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91. Blaise and Ginny never really noticed each other while they were in Hogwarts, they just seemed to be there. After Hogwarts though Ginny went travelling around Europe and on her trip to Italy she met this “smokin’ hot” guy, and they chatted for ages, neither knowing who the other was. 

“Would you like to go out this evening?” “Well I don’t even know your name yet!” “It’s Blaise, Blaise Zabini” “NO WAY! As in friends with Malfoy, that Zabini?” “Umm, yeah?” “It’s Ginny, Ginny Weasley!” “shit” “shit indeed, so how about that date?” “pick you up at 8?”

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Would you consider writing wolfstar for #19 in 100 Ways to Say I Love You? I love your little drabbles.

Can I hold your hand?

The five times Sirius asks to hold Remus’ hand, and the one time he doesn’t have to.


Remus wakes shivering, every part of him covered in sweat, and freezing. He sits up too quickly, breath escaping shakily out of his lungs. For a moment, though his eyes are open, he can’t see the room at all, or what had woken him. All he can feel is fur, all he can smell is blood and foul breath, all he can hear is sick, sick laughter. He flinches against nothing, trying to rid himself of the feeling, presses the heels of his hands into his eyes.

One, two, three, four, he says in his head, one, two, three, four, onetwothreefouronetwothreefouronetwo-

“Um. Remus?”

Remus freezes, counting ending at two, and looks up. He doesn’t have time to be embarrassed by the tears in his eyes before there is a face clouding his vision, all soft, sleepy eyes, frown etched with concern. It’s the boy, Sirius, the one he had met on the train that day, sitting on his bed, criss-cross and worried. His hand is outstretched, lightly resting on Remus’ knee, and Remus realizes what had waken him.

“Hey. It’s alright, I get them too.”

Nightmares, Remus thinks.

Sirius offers him a loopy grin, “Only yours probably aren’t of your mother, right?”

Remus blinks, startled by the comment and how calmly it had come out of Sirius’ mouth, “Oh. Um, no. Not my mother.” He hates the way his voice hitches with the tears in his throat.

Sirius nods, pressing his lips together and to the side, thinking. After a few moments, he, very tentatively, holds out his hand, “Can I…” He bites his lip, then sticks his palm out more insistently, “Can I hold your hand?”

Remus just blinks at it.

Sirius inches it closer to Remus’ hand that is clenched around his sheets, “It’s just that… Whenever my little brother has nightmares I always hold his hand. Or he holds mine. It just, I dunno, helps. To know someone is there.”

Remus feels tears pricking his eyes again, for an entirely new reason. He can’t remember the last time someone asked to comfort him, to be near him, much less hold his hand.

Sirius reached forward a little more, the tips of his fingers touching Remus’ knuckles, “’s okay, you know…”

And Remus bit his lip, taking, for the first time, the hand that would be there for him for years to come.


Remus sort of hated Valentine’s Day at Hogwarts. The sentiment was okay enough (it would probably have been better if he himself had someone to direct his sentiment towards), but he could do without the flowery scented charm hearts floating around the halls and popping directly in front of the recipient’s face. It caused many a giggle and a far too strong scent to linger about. It was frankly annoying. Although, and he’d never admit this, he wouldn’t be opposed to receive one himself, something that he never expected to happen.

That’s why he found himself choking on his pumpkin juice when, at lunch, he received a burst of flowery scent and a slightly translucent bubble heart zooming towards him from outside the great hall and popping directly in front of his face. He blinked, blinked again, choked a bit, and when he opened his eyes, Sirius was right there, grinning mischievously at him.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Moonykins.”

Remus rolled his eyes, pressing his palm to Sirius’ wiggling eyebrows and causing him to let out a loud laugh, James smirking beside them, watching the exchange.

“Fuck off, Pads.”

Sirius pressed a hand to his chest, right above his heart, feigning hurt, “What?” He reached that same hand out, palm up, “You’re not gonna hold my hand, woo me back? I did send you a heart, you know.”

Remus just rolled his eyes again, looking at Sirius with a bit back smile, chest aching a little. He pushed down his wish that Sirius wasn’t joking, that he was sending him a heart because Remus actually had his heart… Sirius’ certainly had his. He gave a dramatic sigh, dropping his hand in Sirius’ and squeezing, causing Sirius to let out a triumphant woop. He managed to hold their hands up above their heads for a second before Remus was shoving his shoulder and letting their hands drop. He swore his palm stayed warm all through the day.


Remus was breathing hard through his nose by the time he got to the top of the astronomy tower. Whether it was from the stairs, or from the effort to keep the tears at bay, he didn’t know. He pressed his palms to the railing, letting the cool, spring wind ruffle through his hair, calming his nerves. Embarrassment burned through his chest, leaving him even more breathless. He’d never drink anything again, ever, if he could help it. Not after tonight. He pressed a hand over his mouth, feeling slightly sick, and slightly like he could run a mile. His lips still tingled from when he’d leaned forward, without much warning, and pressed them to Sirius’. Why, why had he done that?

