried, love! I guess it could have been more angsty but I am in such a weird mood right now (like I am so tired and it’s raining outside and…well)… Hope you like it anyway! 


You walked past Remus as he was shaking his head in despair.
‘What’s going on?’ you asked your friend.
'Those two’ he said, pointing at Sirius and James. 'They managed to get themselves another detention.’
'And you’re surprised?’ you laughed.
'Each time I think they wouldn’t so something sillier, they manage to lower my expectations!’ he said, amused.
You looked at a very angry professor McGonagall as she was pointing to them while shouting loudly.
'It’s just routine, Remus’ you said, patting him on the shoulder.
He swinged himself away roughly.
'Sorry…’ you muttered with a concerned expression.
Each time you would try to get closer to him, he’d be reluctant. Like you were some kind of decease. It made you sad everytime, especially because how you felt about him.
You always cared for Remus, he had always been a great friend. But you couldn’t help yourself fighting what you felt for him. That year especially, any time you’d see him in class or in the hallway, while eating or in the corner of your eyes, you would feel a burst of pure joy in your stomach. You guessed your feelings had deepened for him.
You learnt about his secret at the beginning of the year. It didn’t matter to you. He was a werewolf, so what?
It just made you grateful that he trusted you enough to tell you.
Sometimes you believed that he liked you too. The way he would smile to you. And especially the way his eyes would sparkle each time you’d enter the room. But it was always shut down by him distancing himself from you all of a sudden.
So you didn’t know on which foot to dance with him anymore. You just knew you desired him so much.
'I guess I’ll study without them tonight’ he whispered as the two boys were following professor McGonagall away.
'I can be your studying partner, if you want’ you suggested.
His face changed expression. He looked worried.
'Nevermind’ you added.
'No, I guess I could use a friend right now’ he said, trying to smile to you.
He nodded. 

You followed him to the library. When you entered the room, you quickly saw that there was no place available.
'I guess we’re not the only one who had the same idea’ you said, eyeing the library from right to left.
You looked at Remus.
'How about we go in your dorm?’
His face became stiff again.
'Come on, we’ll be in peace! With those two clowns away for the night…’
Remus scoffed.
'I guess we could do that.’
Pleased, you both walked to the boys quiet room.
You jolted to Remus’ bed and sat on it, taking your books out of your bag. Remus stood still in front of you, looking embarrassed.
'So, we start with what? Potions? Maybe transfiguration?’ you asked him, trying to erase the sudden tension in the room.
You saw Remus staring at your neck and he quickly shook his head.
'Sorry. Erm. I think we should start with herbology’ he said, sitting next to you.
You nodded and considered him for a minute.
'Are you okay Remus? You seem a bit off… if you don’t want to do this, I can leave you alone…’
'No!’ he shouted, surprised by the high tone of his voice. 'It’s fine… it’s just…’ he said, closing his eyes. 'There’s a full moon tomorrow and I’m a bit all over the place.’
You pouted.
'It’s okay, I understand. Do you need to rest instead of studying?’
'Maybe just for a couple of minutes…’
You sighed. At least he was honest. You got up to leave the room.
'Y/N?’ he said, as you were about to disappear behind the door. You turned away.
You heart jumped. He wanted to be with you.
'Are you sure?’ you asked, hesitant.
He answered by opening his arms. You joined him and laid beside him. He wrapped his arms around you tightly.

You smiled, hidden in his arms. It was the first time for a long period that he allowed himself to be near you like that. You closed your eyes, enjoying the moment. And especially fighting the desire you felt burning down there.
You couldn’t help it, feeling his warm breath in the hollow of your neck made you weak. You slowly turned your body to face him.
'Is this okay?’ you asked, longing into his green eyes.
He smiled. You slid your finger on the scar that crossed his face. You thought he was going to push you away but he just sighed of relief.
'And this?’ you asked, while running your hands down to his chest.
'Y/N…’ he sighed, stopping you.
'I just want to take care of you…’ you said, pushing your head closer to his.
He closed his eyes and you pressed your lips on his. You didn’t know how he would response. But he kissed you back, first faintly but he deepened the kiss quickly. You moaned as he pinned you to the mattress and pressed himself on you.

You couldn’t believe what was happening, it made you feel like you were slowly erasing the rest of the world from your mind.
You searched for his skin through the fabric of his shirt, feeling some bumps from time to time on his stomach, bumps made of irregular skin patterns caused by the many scars all over his body.
He slowly pulled your shirt up and started to kiss your belly with pure lust. His body was becoming heavy on you and your breathing was becoming difficult.
'Remus…’ you whispered, but he seemed completely lost.
You tried to push him a little, just to be comfier but it looked like your efforts were vain.
Unanticipatedly, a shock of pain crossed your body.
'REMUS!’ you shouted as he suddenly stopped. He looked at his hands, he had scratched your waist.
He sat immediately straight on the bed, panicked.
'I’m so sorry’ he said, shaking his head.
You looked down, it wasn’t that bad. You sighed. There was going to be a full moon the next day, you knew where it came from. It was not his fault.
'Hey’ you whispered, trying to kiss gently his neck. But he stood up and started pacing in the room.

'I think you should go, Y/N. I’m so sorry I hurt you, I swear, I’m never going to forgive myself for that.’
'I’m okay, Remus, really! You didn’t mean it!’
You tried to smile but he wasn’t looking at you anymore. You got up and joined him, touching his arm so he’d stop moving.
'Remus…’ you said, trying to find his mouth again.
He stared into your eyes.
'Kiss me’ you asked, longing for him more.
His eyes widened.
'Are you mad? Don’t you just realize what I just did? I hurt you, Y/N! I knew it was a bad idea…’
'You didn’t mean to! It was just an accident, please-’
'An accident? You call this an accident?’ he said, showing the long scar he had on his stomach. 'You want to end up like this?’
'Come on Remus, you’re exaggerating.’
'Am I?’ he shouted again, looking away from you.
'Damn it Remus! Why is this always like that with you? We take a step away then we take two steps back!’
He shrugged. 