“Merlin.” He breathed, letting his hand drop to the railing, his head following, forehead resting on the backs of his hands. He wanted to disappear, he hoped desperately Sirius hadn’t followed-


Remus closed his eyes. He had nothing to say. No excuse, no reason, except the truth, and he definitely wasn’t about to say that.

Hey Pads, I love you. I have for four years now. Did you know?

“Remus, what the fuck, why’d you- you can’t just run out like- I mean, not after…” He sounded just as breathless as Remus felt, but not angry. Remus thanked god for that. Not angry, “Hey, would you look at me?”

Remus sighed, “Must I?”

Yes.” He felt a hand on his shoulder and jerked around, eyes stinging.

“You don’t have to pretend- I didn’t-“ Remus ran a hand over his face in frustration, embarrassment. Heartache, “We don’t have to talk about this, please, let’s just forget it, I’m sorry-“

“Shut up, Remus!”

Remus blinked, mouth closing abruptly. Now Sirius sounded angry. He took a step back to the railing, feeling the metal dig into his lower back.

Sirius sighed, stepping forward, palms out in surrender, “Sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t… You just, you didn’t even- you don’t even know what I think. You didn’t exactly stay long enough to find out.”

Remus’ heart pumped faster, unsure, but starting to mingle with the tiniest bit of hope all the same, “I- Oh.”

Sirius took another step forward, the smallest of smiles finding his face, “Yeah, oh.”

Remus tilted his head slightly, hope simmering just under the surface now, threatening to appear in a smile of his own.

Sirius was so close now that their chests were brushing, and Remus felt tentative fingertips brush his wrist, “Can I hold your hand?”

The smile broke through on Remus’ face. Although the first time had been asked in all seriousness, ever since that Valentine’s Day it had become a bit of a running joke, “You want to hold my hand?”

Sirius pressed their foreheads together suddenly, like he just couldn’t help himself for another second. Remus politely ignored, and secretly adored, how he had to press up on his toes to do it, “Yes. Yes, Re. I want to hold your hand.” Then quieter, as he laced their fingers together, he added, “I want to kiss you again.”

And Remus let Sirius part his lips with his own, let their fingers twine together. They didn’t let go for a long while after that.


Remus was terrified. He was trying to be strong but he was terrified. The light of spells flashed all around him, freezing him in place and telling him to move all at once. He crouched, dust and stone all around him, filling his nostrils and the cracks in his lips. His eyes stung, his lungs burned, his hands shook, making his casts unsteady. After he’d misfired more than once, he’d took to hiding for a moment, trying to gather his strength.

“Hey-“ Remus jumped, head turning sharply towards the voice, “No, shh. It’s me, Re.” Sirius’ voice quickly slowed Remus’ picked up heart, and he felt his muscles start to relax. Sirius crouched next to him, both of them hidden, just for a moment, behind a large piece of rubble, and brought his hand to the back of Remus’ neck, thumb rubbing softly. Remus let his eyes slip closed at the familiar feeling, “Moons…”

Remus looked at him again, hand coming up to wrap around Sirius’ wrist, “I’m fine. I just- I needed a moment.” Sirius nodded, leaning forward and pressing a kiss to the corner of Remus’ mouth. Remus sighed into it, turning his head to kiss Sirius full on for a moment, letting it calm his nerves. Then, “We should go back.”

Sirius stayed still,, nose brushing against Remus’ softly, before retrieving his hand and holding it out, “Take my hand?”

Remus did, smiling as he did so. And they went to win this battle.


Remus didn’t know how to act in the beginning. Seeing Sirius standing there in the doorway of his parent’s house, ready to hide for… who knows how long. Looking older, thinner, sadder. Looking like he didn’t know what he was, what Remus was…what they were. Remus didn’t have the first clue what to say. So, as usual, Sirius took the lead.

“Missed me, Moony?”

Remus looked up from where he’d been studying the too loose folds of Sirius’ clothes, and his heart ached. Sirius’ mouth was doing that thing, twisting in a way that meant he was trying to smile over a too-powerful frown. His eyes were desperate and sad, and said please say yes.

And Remus suddenly found he could barely breathe, much less speak. His throat swelled and he tried to clear it, hanging his head for a moment. When he looked back up there were tears in his eyes, and they darted around the room, anywhere but Sirius’, embarrassed.

“What a stupid fucking question.” He rasped out.

Sirius stepped through the doorway, long fingers looking bony against the dark wood, but familiar. Remus’ suddenly ached to have them in his.

Ask ask ask. Please ask.

Sirius’ smile was real though, so real, as he stepped right in front of Remus. Still shorter, Remus noted. It was all so much, so familiar.

“I’m glad…”

Remus stared at him for a moment, eyes raking over his face, remembering, re-memorizing, wanting, but unsure if he was still allowed to want. He cleared his throat, “Do you want some tea? Food? Are you hungry?” Sirius had a little smile over his face, but didn’t respond. Remus needed to do something, anything, to occupy himself, “I have biscuits. Dinner is still cooking but it will be ready soon. I made your favorite, blueberry pie, too. I mean, if that’s still your favorite, I don’t know.” Remus waited a few more beats and then sighed, “Pads, please, let me do something for you-“

“Can I hold your hand?”

He smiled, eyes slightly melancholy, as he said it. And Remus’ chest seized, his heart broke, and then everything fell back into place. Just like that. He blinked and suddenly his cheeks were wet. He let out a breath and suddenly he was breathing again.

“Yes- God, yes-“

Sirius’ fingers captured his own at the same instant as his lips did the same.


Remus knees hit the ground in front of the veiled archway, the sound of bone against stone echoing in the now empty chamber. His lungs. He couldn’t get air. He clutched at his throat, his chest, desperate for oxygen. But all he could feel was his heart, aching, threatening to stop after each terrible, terrible beat. Remus wasn’t sure he’d complain if it did.

When the first sob broke through, he wished his heart would just give up already. It was too much. He squeezed his eyes shut.

Can I hold your hand?

He bowed his head against the tears racking his body. That first night, that very first night, the first time Sirius had managed to take all the pain away. Every ounce. And he’d done it again, the night on the astronomy tower, the night that changed everything, everything. Remus longed for that night now.

Take my hand?

Remus saw the grin, the light in Sirius’ face, the strong fingers wrap around his own-

“Yes.” His eyes flashed open. The veil, it was still there, “Yes, come on. Sirius-” Remus sobbed. He thrust his hand out, his voice cracking and barely there, “You don’t have to ask, you never had to ask. Take my hand now.” Remus fell forward with the effort to keep his hand out, just barely keeping from collapsing, “Just take my hand. I’ll pull you back, I need you back. Take it. Take it… Take…”


Take my hand.
I’ll teach you to dance.
I’ll spin you around.
Won’t let you fall down.

- He Is We


sweet kisses for the sweetheart ❤


For anon…Fred survived the Battle of Hogwarts as requested (yay!) and the reader is also female as requested. Enjoy!

The door chimed, alerting the twin owners to another presence. Given the hour, the shop was quite filled with rambunctious witches and wizards. Fred glanced over to the door to see a witch around his age. Her eyes were gazing around in awe and curiosity. Fred couldn’t help but find her fascinating.

It seemed she had a few friends with her who were immediately off to roam the store. George tapped his brother on the chest.

“Looks like we’ve got another one, eh?” he teased.
“Looks like,” Fred replied while keeping his gaze on her.

George’s eye glinted with knowing and mischief. Without so much as indicating that he had caught on, George started walking toward the newest customer. Fred followed as he usually did. George leaned against the banister as he reached where the witch was currently gazing.

“Skiving Snackboxes,” George started, “A classic choice.”
Y/N glanced up to see the brothers. She beamed. “Umbridge-itis is quite contagious you know. I’ve got to be prepared to handle it.”
Fred smirked. “Who could blame you?”

She smiled, holding his gaze. George cleared his throat before extending a hand.

“I’m George and this is Fred; we’re the owners.”
She shook his hand. “Y/N; a potential customer.”
Fred chuckled and arched a brow. “Potential? I thought we had you sold.”
“And be predictable?” she teased, “I don’t think so.”

She glanced over her shoulder as she heard her friends calling to her. She smirked and told them to hold on. She turned back to the twins, her gaze setting on Fred.

“It was pleasure meeting you two. I hope to see you around.”
He smirked. “The pleasure was ours.”

Y/N hurried over to her friends, Fred’s gaze following her. Chuckling, George tapped his twin again.

“Oi Freddie, I think you grabbed a snack box by accident.”
He knit his brows. “Eh?”
“You’re lovesick.”

George laughed as Fred scrunched his nose attempting to laugh it off. He had no idea how hard he just fell for her. Only time would show him.

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It has been a long time - A Sirius Black Imagine

So, I guess this is a short Sirius Black smut? :) Because, in all honesty, I live for those. 

Warnings: smut, dah!