'Why are you always letting me in a little bit just so you can shut yourself the minute I get there?’ you added.
'I don’t want to hurt you! Don’t you see? When I told you what I was, I thought you were going to leave it. That you were going to see what I am really and that it would drive you away.’
'Clearly, it didn’t!’ you answered, shocked.
'What would it take, to make you go away Y/N? Cause I can’t help but want you, but I can’t be with you. I can’t be with no one.’
You threw your hands in the air.
'Stop with this nonsense!’
He became angry. Like you never saw him before. His eyes were all black now.
He clenched his teeth.
'Y/N, what is in front of you, it’s not a man, it’s not a boy. It’s an evil creature that could kill you in a second. It’s a total monster that does not have any pity for anyone or anything. It’s an affliction I have to live with. But you do not have to. Let it be. Leave me alone!’
'So you think that avoiding me and pushing me away is going to do it?’
He didn’t reply.
'Never’ you added. 


requested by anon <3
Could I please have a Newt scamander imagine? Or blurb where there’s lots of fluff and kisses and you both come home late and tired and somehow make it into Jacobs bed and your making out and he comes in and kind of freaks out? Thank youuuuu


It had been a long day of work and chatting up customers and when Jacob Kowalski stumbled home, beelining for his bedroom, the last thing he expected to see was you and Newt making out on his bed. Jacob releases a shriek and nearly slams the door shut in surprise, but refrains in fear of waking the rest of the house up. You and Newt pull away, confused and a bit frustrated you tilt your head sideways to catch the disturbance.

Your skin is hot and your lips feel raw red and puffy, and through a curtain of daze and desire you manage to find Jacob gaping at the two of you in the doorway. Your eyes narrow, “C-Can we…help you?” You rasp, a bit out of breath.

The question shakes him awake and his expression melts into anger, “This is my room.” He says firmly, but it doesn’t register for another second. You blink. You glance at Newt as if for confirmation, feeling a twinge of embarrassment as you watch his eyes roam around the room to make sure that it was indeed Jacobs. It’s dark, but still…Surely you can tell the difference between your mattress and—

“Oh no…” Newt mumbles and you have a sudden urge to smack yourself.

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Hogwarts Houses Girls Aesthetics

Gryffindor: curly hair, brown or hazel eyes, leather jacket, dr. martens boots, red nail polish, a lot of freckles, apple and cinnamon, charms, always think about their exciting relationships

Slytherin: plaid skirts, stright hair, high grades, dark nail polish, a smell of danger and vanila, butterbeer, a lot of books,  Dark Arts Defence, probably, ask you about your family a lot, secret relationships w/ someone from Gryffindor

Hufflepuff: wave long hair, a lot of warm sweaters, a lot of flowers everwhere in their bedroom, smell of cozy and butterbeer, chokers & flannel shirt, have a lot of friends from other houses, probably think that they need to talk with everyone about the hot new teacher

Ravenclaw: probably wear glasses, even if they don’t have to, blue eyes, a lot of muggle books in their room, friend from Slytherin, which they help to hide relationships with Gryffindor, who is their friend too, probably have a contact with their hot teacher

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hansy !

Harry hated summer. He hated the heat, he hated how his clothes would stick to his skin, and he especially hated going back to his aunt’s house after his spring semester because he couldn’t afford to live on his own if he was not in a dorm.

She was dreadful; her husband was dreadful. He was at least thankful his cousin was no longer around, but that didn’t mean he still wasn’t forced to work at their country club doing terrible jobs.

In high school, he was forced to be their janitor. But once he got into college, they made him pay for his own swimming courses to become a lifeguard for them. There could be worse things, he figured. He argued against it at first, but they told him they would no longer pay for his college if he didn’t do it.

So here he was overseeing prissy bitches and fuck boys by their salt water pools to make sure they didn’t die as they tried to flirt by playing Marco Polo. Harry knew all the male members suggested the game to potentially feel up the girl members, which made it even worse. Harry hated anything pretentious, and Golden Hills country club was the definition of pretentious. He didn’t think anything could top it.

Until he remembered Pansy Parkinson.

He knew about her in high school, sure. She was the cliche most popular girl in school who dated a new guy every few months but would always end up going back to her first boyfriend, Cormac McLaggen. It was enough to make Harry want to puke, but that was what high school had to be like. Right?

When he saw her by the pool the first day on his shift, he wasn’t surprised. Her father owned half the town, and it still amazed him that he hadn’t bought out his uncle yet.

She had grown her hair out since high school. It was now down to her mid-back, and she wore it in loose waves. He hadn’t seen her for three years, which seemed weird to him now. Where had she been? What had she been doing all the summers before this one? 

It was as though she could feel him watching her, because she turned around and looked up at him. He was sitting in his lifeguard’s chair, and he nearly fell off of it as he tried to look away quickly. He watched her right eye twinkle with amusement, and she smirked up at him. But she didn’t say anything, she just flipped her hair and kept walking with her oldest friend, Daphne Greengrass.

They made it to what Harry learned quickly was their favorite spot by the pool, and he watched as she rubbed sunscreen up and down her long tan legs. He felt his mouth water, but he pushed the thought away. He was here to protect people, not gape at them. And besides, that’s what they wanted. That’s what Pansy Parkinson wanted.

She always wanted that.

And he would not give her the light of day, because he, Harry Potter, was a stubborn son of a bitch.

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I Miss Us

      So, this is my first imagine. I wrote it months ago and never thought it was good enough, but I figured I could post it and see how it goes. I would love for some constructive criticism to help me for future writing pieces. Hope you enjoy! Thank you :)


     Draco and I had our fall out in our fifth year. It’s been 2 years. We’re about to graduate soon and he’s my best friend. Was. I’m not much of the social type and I was the only one who wasn’t scared of his whole “condescending” act. I understood him and he understood me. That’s how we’ve always been. We grew up running around in the meadow behind his family manor and pretended we were the only two people alive. I miss him. And I know he misses me. 

     I sit a desk away from him in almost every class and I can always sense him staring but he never is when I return the glance. He aggravates me. I still miss his presence whenever I’m reading or doing homework. I always find drawings of the sharp define face in my old sketchbooks and all the little trinkets he’s given me over the years. 

    It’s been 2 damn years. I need to stop wallowing in self pity, make new friends, and get over it. But I can’t. No one understands my situation like he did. But maybe he just forgot that I needed him so much more as time seemed to go by slower than ever. Maybe he forgot who I really am. Or he forgot us. Or maybe, himself. This is how I fell asleep each and every night. Wondering what happened, why he dropped me so easily, why anything that happened, happened. 

   I was awoken by a slight nudge on my shoulder. Then it grew more aggressive and I heard a slight hiss, “y/n, wake up!” I opened my sleep filled eyes to see Pansy with a fear stricken face. Ugh. What could she want.
   “What do you need, Pansy. If you haven’t noticed I’m trying to sleep. I don’t get much of it these days.” 

    “Don’t be a smart ass, at least not right now. Draco hasn’t been sleeping much either and tonight he finally fell apart. He’s in the first floor girls lavatory. He won’t talk to me and I know how you both use to be.” 

      “Why are you wanting me to go? He doesn’t want me there if he’s hurting.”  

     “He wants you. Trust me. You’re all he ever cares about. He may not admit it but I know it.” Why was she being nice to me? Why was she trying to fix us?