It had been a week and Sirius was already to tired to be trapped in Grimmauld Place. How could he end up exactly at the worst place he could think of beside Azkaban? Everything reminded him of prison, minus the Dementors. Though his mother’s portrait was doing the job. The only thing that made this confinement bearable was when Remus was visiting. Lately he had been accompanied with some new faces. Sirius’ little cousin, Tonks, was all bubbly and cheery.
But they weren’t visiting as often as he wished they would.
At least, tonight, they were all around the big wooden table in the kitchen.
And there was this girl who had been there the last time. She was a friend of Tonks, probably the same age. Her long black hair waving down her waist made her look like some kind of mystical creature. He felt silly to think about her this way.
He remembered how they both were playing those teenage games. She was eyeing him when she thought he wasn’t looking.
Like she didn’t know who he was.
How would somebody want some man like him? A poor reflection of which he had been, a sort of ghost from his past. A man broken by the lost years, by the constant fear, by the constant melancholy.
He was limited and restrained. There was nothing for him in this world. He’d have to live to protect his godson. That was the promise he did to James when he accepted to be Harry’s godfather. That was the only purpose he had left.
Sirius started to feel pretty depressed. He slurped his whisky and called it a night.
‘Alright, I’m going to bed’ he said, standing up.
‘Already?’ said Tonks, following him.
Sirius stopped walking and looked at the three people in front of him.
‘You can stay, I don’t mind. Spend the night.’
‘Nah’ said Remus. ‘We better get back to-‘
‘I insist. I’ll be happy to see you all in the morning’ replied Sirius, brushing his hand in his dark locks.
Remus raised his shoulders. Tonks was clapping her hands in happiness.
Sirius looked at Y/N and she was staring at him. She bit her lips and looked away. 

He went upstairs and went in his bedroom. He sat on the edge of his bed, sighing. He wasn’t even tired, he just felt like an outsider downstairs. He wasn’t in a laughing mood at all. He was ashamed of who he was, that was it. He felt like he didn’t want anybody to look at him the way he was now.
It knocked on the door.
‘Come in’ he said in a low voice, almost wishing he’d be left alone.
Y/N appeared in the doorway, with two glasses of wine in her hands.
‘I thought you didn’t want to waste this’ she said, handing him one glass. ‘It’s a good bottle and we already opened it…’
Sirius smiled shyly and took a sip of the scarlet liquid. It was indeed delicious.
‘Thank you’ he said, looking at her pretty smile.
He felt suddenly embarrassed again and stood up, going to the windows. He looked at the city outside. Even thought it was dark, he felt like there was so much action going on. So many things he wasn’t part of. He heard a little noise behind him.
He looked at Y/N closing the door behind her.
‘Do you mind if I stay a little bit?’ she said, putting her empty glass on the night table.
Sirius didn’t know what to answer. She stepped towards him and pushed her body unto his.
‘What are you doing’ he whispered, feeling getting lost in her proximity.
She looked at him with her doe eyes and started to untie her dress. The fabric fell on the floor without a noise. Sirius blushed and looked away.
‘I don’t know what game you’re playing, Y/N’ he said, trying to focus anywhere else.
Looking at the floor, he saw her underwear joining her dress. He swallowed loudly and started to feel sweaty all of a sudden.
Didn’t she know who he was? He felt her hands pulling his shirt. He grabbed her wrists.
‘Y/N’ he whispered before she pressed her lips on his.
That was enough for him to lose his mind. He hadn’t touched anybody for so long.
The fact that he could feel her naked breast bouncing his chest was alienating too.
‘Do you know who I am, Y/N?’ he said, firmly.
She looked at his with a confused expression.
‘Didn’t you hear all the stories about me?’ he added.
‘Stories don’t matter to me, Sirius’ she replied with a sweet voice.
He breathed and hesitated.
‘I can’t let you be touched by a man like me, Y/N.’
She put her hand on his cheek and swept her lips on his. His head was tickling at a hundred miles an hour. She removed his shirt from his body and started to kiss his neck slowly. He felt his heart beat loudly in his chest.
Y/N ran her hands down to his waist, starting to unbuckle slowly his belt.
‘Do you know how much time I did in Azkaban?’ he whispered, before the belt fell on the floor.
That was his way of telling her he hadn’t touched anybody for a really, really long time.
In response, she just pressed her lips again on his, with passion. Sirius closed his eyes and tried not to think about anything else. In a flash, he took her up in his arms and as he stat on the edge of the bed, he sat her on his laps. She smelled so great, a shy mixture of delicate flowers and sugar. Her breath felt warm and comforting and he felt like he could kiss her like that eternally. He felt her naked body pressing on him and he felt like he couldn’t handle all of this.
He laid her on her back and started to kiss her in the neck until he reached her breast. He looked at her forms for a minute before taking a mouthful of it. It felt so fucking good. He could see her chest getting up and down with the heat of their embrace. He continued to kiss her on her stomach until he reached her sex.
Without hesitating, he slid a finger inside her, which made her moan instantly. How he did miss that feeling. She proceeded to put her hand in his underwear and mumbled as she touched his thickness.
Y/N requested him with her whole body, pressing violently her hips unto his. He was shaking and sweating already. He pushed his length inside her, trying to contain everything he felt.
He couldn’t move. She took his chin with her index and kissed him very slowly. He had no idea how he would be able to manage it.
‘It’s okay’ she whispered.
Sirius took a deep breath and tried to focus on her. He pushed himself a little bit more in her and growled.
The sensation he felt was beyond this world. It made him forgot for a minute all the suffering, all the pain and all the lies. They were only two in the world. Nothing else mattered. Her walls tightened around him and he started to go back and forth in her in a slow pace.
She was moaning underneath him and he was losing his mind. He felt her hands grabbing his butt and she pressed him in her with lust.
‘I’m coming’ she moaned, biting her lower lip.
‘Oh yeah?’ he said, completely in trance.
He pulled out from her and turned her body. She was now on all fours, reading to take him. He pushed himself inside once more and grabbed her by the waist, gripping her skin with his nails. She was moaning louder and he paced himself faster.
‘Fuck…’ she shouted as he accelerated.
Sirius slowed down, feeling like he was about to reach his max.
‘Y/N?’ he said, panting.
‘Yeah, go on, I’m-‘
She pulled a cry of satisfaction before Sirius growled of pure happiness and pleasure.