      “Okay, I’ll go try to talk to him.” Pansy began to find me some shoes as I searched for a jacket. The closest warm article of clothing I could find in the dark was a forest green slytherin jumper. I took my sneakers from Pansy’s hands, slipped them on, and started for the girls bathroom. I haven’t been in the first floor girls lavatory since 5th year, it was our sanctuary, our place to go while ditching, or just to escape reality. 

      I opened the door to find the blonde haired boy leaning over the sink with his cheeks stricken with tears. I slowly walked up behind him, I didn’t risk touching him because I knew how he got when he was upset. But suddenly I felt arms around my waist and weight pulling me to the ground. I was shocked to see him like this. Something is really wrong. 

      I held on to him as if my life depended on it. Something bad happened. I stroked his wild, messy hair and wiped his tears. We sat like this for what felt like an eternity. Eventually he calmed and it seemed that he fell asleep. I loosened my grip around him.

     “Don’t go.” I heard him mumble.

     “I’m not going anywhere. I’m here as long as you need me.” He sat up from my lap and we both sat in silence against the wall with his head on my shoulder and my head on his.

     “Y/n, I’m sorry.”

     “Don’t apologize right now. It’s not necessary. You don’t need to worry about it right now.”

     “But I do. I do need to apologize. I was a total ass and I regret it everyday. I dropped you when you needed me and you dropped everything to come sit with me while I cried like a child. I’m so ignorant.”

     “I wouldn’t say I dropped everything. I just gave up a little sleep. And you’re not ignorant. You just didn’t know how to handle my problems. Which you shouldn’t have. They were my problems, not yours. So let’s not talk about this right now. What happened?” Suddenly he was lost for words. “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. I understand.”

     “He’s back. He’s stolen my family from me before and he’s doing it again,” he said as he lifted his sleeve to show me the oh-so-familiar dark mark. My parents’ showed up a few weeks ago. 

     “I know. My mum and dad’s reappeared recently. I’ve been on edge ever since then. I always knew he’d choose one of us. Draco, I won’t let you go through this alone. I’ll be here. I understand if you don’t want me to be, but I will be.” Suddenly I had tears rolling down my cheeks and he was holding me now. 

     “It’ll be okay, we can deal with this later. Can we talk about us right now. You were going through a lot and I started receiving feelings for you and I knew this would happen, so I did what I thought was right. I let go of you. I didn’t think I could handle the dark lord coming and taking one of us. But, he’s not going to get in between us. I care about you and I need you. I know I do now. Those two years were so hard. I miss us.”

     “I miss us too. That all I ever think about. You were the only person who understood me. I need you in my life.”

     “I’m happy we cleared this up because I couldn’t stand not telling you all the ridiculous things Pansy says to me.” I giggled and looked up to look at his perfect face. He was that kind of beauty that gave me goosebumps when I looked at him. Slowly, yet surely, our noses were millimeters away and I could feel his hot breath on my face. I could hold back anymore, I pressed my lips to his urgently and he returned the sweet perfect kiss. “I love you.” He mumbled in between slow, soft kisses. I stopped and looked into his eyes, “I love you too.” And I melted into him, holding on tight because I didn’t want to let go.

      “Is this my jumper? I’ve been looking for it for ages.”

      I giggled and looked down only to notice that in fact was his jumper, he let me borrow it when we took a walk around the black lake, searching for one of my missing sketchbooks. And suddenly the most perfect memories flowed into my mind and I felt a blissful nostalgia rush over me. “It is. I never gave it back I suppose. It was under my bed.”

      “Whatever, you wear it to bed every night and hope no one sees it to show how much you miss the Slytherin Prince himself.” We sat there and laughed for what seemed like forever and it eventually died down. I missed this. I missed laughing with him, and sitting with him, and just him.

Home - A Sirius Black Imagine

Here it is, sorry it took me so long! <3

Disclaimer : okay, YES, it’s written at the first person. I understand it’s not for everybody and it’s different from what I usually do. But I felt like writing it this way!;

Warnings : Some cursing, but mostly some angst and some fluff. 


I’m not in the mood for anything today. I look at the time and minutes seems like hours. You could tell I’m bored but I think I’m just worried. About everything and anything.
There are rumours. The tension at the Ministry of Magic it’s at its worst. Everybody is divided. The Dark Lord have returned?
Nobody believe it.
Or nobody doesn’t want to believe.
I don’t know what is the difference anymore. I used to believe some things that weren’t true. And I used to discard some truths.
So, I feel like I don’t want to get involved. Not yet.
But there’s something wrong, I know it. I’m giving up. I just need to get some fresh air. I can’t focus on anything.
When I get home, there’s a few pile of mail next to my door. I roll my eyes.
My parents are probably worried about me. But I don’t feel like writing to them right now. I just want to be left alone.
I remember the last time I saw them. It was two years ago, I think.
‘You sure you are okay honey?’
‘Yes, mum. I’m fine.’
'But he’s out and I know he broke your heart!’

My mum never had it when it came to reassuring me. Nor my dad.
'I wonder how that deranged man escaped. I always told you he was trouble, that Sirius Black!’
I sigh. Not writing back today.
I feel like there’s this heavy weight on my shoulders. I’m useless.
There’s a knock on the door.
Who the hell could it be? 

I open it. My boss, Alastor Moody, is standing right in front of me. I’d be afraid if I didn’t know him. He’s pretty scary looking. But he’s a fine man.
'Y/L/N, care to explain to me why you left early? I wanted to talk to you.’
I roll my eyes and open the door for him to enter the house. He steps in it but doesn’t go far.
'Well, I’m here now. What did you want to tell me?’
'We should sit’ he says, pointing to the living room.
I’m so not in the mood. If he tells me I need to track down some bloody alleged Death Eaters, I think I’m going to boil with rage.
'You’ve been hearing about what’s been going on lately, you know that the Dark Lord is back.’
'Oh, cut the crap, Moody. I told you I didn’t want to do anything about it until proven!’
'You'are an Auror, Y/L/N, god damn it!’ he shouts at me. 'You should be concerned. What’s going on with you?’
I sigh. I don’t know what to say.
'Maybe I shouldn’t have became an Auror.’
His face twists with anger. I know he tries very hard to not scream at me.
'You are a brilliant woman, Y/N, you’re quick, you’re smart and you’re great at what you do. Your powers are thrilling. But you need to set your game straight again.’
'I’m just tired, okay?’
He shrugs.
'I didn’t only came to see how you felt. There’s something you need to know and… you can’t refuse. We need you with us.’
I frown my eyebrows.
'We’ve been gathering some people lately-’
'Let me finish. I’ve been putting a sort of team together, to be prepared if the time comes when we need to fight the evil-’
'What are you talking about Moody?’
He looks at me seriously.
'I wish you to come with me tonight, there’s a reunion at our quarters.’
'Your quarters? Does the Ministry knows you’ve been doing that?’ I ask, shocked.
He shakes his head. 

'They wouldn’t approve, you know it. But come with me tonight, you’ll know what’s going on better if you see everybody.’
'Merlin, Moody, do you know in which position you’re putting me? What if we get caught?’
'We won’t. Just follow me.’
'Right now?’
I’m so mad. I don’t want to follow him. But he’s my boss. But I don’t want to go against the ministry, even if I know there’s something going on that is beyond what they expect. We disapparate in front of my door to reapparate to a place I’m not sure I ever saw before.
'Where are we?’ I ask.
He doesn’t answer. He just freaking knock on the ground and the whole street starts shaking.
Okay they’re really organized. That’s some deep magic. Hiding a place that way means they used a secret keeper. They really don’t want to be discovered by the wrong people…
A house appears between two others, it’s gloomier than the other ones. It’s not inviting at all.
We step on the porch. Moody glances at me, looking embarrassed.
'I need to tell you one more thing’ he says, almost whispering. 'You know I don’t care about any of your little love stories, but there’s somebody inside that house, well, the house belongs to him, that might make you feel like running your way back outside. But be smart, don’t run. Just hear him out.’
Before I can even realize what he just said, he opens the door and pushes me inside. I hear him shutting the door behind us as I try to adjust my eyes to the darkness of the hall.
If outside I thought it was dreary, nothing compares to the way it’s cold inside. The place is in poor condition. I can hear voices at the end of the hall. I turned away to look at Moody. He shakes his arms, telling me to start walking.
'Moody, before I go in there, just tell me where the hell I am-’
'Shh’ he whispers. 'Don’t talk until we’re past the curtains.’
He points to me the wall where velvet curtains seems to be hiding something.
Odd. I’m too irritated to wait for an answer.
'Merlin’s Moody, I swear if you don’t tell me-’
'STAINS OF DISHONOUR, BLOOD TRAITORS!’ screams a voice in front of me.
I look at the portrait, spitting at me with pure disdain. The woman in the painting looks enraged.
I hear movement in front of me and my heart jumps in my chest. I feel like running to the door but somebody prevents me to do so. I try to escape Moody’s arms as I reach for my wand. The cacophony of all the people moving around me and the screams from the painting is unbearable.
'Let me go!’ I shout to Moody but he’s stronger than I am. I finally grab my wand and point it at him. He steps few feet away. 

'What is this?’ I say, pointing my wand at everybody. 'Where the hell am I? Why am I here in the first place?’
I point my wand at faces I haven’t seen in a long time. Nymphadora Tonks, one of my colleagues, tries to calm me down.
'Y/N it’s okay, you’re not in danger.’
But I can’t look at her. I’m only staring at him. He haven’t really changed. He has still the same silver eyes. He looks older, but aren’t we all? My gaze moves to the man standing behind him. I never thought I would see him again as well. Not standing beside Sirius. Remus Lupin is trying to reassure me with his peaceful expression.
'Y/N’ he says, but I point my wand at him. 'I know that’s a lot to take on but we thought you wouldn’t come if you knew he was going to be here. We need to talk to you.’
'I have nothing to say to you’ I shout, shaking with rage.
'Y/N, it wasn’t me’ whispers Sirius with a cracked voice.
The sound of it makes me feel weak. How much time has it been since I heard it?
I can’t tell anymore. I thought I didn’t forget the sound of it. But I was wrong, wasn’t I?
'Just… come and sit with us?’ asks Remus, pointing at the room behind them. 'We made some tea and there’s butterbeer if you want some…’
'I just want to leave.’
Moody pats my shoulder. 

'Come on Y/N, let’s talk, just you and I. Sirius, mind if I use the drawing room?’ says Remus.
Sirius nods and point the room to his left. I try to not look at him while I go inside. Still shaking, I sit on the tiny couch next to me. Remus sits in front of me.
'I know you’re mad-’
'You don’t say.’
He sighs.
'He’s innocent, Y/N. He didn’t do it. It was Peter.’
My face is blank.
'Do you honestly think I am mad because I thought he did it, Remus?’ I say, feeling tears coming to my eyes. 'I am freaking angry at him because he got himself in all that mess, because he didn’t think for a second about anyone than himself! Because he just ran to his own loss! He spoiled everything.’
I’m crying right now and I hate myself for it. I swore I would never cry because of Sirius ever again.
Remus hesitates, then touch my knee.
'Let him talk to you maybe?’
I shake my head.
'I can’t.’
But Sirius is already in the room. I close my eyes. I want to punch him in the face. I want to scream at him, how much he made me miserable. How much he fucked everything up. 

I hear Remus getting up and leaving the room, while Sirius sits in front of me.
'Y/N look at me’ he says.
But I can’t. I just can’t.
'I know this is a lot, believe me, when I heard Moody wanted to bring you here I thought… I was so nervous.’
I can’t face him. I can’t do that.
'But I’m so relieved to see you… You look good.’
I finally turn and face him.
You look good? Really Sirius? We don’t see each other for over than a decade and you tell me you look good?’
He scoffs.
'Damn it, Black. You haven’t changed at all.’
He wipes my tears away and smile. My heart melts.
I never forgot him, did I? After all this time and here I am, feeling like a teenager again, like the first time we ever kissed.
'Some things never change’ he replies, taking my chin between his fingers.
I look down.
'You can’t do that’ I tell him.
'Do what?’
'You just can’t erase all those years by sweet talking to me. Do you know how it felt? Did you ever thought about me? How I had to cope without you? How I had to forget everything we had planned for our future because of your recklessness?’
He frowns his eyebrows.
'You, you, you! What about me? Do you think I was happy there? I was miserable Y/N! Knowing I was thrown away for something I didn’t do! I had just lost my best friend and his wife, but I knew that their son, the one I swore I would protect with my life, was now on his own? Did you think about that? About the dementors surrounding Azkaban day and night, making me relive over and over again that horrible night when James and Lily were killed? Making me think about the fact I would never get to talk to you again? Underfed and poorly dressed, knowing that everybody I cared for thought I was a murderer? What did you have to do? Go back and live with your parents? To your poor spoiled little life?’
My jaw falls. 

'Excuse me? You did this to yourself! YOU ran after Peter, YOU decided to fight him before the Aurors came there! YOU left me!’
He shakes his head.
'You can’t blame me for living my life while you were away! I thought I had lost you forever! Then I hear that you escaped. You didn’t even tried to write to me!’
'I wanted you to be happy! I didn’t want to show up into your life again and wreck your existence!’
'You wrecked it the minute you left that flat of yours to chase Peter, Sirius!’
I was in full tears now. I knew everybody was probably hearing us quarrelling.
'And I am sorry, you know I am, are you?’ he said, stepping in front of me.
I threw myself in his arms and pressed my body on his.
'I missed you so much’ I said, crying in his arms.
'I missed you too, love. How did I miss you’ he replied, sliding his long fingers in my hair.
He put my face up in his hands and stared longly into my eyes. I pressed my lips on his.
It felt like home.