Pansexual Lee Jordan Headcanons

Day 2 of @potterprideweek: LGBT+ youth

  • 7 year old Lee blushing beet root red whenever his mum brings him to the park and they meet up with her friend and her son Miguel who’s Lee’s age and has pretty blonde hair that Lee likes to play with and run his fingers through.
  • Lee and Miguel being best friends for years and holding hands in the park and giggling and climbing to the top on top of the roof of the clubhouse to trade sweets and stories.
  • Miguel falling off that roof one day and Lee jumping down to help him and crying not being he twisted his own ankle jumping down but because Miguel hurt his arm and was upset.
  • Lee feeling guilty for not being able to tell Miguel his biggest secret because his parents tell him Miguel won’t be able to understand because he was a muggle.
  • 11 year old Lee having his first massive fight with his parents, saying he doesn’t want to go to Hogwarts, he wants to stay with Miguel instead.
  • Lee and Miguel having a sleepover two nights before Lee has to leave and they eat junk food and tell each other they’ll miss the other and they share a chaste kiss before they fall asleep that the next day neither of them talk about because neither are sure if it was just a dream or if it actually happened.
  • Lee getting on the train at Platform nine and three quarters and feeling sick with nerves, he finds a compartment on his own at first but soon is joined by two beautiful black girls and two identical pasty boys with bright ginger hair.
  • By the time the train arrives in Hogwarts, Lee has eaten his body weight in treats from the trolley and has made four new friends, Angelina, Alicia, Fred and George.
  • It’s not until he’s 14 that he realises just how good looking everyone at Hogwarts is.
  • Really, it’s ridiculous how gorgeous all the students are.
  • The girls are all pretty, the boys are all handsome and the students who identify as non-binary or gender-fluid are all beautiful and gorgeous and it’s honestly unfair because how is Lee supposed to concentrate on studying in the library when that cute sixth year girl with the curly hair keeps biting her lip across from him and the Slytherin boy in his year won’t stop stretching his legs at the table across from him.
  • One night he and the twins sneak into the kitchens, they’re digging into this delicious cake the house elves had left over when Lee tells them that he’s been doing some research in the library about liking different people and how he really doesn’t think he’s straight.
  • Fred and George stop eating and look at him calmly and ask him if he knows what sexuality he thinks he might be.
  • Lee shrugs and says he thinks he’s probably pansexual.
  • Fred and George smile brightly and clap him on the back and say that’s great, they’re proud of him and they love him no matter what.
  • It’s only when he takes on the role of commentator for the quidditch matches that he’s 100% sure of his pansexuality.
  • Lee tries to focus on the game and the fouls made but to do so he’s to watch every single player’s movements and that’s a little difficult when he’s attracted to a lot of them.
  • But he learns to cover it up by calling out every foul he sees loud and clear and shouting at the players instead of recounting their movements to the audience until it becomes natural for him to do so.
  • He receives a long telling off from McGonagall for his loud, unnecessary boisterous behaviour but his method works to keep his focus on the game.
  • At 15 he and Alicia go on a few dates and it’s nice and sweet and they kiss a few times which was really good but then they decide they’re better off being friends.
  • Also Lee noticed the way she looked at Katie Bell and knew he wasn’t the one for Alicia.
  • He dated a few more people and fell hard for a non-binary Hufflepuff named Adam when they were in sixth year. They went to the yule ball together and Lee thought Adam was the best person in the world.
  • Adam was kind, clever, they thought all of Lee and the twins’ pranks were complete genius and Lee was incredibly attracted to them in every way.
  • But something wasn’t quite right.
  • For a few weeks at the start of seventh year, Lee sort of shut down, he never cared about his sexuality, it never bothered him that he wasn’t straight, he knew he just liked people regardless of what they identified as but then why did it never feel quite right?
  • He and Miguel meet up every summer and Lee loves him but just as a friend now, he doesn’t want anything more and knows Miguel feels the same.
  • He still thinks Alicia, Angelina and loads of other girls at the school are beautiful and attractive but he doesn’t focus on them as much anymore
  • And Adam is perfect but Lee just knows that he’s not in love with them.  
  • After avoiding Adam for a while, they meet up again in the great hall during a free class and Lee tells them that they have to break up because it’s not fair on Adam to continue this relationship when Lee knows he can’t fall in love with them.
  • Adam smiles and says they understand and they knew Lee never could love them but they just wanted to enjoy their relationship while it lasted.
  • Lee frowned and asked how Adam knew he could never fall in love with them.
  • Adam patted his hand gently and said, “Because it’s obvious you’re in love with Fred Weasley.”
  • Lee’s body stiffened, his face went pale and every nerve in his body was screaming at him to deny it, to scoff and laugh at how preposterous the idea was.
  • But then Lee remembers the spark in his fingertips every time his hand brushes against Fred’s, how it always means so much more to him when Fred laughs at his jokes than anyone else in the world and how the other day when Fred brushed the hair out of Lee’s eyes, Lee couldn’t understand why his heart raced so much faster and harder than whenever he was with Adam or anyone else over the past few years.
  • “I’m sorry” Lee said softly and honestly, feeling Adam deserved an apology, “I didn’t…I swear I never realised…”
  • Adam smiled and kissed Lee’s cheek, “Don’t worry about it” they said genuinely and stood up from the table, “For what it’s worth, I think Fred feels the same.”
  • Lee never got a chance to ask Fred whether he did return his feelings or not because over the next few months they were all just too busy.
  • Umbridge, the tyrant was raining hell onto all of them, Lee, Fred and George joined the D.A. and Lee helped them with their new business and all the products they made and sold to fellow students.
  • One night after winter break, Lee and Fred were lying on Fred’s bed, George and their other dorm-mates fast asleep while  they were planning how best to slip one of their latest inventions into Umbridge’s tea when suddenly Fred stopped, looked at Lee for a long moment with those wide, unsure eyes and whispered,
  • “I like you Lee”
  • Lee’s heart caught in his throat, his stomach twisted with nerves, nausea or butterflies or possibly all three but he forced himself to say the words,
  • “I like you too.”
  • Fred broke out into a massive grin, bigger than any Lee thinks he has ever seen him wear and then in the blink of an eye, his soft lips were on Lee’s.
  • The kiss was like a lit match had been dropped into a flood of gasoline, every hair on Lee’s body stood up and tingled as he reached a hand around to slide into Fred’s hair and pulled him closer.
  • It was the giddy feeling of running his fingers through Miguel’s hair, it was the familiarity of spending time with Alicia, it was the burning attraction that he felt whenever he saw someone attractive on the quidditch pitch and it was the comfort and care he felt with Adam. But this time it was intensified by a million just by the added love that Lee felt for Fred and that he knew Fred for him.
  • So Lee was right, he was pansexual and he always had been but his heart had belonged to Fred for years, maybe ever since they first met, it just took him a long time to realise it.