Being Pregnant By H.G Would Include:

‣Hermione cried when she found out you were pregnant. It was the happiest moment of her life

‣She wanted to tell her parents asap, but only in the most creative way

‣They also cried when they found out

‣Hermione got overprotective of you as soon as you told her and her parents were no different

‣They loved you like a daughter and with a Granger heir in your belly, you were pretty much treated like royalty

‣The Grangers began to redecorate Hermione’s old room without even thinking twice about it and turned it into a nursery (“sorry ‘Mione”)

‣Molly Weasley was ecstatic

‣So were your friends and family

‣Hermione began to read only medical books and books on infants

‣She could have given your doctor a run for his money because that woman read like she was running out of time

‣She tried to get you to stop working, but you obviously refused because you could still move and wanted to enjoy the time you could outside of home before you had to be cooped up for days

‣Hermione always asked for photos of your baby and never once missed an appointment

‣The first time you heard a heartbeat she cried and it was the second happiest moment of her life

‣She saved all of the ultrasounds and began making a scrapbook for your baby

‣She was very conscious of the toll the pregnancy took on you and was willing to suffer with you

‣She would stay up at night if she couldn’t get you to go to sleep and just hold you until you did

‣She makes food or buys it as soon as any word related to “hunger” leaves your lips

‣She gives you massages 24/7

‣She spoils you with anything you could ever possibly want

‣She can’t wait to make the baby’s room

‣She talks about the baby as if it was already here

‣Sometimes she looks at her scar and then at you and thanks every higher power that she made it out alive that night and is now living the most wonderful life she possibly could

‣She tries to keep you safe from the publicity of the wizarding world due being married to her

‣Eventually she makes you quit work and makes you rest and at some point she takes a few weeks leave when the due date is closer

‣Reads to your belly every night

‣Protects you from the smallest things just because she likes to be sure that you’re safe

‣When the baby arrives it’s like Hermione is seeing the world in a whole different way and she swears she will protect her family no matter what

‣She thanks you everyday for blessing her with a family

A/n: Dedicated to @geekythespian98 💖 Hope you liked it!

Hiraeth [Prologue]

A/N: I’ve had this laying around on my laptop for a while already. It’s my very very first time planning something long chaptered and I suck at these things. So I am unsure about this whole concept. Still, do you think it’s good enough to pursue it further? Tell me if you’re interested!

Summary: It’s a picture perfect wedding. It really is. A dashing bride, a gorgeous groom, and nothing goes wrong. But something is missing.

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Word Count: 1007

Warnings: none!

“Pass me the ornament,” your mother smiled softly as she took the golden flower ornament that you had handed her, so she could attach it to your hairdo. It had been in your family’s possession for generations, had been passed down from mother to daughter whenever the time came where she would leave her sheltered household to serve as a dutiful wife. You could see the light reflecting on its shiny surface before it vanished out of your sight.

Something old

You then tilted your head a bit, putting on the pair of ear rings that your parents-in-law had given you as a wedding gift. It was just as fancy and expensive as the rest of your outfit as the Malfoys were extremely wealthy, the gems sparkling and glittering like rain droplets in the sun

Something new

You let yourself be helped into the extravagant and lavish pearl white dress, after slipping into the tights that you had borrowed from your best friend. Chiffon and satin brushing over your smooth skin, like cool water drops. A maid carefully assisted your mother while she was working on the zipper with her magic. It was of utmost importance not to touch your hair, as it was skillfully done by the best hairdresser that could be found here in England. Your dress was long, smooth, yet a flowy with complicated, laborious stitches on lace, the cloth that covered most of the upper body part 

Something borrowed

The cold, flat metal touched your warm skin as the small sapphire necklace – probably the only “decent” thing that you wore on your body today. It was made from the finest silver with only one rather small sapphire stone in the middle; like an amulet; like a charm.

Something blue

You fumbled with the clasps, helplessly, before your mother’s fingers took over, precisely closing it for you.

Slipping into the shoes that were matching your dress, you didn’t forget to put the little silver coin in as well; hoping, now that these items were on your body – that they would bless you with a good, fortunate life as the tradition promised.

A silver sixpence in your shoe

“You look beautiful,” she whispered with a proud smile on her face, standing beside you as you looked into the mirror where a strange, unfamiliar woman stood, staring back with empty, dull eyes.

“Thank you mother,” you averted your eyes, creating the false image of abashment. But the truth was that you weren’t able to look at yourself, were simply not capable. This woman wasn’t you, she was beautiful, was perfect with her cherry blossom cheeks and rose coloured lips. But you were nothing of that.

“I am so proud of you. You will make a good wife.” The first tears were falling, gliding over your mother’s slightly wrinkled but still soft skin. But she didn’t mean it, because she was insincere.

“Of course mother. You have raised me well and accordingly,” you answered with a smile. She carefully kissed both of your cheeks before standing back to once again look at you with a moving expression.

Things were all in a blur. You remembered being led over the soft carpet of the big church along with your father’s steady steps, as you walked through the light that broke through colourful glass and dancing dust particles in the air.

It was a beautiful, sunny day. The best day to let two loving people tie their knots. Whispers and awed murmurs went through the crowd when you first stepped into the holy room, drawing all eyes and all the attention on you. With your head held high, you carefully placed one foot after another, balancing out each step so you wouldn’t trip while the strong tunes of the organ accompanied you. Back straight, chest out, chin up, arms close to our body.

Your fiancé stood in front of you, miles away it seemed. In just a few moments and he’d be more than that. He was going to be the person you would spend the rest of your life with. He was so handsome in his pitch black suit. Sleek blonde hair perfectly styled - as if every single strand of his hair had its own place. Beautiful anthracite eyes, like molten metal.

Draco Malfoy was a handsome young man with fair, pale skin and thin full lips. He had only inherited the best of the best features of his parents even though he seemed to be the spitting image of his father with his straight aristocratic nose, chiseled cheekbones, and the light blonde hair. He was standing there, waiting for you to come, waiting for you to finally become his bride.

Your eyes met with his cold grey ones when your father gently placed your hand into Draco’s. He returned your small smile that you had managed to muster up in all your nervousness.

The ceremony started with only the slow, meaningful words of the priest. Vows were spoken, bringing smiles on faces and tears into eyes. Somewhere someone was sniffling.