anonymous asked:

I'd like to see a Cormac and Hermione, if possible centered in Cormac. It can be unrequited if you feel it most. I just want to see a little more inside Cormac head. Looking at the boy Hermione is not the kind of girl I'd bet my money in him liking (more a Cho or a Ginny maybe, cool beautiful girls in the classic sense) so I've always been very intrigued. Just if you feel it, of course!

this is for the @hprarepairnet hogwarts challenge!

  • cormac wasn’t sure why he was so intrigued by hermione granger.
  • she wasn’t the most gorgeous girl around, hell, she didn’t even like to act like what he considered a girl with her attitude.
  • but he liked her, and he wanted to get to know her for reasons he would never understand.
  • but every time he approached her, she found a way to avoid him.
  • she would either tell him she had to study or meet potter and weasley to talk about some kind of assignment.
  • cormac wasn’t daft, he knew she wasn’t interested and that weasley or potter would not want to study with her in their free time. 
  • so that’s why he was particularly perplexed when she asked him to go to slughorn’s christmas party with her.
  • she looked uncomfortable when she approached him in the common room.
  • she was twiddling her thumbs at her waist and tapping her left foot. she tried to avoid his gaze at all costs.
  • “so, what do you say?” she asked him, “will you go with me to slughorn’s party?”
  • he placed the daily prophet he was reading down on the table in front of him and got up from his seat.
  • she backed away from him slightly as he stood up next to her.
  • “is this just to make weasley jealous?” he asked her seriously, “i’m more perceptive than you think i am.”
  • he watched her eyes bulge out of her head, and her mouth opened and closed a few times as she tried to think of a response.
  • “i get it,” he told her, “but i don’t want to be used.”
  • he watched as she frowned slightly and was about to apologize, but he stopped her, “how about this. i’ll go with you to slughorn’s party if you hang out a few times with me first. if you have fun with me, then i’ll go with you for real. maybe you’ll realize you don’t have to fight for weasley and can date someone else instead like he is doing. if you don’t have fun, then i’m not going to go with you, because you, hermione granger, should have fun for once.”
  • she blinked a few times, and her lips slightly parted.
  • he smirked and bent down to whisper in her ear, “just think about it.”
  • he then walked up the steps and toward his bed, and he was surprised the next morning when he received an owl that simply said, “meet me after dinner by the lake. we can talk.”
  • he would know that perfect studious scrawl anywhere.
  • and for the first time, cormac felt hope when it came to hermione granger. 
Imagine...Fred Seeing You With Someone Else And Finally Making A Move