Your heart gave a thump when he reached out to lift the white, translucent veil that separated his mouth from yours. The barrier was gone; had vanished out of your sight. And all that mattered was his little sheepish grin as he leaned in for the kiss that would metaphorical seal your bond.

Thin lips were softly pressed against yours while cold fingertips slightly supported your face, oh so gentle. Unintentionally, you had to smile against his lips. When parting, Draco softly caressed your cheek before the two of you turned towards your applauding guests, the audience of this show.

Nobody noticed your little almost invisible flinches or how your smiles didn’t quite reach your eyes.

Because this marriage was forced; was planned and set up - simply arranged - like some diplomatic, conventional business meeting.

They had sold you off and all you could do was helplessly watch how you once again turned into their marionette, into their property that they traded for prestige and money.

Whispers in the Dark [Tom Riddle x Ravenclaw! Reader - Pre-Hogwarts]

Originally posted by my-harry-potter-generation

   Y/N L/N has a family notorious for writing school books, and this causes her to be teased and taunted mercilessly by Hogwarts students of every color. Tom, however, regards the girl with intrigue, and this leads to a relationship both passionate and consequential.
♥ A/N ♥
  I wanted a new set-up for my imagines, so here I am with a different kind. Putting that aside, [3] was the winner! Sorry to fans of [5], but fortunately, that will be the next series I begin after my other two series meet an end. I’m particularly excited to get started on this series, as I’ve always been really big trash for Tom Riddle. His backstory is so intriguing and anything to do with him enraptures me. Should I be ashamed? He’s really hot as a youngster, so I’m not very ashamed. By the way, everyone, the story is told in third-person like Not Your Girlfriend is. If you all want that changed, just message my inbox! Thank you all for requesting. It makes me so happy when I see my inbox filled with requests. It gets my creative juices a’flowing. So thank you. And also, I apologise for the long wait. And let’s begin!
Swearing, Angst, Death, Horror, Romance

 Y/N was desperate, her head whirling as she tore and fumbled with books of varying deterioration and length. She needed to find the book with the right answer, the book that would change everything—fix everything. Was she a fool? Did looking to books for an answer to something so big and blatant—something she merely needed to ask a professor herself to receive a solidified answer—make her the world’s biggest clod? She remembered a certain quote then, one she learned when a mere toddler home-schooled in all things literature and magic—Shakespearean, filled with meaning and metaphor. “The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.” Was she somewhere in-between such, caught in the middle of wisdom and dolt-plagued tomfoolery? Her parents might have denied it, but Y/N wasn’t convinced. She never believed in fairytales, nor did she believe any single compliment was sincere.

It was something she got from him.

“Bloody hell,” she whispered, grabbing at her left temple as it began to pound at her, like a stick against one’s drum. It was like a war inside her head, with screams and groans coming from every direction. Monsters—demons of all shapes and sizes—were tearing at her mind, ripping her sanity into shreds. The books became weights, only they weren’t on her shoulders—each page-flip required every bit of stamina Y/N had left. But she needed the answers—
she needed them. She didn’t care for the pain if it meant she’d come out victorious in the end. A few bumps and bruises were nothing; they were miniscular compared to the tragedy that’d befallen her all throughout her life.

One book fell to the ground, then another. This one made her pause in her quest. The second was a book her own mother had written—a research book, filled to the absolute brim with history. It explained the legacy of Grindewald, it brought to attention the achievements of several Pureblood families, and it also highlighted the atmospheric beauty of Hogwarts. Nowhere did it have answers. What was the bloody point in her mother writing a book if it answered nothing but the questions that came with the pesky curiosity of an insolent youth? It was pathetically unhelpful—it gave nothing but a headache, a certain vibration that ran from each synapse to the next, bringing with it tremors of nerves.

But he needed her help. He was waiting, ever-so-patiently and ever-so-kindly. And she was desperate to please him and to bring him news of success. She wouldn’t have the heart to look him in the eye and give a sad shake of the head. What was the point in a visitation when she would only be the bearer of bad news?

Finally came along a book with black and violet coloring, velvet lining, and medieval font. There were apparent crucifixes aligning the front, but for some reason, the only illustration that comeform inside her head was that of a serpent. Y/N could only stare at it for a moment, her eardrums giving a faint “thump, thump, thump” as both her heart and her ears became one, drilling into her a resonant, “
Open it, Y/N. Open it.” She would, but only for him. She had no need for this book, so fabrication was a necessary process. Motivation was nonexistent, so for him, she’d try. She’d give herself some, even if it tore apart her comprehension and lucidity in the process.

Slowly but surely, she creaked open the book. Inside was a short introduction, then a table of contents, located on the next page. Y/N nearly skimmed past, so lost in her thoughts that she was faint of observation. When she saw the list for the fifth chapter, she smiled with delight. There in bold letters, she seen the word “Immortality.” And right below, there was the word that made her both breathless and sore, a strong feeling of befuddlement setting in her intestines.


And like the whisper of a Parseltongue hissing at a reptilian bastard, there it came… like a song, menacing and alight with fear and foreshadowing and darkness

“First comes murder, so evanescent and divine,
then comes a spell, wretchedly dissolved into brine.
Salt in the wounds, a fool’s dying breath leaves,
‘To those that live; retain your mask and identity.’”

They’d never take them alive. Never, never, never


Y/N L/N awoke with a gasp. Air felt finite when her chest both heaved and sucked for just a single breath, enough for her to retain a chance at life. The atmosphere felt hot and sticky, just like always—it was a family trait to have a house that reeked of sweat and humiliation. Her room was the least obvious, as she always casted a spell to interchange the scent, but every morning was the same. She’d awake with her throat sore and choking, then she’d breathe in the essence of her home. The home that bore so many memories, yet gave her chills down the spine whenever she entered it.

She’d been having nightmares ever since she could remember. For her, life was Hell in itself, and even in her dreams she couldn’t find solace. Everything was a cycle; life ran and repeated, much like history did, and it was all so fucking inescapable. Maybe that should have meant something to her. She was born in this house, raised in this house, taught in this house; it was a cycle, a rinse-and-repeat process that everyone in her damn family went through from their first breaths to their last. Nightmares weren’t meant to be in the cycle, and maybe that was the first sign—the first showing that Y/N was nothing like her family.

Her chest was burning. She felt like Frigg, just moments before her son Balder died in her arms from a mistletoe dart. That sensation of grief surrounding your senses, of denial festering in your bones, of heartache manifesting as a persona—that was something she emphasized with, whether she wished to admit to it or not. This nightmare—it was quite unlike the others. It hurt to think about; hell, it just plain hurt. It was nothing but a figment of Y/N’s imagination; it wouldn’t hurt her. It couldn’t. It was a bloody dream; it shouldn’t have any damn power over her. Should it? Could it?

Y/N kicked off her sheets and sat up in bed. She ran a hand through her Y/H/C hair, flinching at the tangles that stung with each violent tug. She kept thinking about the dream, sweat drenching her brow and her knickers. Shivers tremored up and down her back, but she couldn’t tell if they were from fear or pleasure. It was like the nightmare both excited and unnerved her. She felt the temptation to panic, but she also wanted to calmly drink in the world around her. She wanted to know what this meant. To Y/N, it appeared to be some sort of premonition. And it scared her to death to think that that might be true.

A face was something she was missing. She had a book, a mysterious object called a “Horcrux,” and an apparent desperation to please someone. But a face was missing… and that was the one way to determine if this was really a nightmare… or if it was a presage for what was to come. This thought frightened her into a sleepless stupor that lasted the rest of that night. Her only regret lay in knowing that she’d be up at nine that same day to pack and head off to Platform 9 ¾. Even then, she couldn’t help herself but shake silently in bed, head clouded in fantasies of a life where she didn’t loathe her own existence and nightmares didn’t plague her sleep.

That following morning, a mere four hours after her abrupt awakening, Y/N could feel the slight dusting of crust in the corners of her eyes and the stress on her brow and cheeks that caused premature wrinkles to coat her features. She hated that feeling—that horrible feeling of sleep-deprivation and weakness—but why should that have bothered her? It was a chronic feeling; there was nothing unusual about this. Nothing—nothing at all.

But then, she thought about her dream. The Parseltongue, the song—the implications, the premonitions. This time, it wasn’t just fatigue weighing down her shoulders. It was fear.

“Y/N, darling, the train has no use for rocks as passengers!” It was her mother, a flamboyantly-dressed, spiky-haired woman that was known to be continually-perky and full of life. She was ignorant to the things that society said behind her back. Y/N didn’t know whether to sympathize with her or find amusement in the situation. “Get up, get up! Time to dress yourself—blimey, Y/N, you look like death!”

Her mother had just opened the door, and she was staring at Y/N with wide eyes, her mouth agape. The youngest of the two just scowled hard, feeling self-conscious all of a sudden. It was one thing for her peers to make her feel terrible, but it was a whole other thing when her mum uttered something regarding her appearance. It stung less, but brought more to attention. Though she felt bad for it, she honestly just wished her mother would bugger off. She told her mother so. “I’d rather not have you here when doing so,” Y/N said, throwing her mother a dark look. “Can you leave?”

Her mother blanched slightly, but covered it up with a smile. “Of course, darling,” she said. “We leave twenty minutes till!”

Y/N rubbed a hand over her face. Standing up, she stretched her limbs and looked to a nearby mirror. Her reflection caused her to instantly look away, a frown adorning her mouth. It was time to dress, she supposed. She definitely could see why her mother was shocked by her appearance.

She threw on an old shirt of her father’s, then a pair of denim jeans. A pair of trainers were slipped on her feet, partially dirty but presentable enough that Y/N shrugged off their flaws. She went about the room, cleaning up any blatant messes and taking all the objects that she knew she’d need in her 5th year of Hogwarts. Clothes, robes, books, wand, and owl—those were the basics, the barest necessities.

The thought of someone controlling her plagued her, leaving her to contemplate it for a solid hour… and then her mother and father came, telling her it was time to Apparate to the platform.

An expression of embarrassment was permanently set into Y/N’s features as she arrived at the fantastical platform hidden within the walls of King’s Cross Station. She looked around, eying all of her peers with an expression of reproach. Though she hated them with every fiber of her being, she hated her parents the most. They were the ones that turned into a mockery. They made her into a puppet, controlled by the whims and jeers of people that only knew her by her last name. It made her into a hateful, spoiled little girl, and she was aware—but she couldn’t help it. She was filled with an uncontrollable bubble of rage, and it was completely a part of her.

She ignored the mirth-filled stares she was getting around the station and turned to look at her parents. She felt guilty for the way she was thinking about her parents, so surprising the two, she wrapped them into a hug. “I love you,” she mumbled, making a face as she pulled back. The two parents could only watch, dumbfounded, as their only child made her way to the train. Y/N was an enigma neither parent could solve or even fathom. She wasn’t the only one filled with fear at that moment.

Y/N strolled her way from corridor to corridor, face pulling into a frown every time some nasty git caught her gaze. She was hardly paying attention to where she was walking until a tall body knocked directly into her, pulling her and her bag to the floor from the impact. It bleeding well hurt, and she was meaning to give the person a comment on his lack of coordination, but then she looked up and she lost all ability to talk.

Tom Marvolo Riddle. Slytherin Prefect, judging by the badge, and the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome. He had eyes you could get lost in, and a frown that was permanently imbedded into his mouth. He looked like he knew his way around a wand and his way around socialization—while he looked brooding, he also looked manipulative. Dark. Malevolent. Haunted.

Y/N stared at him, and Tom stared at her. Y/N was the first to realize how utterly ridiculous she was being, and she quickly frowned at him. Not a scowl, no—but somewhere in between. “I’m sorry,” she said, and she couldn’t tell why she wasn’t being standoffish. “Didn’t look where I was going.”

Tom quirked an eyebrow at her. His brown eyes were full of curiosity. Such a strange feeling for someone so mysterious. “It’s alright,” he said quietly. He extended a hand, and Y/N gladly took it. She tried to ignore the sparks she felt when she touched his hand.

She now stood up, glancing up to Tom with a shy expression, all of a sudden. “Thank you,” she said, just as quietly. She watched as Tom quickly headed down the corridor. She was stricken. Was it fear? Attraction? Intrigue?

They all felt the same to her. Maybe it was all three.

“First comes murder, so evanescent and divine,
then comes a spell, wretchedly dissolved into brine.
Salt in the wounds, a fool’s dying breath leaves,
‘To those that live; retain your mask and identity.’”

Even then, she didn’t notice her mistake.

Books and Kisses

Hey guys! You all seem to really like Hermione x readers and who am I to deny you? I love them to. I’m also sorry that I’ve been away for so long, lots of family junk to deal with at the moment. I hope that this is kinda what you were looking for, Anon. Please enjoy!

Pairing: Hermione x Slytherin! Reader

Requested: Yep!

Anonymous Requested: Hi! I was wondering if you could do a Hermione X female reader where the reader is a Slytherin and is really nice but a massive smart ass so she always ends up fighting with Hermione and they somehow end up making out in the restricted section and as they’re walking out of the library, snape catches them and sort of just raises his eyebrow, like he knew it was coming? Thanks!!