Characters: Y/n, Fred

Pairing: Fred x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Smut smut and smut, unprotected sex, nothing too kinky, kinda public sex I guess…

Word count: 654

Summary: You waited for him to ask you to the ball, but he never stepped up. But when Fred sees you with someone else, he realizes he’s going to show you why you should be his.

A/N: Ok, so…requested fic by anon- can you write a fred smut where the reader goes to the ball with someone else because fred asked her too late and he gets so jealous that eventually he picks the female reader up and they have really kinky rough jealous sex? Ok, so I think probably shorter than you expected but I think it works. Also, sorry this took sooo long!! Hope u like it!!

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It was risky.

You’d be in a lot of trouble if anyone caught you.

But you’d been wanting Fred for a few years now.

And the ball would’ve been the perfect time for you to finally start something.

You both felt the attraction.

Except, you waited and waited and he never asked you to go with him.

So you took someone else.

If Fred Weasley wasn’t going to appreciate you, you’d let someone else do it instead.

But when he walked into the Great Hall that night and saw you on another boys arm, Fred was pissed.

He stormed over, dragging you into the corner of the room and began ranting about not wanting you to be with anyone else. That it should’ve been him you were dancing with.

You don’t know what came over you.

Maybe it was him being so possessive. Maybe it was him being so close. Maybe it was the way he smelt that night.

You had no idea what caused you to do it, but you grabbed him by the neck and pulled him down, your lips on his.

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Sirius Black Imagine: “Bets – Part 2”

I really loved ‘Bets’, can you maybe put a part 2 of it on your list? :)

You can read Part 1 here. This imagine will make sense then ;)

Requested by anon

You were dreadful when it came to bets. You lost them 90% of the times, but you found that losing wasn’t so bad, especially when Sirius was involved. You thought that bets weren’t so difficult to win until last year, when you lost a bet and ended up in a blind date with Sirius; when he told you he would beat you in a snowball fight and, indeed, he won the game and a first kiss. The memory always brought a smile to your face.

It was morning. You straightened your clothes and strolled down the Great Hall. Most students had already left, not even bothering having breakfast. It was Hogsmeade day, after all. They would rather eat out.

You spotted a couple of ravenclaws chatting on their table plus two gryffindors: Remus and Sirius. They were playing a game of chess. By the thin line Sirius had his lips pressed, you could tell that he was losing. Seeing him so frustrated was amusing and adorable at the same time, but at the end you couldn’t fight back your hufflepuff nature and decided to put him out of his misery. You approached him from behind and kissed his temple. He didn’t greet you, but you saw askance the way his lips curved up. Your [y/e/c] eyes studied the board.

“Pawn to Bishop 4,“ you murmured.

Sirius frowned and tugged at your hufflepuff tie to whisper in your ear.

“Remus will kill my Queen then.”

“Just do it,” you advised with a knowing smile.

Remus darted his eyes. Sirius knew him well enough to know his friend was scared, so he smirked and repeated the chess moves you had suggested. It turned out that that was the key to win.

“Ha! Checkmate!” Sirius exclaimed, raising his arms in victory.

“You only won because [y/n] helped you…” whined Remus.

Sirius rolled his eyes.

“I won because you were not clever enough. I have actually won [y/n] at chess several times, Moony.”

“Really?” he asked, diverted. He clearly didn’t believe a word. “Then prove it.”

“Fine by me,” you quickly agreed, seeing the slight panic in your boyfriend’s eyes.

You felt like playing chess, and playing with Sirius was always fun.

“But we need to go to Hogsmeade, already,” he complained, trying to escape a little humiliation.

“I don’t want to go to Hogsmeade… It’s raining. I’d rather stay here.”

“But then I will not be able to buy jelly slugs!”

So he didn’t want to stay? Well, there was no way you would go into that crazy rainy weather, not when you could stay warm, feeling his strong arms cuddling you while you chatted and kissed by the fire. Suddenly, a word popped into your head: bets. Of course! You could turn this into a bet! This could very well be classified inside the 10% of the times you won them. You were going to take advantage of the situation. You had nothing to lose, not when you knew how bad he was at chess.

“Let’s make a bet, then,” you proposed, smiling mischievously.

He narrowed his eyes.

“Another one?”