Warnings: None that I can think of

The library was your favorite place in the entire school; if not for the books then because you loved teasing Hermione Granger. She always got so mad at you. The thought crossed your mind that she only got mad because of your house. Slytherin. Though you weren’t as needlessly rude to others like most of your house mates. Just Hermione. 

Glancing around the library, you discovered that it was empty and Madam Pince wasn’t paying attention. Perfect. You took this opportunity to slip into the restricted section. You were looking for a book that would tell you how to brew a specific potion that, as a student, you weren’t allowed to make. You brushed your fingers over the well worn spines of the books, looking for the correct title in the dim light. Probably should have done this in the daytime, you thought, might have made this a little easier. As you looked through the books, you became aware of the feeling that you were being watched. 

“You’re not allowed to be here.” You turned to see the bushy haired brunette that amused you so. You raised an eyebrow. 

“Oh? And you are, Miss Goody-goody?” You returned, cooly. Judging by the way her cheeks flushed, she was breaking just as many rules as you were. 

“I should tell a teacher that you’re back here without a pass,” She said in her ‘holier than thou’ voice. You smirked, laughing quietly to yourself. She couldn’t be serious. The look on her face told you otherwise. 

“Hey, brainiac, you know if you tell someone I was here, they’ll know you were to. You’d be in just as much trouble as me,” You said. She snorted indignantly and you stifled a laugh. This was just too easy. Hermione could get frustrated just by looking at you. 

When she found that she had nothing more to say, she scoffed and turned to a shelf of books behind her. You shook your head. That girl amused you in so many ways. You also kinda admired her head strong approach to life, the way she spoke to you. A small thump drew your attention behind you. She was jumping up in attempt to reach a book. You laughed. 

“Something funny?” She asked, crossing her arms over her chest. 

“Yeah, you,” You said, nodding to her. “I think you might want to try a different method.” 

“And just what do you suggest?” You leaned into the shelves behind you casually and crossed your arms, watching her carefully. 

“Hop on your high horse and I’m sure you’ll be able to reach,” You teased, a playful smile tugging at the corner of your overly glossed lips. You tucked a strand of (H/C) hair behind your ear as you ducked your head to laugh at her offended expression. 

“I’m never on a high horse!” She snapped. 

“Ah, right, must have you confused with someone else, my mistake.” You gave her a shit eating grin, turning back to the shelves and finally you found what you wanted. Another thump. Sighing, you turned, reached over her, and grabbed the book she was looking for. You took note of the fact that she went for her wand. 

“Leave me alone!” She growled. You put your hands up in mock surrender. 

“Relax, fluffy, I was just trying to help you out,” You said, offering her the book. 

“Right.” She reached for it and you pulled it back. She tried again and you did the same thing. Glaring, she stood back and crossed her arms again. 

“Are you going to give it to me?” She asked, impatiently. 

“Maybe,” You said, wiggling the book in front of her. 

“Maybe?” Her hand swiped at the book again, missing one more time. 

“Maybe,” You confirmed, holding it above your head. Her glare became more intense. It reminded you slightly of your mother. 

“(Y/N) (L/N),” She said, firmly. You laughed, not moving the book. 

“Hermione Granger,” You said, mocking her tone. 

“Give me that book!” She snapped. You brought the book down, still grinning at her playfully. 

“What’s the magic word?” You asked in a McGonagall esque tone. She sighed, heavily as she began to tap her foot. 


“Actually, it was Accio, but the manners are refreshing,” You giggled, handing her the book. She snattched it from you, sending you a withering look. You simply laughed, brushed the hair from your face. 

“Must you always be so childish?” She asked, sounding exasperated. She opened the book and began walking away. 

“I think the word you’re looking for is light-hearted,” You chirped, following her. She snapped the book shut and stopped in her tracks, looking up at you with a look that could kill. You just smiled. 

“You’re infuriating!” She yelled. 

“I think I’m adorable,” You said. For a second you thought she was going to bean you in the head with her book, but she didn’t. 

“Why do you always pick on me? Don’t you have anything better to do?” You slung an arm over her shoulder. 

“Not a thing,” You sang. 

“I hate you,” She grumbled. You pouted, sticking your bottom lip out in an exaggerated way. 

“Aw, come on, I’m not that bad,” You said, standing in front of her as she went to walk away. Everytime she moved, you moved the same way to keep her where she was. 

“You’re annoying,” She said, swinging the book at you lightly. You dodged it easily, smiling. 

“Missed me, missed me, now you gotta kiss me!” You sing-songed, dancing in front of her. Dropping her book to the ground, she gave a heavy sigh and pulled you into a kiss. You dropped your own book in surprise. Never in a million years did you ever think you’d be kissing Hermione Granger. Pansy Parkinson maybe, but never anyone like Hermione. Shrugging, you decided to go with it. 

Her lips slid over yours, probably smearing the light pink gloss and you pushed forward with your bottom jaw. Her lips were more chapped than you thought they’d be. Smirking, you bit her bottom lip before dragging your tongue across it. Her mouth fell open and you slipped your tongue inside, tangling it with hers. Fingers tangled in hair. Teeth clicked together. Noses and chins bumped as things got more heated. You pushed her against the books, dropping your hands from her hair to her hips. Her hands trailed to your chest, shyly groping one of your breasts. You nearly laughed. Finally, you pulled apart. 

“Well, um, that wasn’t exactly what I had in mind,” She said, attempting to smooth her tousled hair. You offered her a goofy smile in response. 

“Who knew that Goody-goody Granger could do that?” You said, poking her cheek. She blushed more fiercely than she had been. You began to smooth out your shirt to the best of your abilities. You picked up both books and headed for the exit. 

As the two of you exited the library, you became acutely aware of the fact that curfew was in a few minutes. Teachers would be roaming the halls. You didn’t get far before you ran into Snape. He looked down at the both of you through a curtain of greasy black hair, taking note of your rumpled clothing, wild hair, and flushed faces. He raised an eyebrow. 

“I see you found a way to keep yourselves… busy,” He drawled. Your cheeks flushed and you stole a glance at Hermione. Her entire face had gone cherry red. 

“Yes, sir,” You said, quietly. Oddly enough, he didn’t look surprised. 

“Get to your dorms before I begin taking points,” He said, sternly and swept off. Turning to Hermione, you smiled. 

“Why do I get the feeling that he saw this coming?” Hermione asked, sounding highly embarrassed. 

 “Probably because he did. I do tease you more than the average person,” You said. She sighed and shook her head as she looked up at you. 

“I suppose.” You brushed some hair behind her ear. 

“See you in potions?” You handed her the book she’d taken from the library and she finally smiled at you. 

“See you in potions,” She laughed as she began walking towards the Gryffindor dorms. Smiling to yourself, you turned and made your way back to the Slytherin dorms. What a night.