“Are you afraid?” you shot back, enjoying his reaction.

Remus had his arms crossed and was looking at you two as if it was a muggle film.

“Yes, Padfoot, are you afraid?”

Sirius swallowed hard and flashed him a cocky grin.

“You wish. Let’s start the game, already.”

It didn’t take you long to beat him, even less than usual. His nerves were betraying him and he was making all the wrong moves. He pulled a disappointed face and you almost kissed him just to make him feel better.

“Well, this was…” started Remus, looking for the right word, “entertaining, but I’m afraid I have to leave now to go to Hogsmeade. Wormtail is waiting for me. Enjoy the day, Padfoot!”

He ran out of the room, sniggering. Sirius puffed and hung his head. Winning the bet for once had felt tremendously good, but you didn’t fancy a sulking boyfriend. You couldn’t stand seeing him like that.

“Come on… Losing bets isn’t so bad,” you mumbled, patting his back. “I can sneak you into my Common Room… We will be able to relax by the fire and cuddle… and snog. I can even get something from the kitchen before sneaking in… I’m sure they have some jelly slugs somewhere.”

The last part improved his mood considerably. He shot his head up and gave you one of his charming smiles.

“I think I like the plan after all…”

You rolled your eyes.

“Of course you would! Jelly slugs are your cure.”

He smiled sadly then, his expression softening and his eyes shining with something you couldn’t quite name.

“You are wrong, [y/n]. You are my cure.”

You froze. He bowed his head and pressed his lips against yours, his fingertips caressing your cheek. The kiss was sweet, almost chaste, yet it left you breathless anyway. When he pulled away he had his usual cocky grin plastered on his face.

“I think I should congratulate you for winning a bet, at last.”

You smacked him playfully in the ribs and gave out a giggle.

“I really wanted to stay in, and you are really bad at chess.”

He made a humming sound, as if agreeing, and finally guided you to the kitchens. You didn’t sneak into Hufflepuff’s Common Room until he found those jelly slugs. You finally slumped onto the sofa in front of the fire, and soon felt Sirius putting an arm over your shoulders while he kept eating those jelly slugs. You kissed his cheek and neck to distract him, and soon, he forgot about the sweets and snogged you.

“Losing bets isn’t so bad,” he panted amid kisses.

You chuckled and mumbled, “Told ya.”

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puppyfacedbrokenboys  asked:

Since you loved my Millicent x Ginny gifset (also omg thank you so much!!) I'd love to hear your take on them if you want? :)

!!! yes!! this is for the @slytherdornet and @hprarepairnet hogwarts challenge!

  • ginny didn’t know millicent even existed until her sixth year at hogwarts.
  • it was after one of the school’s dark arts lessons that ginny refused to attend. 
  • she was outside patrolling the hall when she heard screams coming from the great hall.
  • she felt the urge to run in and protect whoever it was being tortured; she already had the reputation of rebelling against the carrow’s anyway, but she stopped in her tracks when she heard an unfamiliar female voice scream, “STOP!”
  • stunned, ginny stopped breathing and pressed herself against the wall.
  • she peered around the slightly opened door to see an older slytherin protecting a first year hufflepuff.
  • “she didn’t ask for this! use me as target practice instead!”
  • alecto carrow walked around her and studied her carefully.
  • the girl was curvy, and her brown eyes were fierce.
  • her long curls fell past her waist, and ginny could see she was breathing heavily from anger.
  • “get out of here,” alecto finally spat, “now!”
  • ginny could see that the girl considered standing her ground, but alecto raised her wand.
  • before ginny could process what had happened, she saw that alecto conjured a silent hex that cut the girls cheek.
  • it must have burned, because the girl hissed as blood dripped down her face.
  • “i said to leave,” alecto growled, “and take the hufflepuff scum with you.”
  • the girl avoided looking alecto in the eye, but she walked toward the first year hufflepuff and led them out of the great hall. 
  • ginny hid around the corner so they would not see her.
  • tha-thank you,” the little hufflepuff said, “i thought i was going to die.”
  • millicent bent down so she was eye-level with the hufflepuff.
  • “write home,” the slytherin told her, “and don’t come back until this is all over.”
  • ginny watched as the hufflepuff’s eyes widened, but she nodded and ran down the steps toward her common room. 
  • ginny took this as her chance to come out from around the corner. she watched as the slytherin jumped slightly at her sudden presence.
  • “why did you do that?” ginny asked curiously, “why do you care about a first year hufflepuff?”
  • ginny watched as the girls face turned from fright to annoyance, “oh, the weasley princess,” she commented, “it’s natural that you would think that no slytherin could possibly have a heart.
  • ginny blinked a few times and her lips slightly parted.
  • the girl gave her what ginny figured was her signature fierce look, and turned around to head back down toward the dungeons, but ginny couldn’t help herself.
  • “what’s your name?” she called out after her.
  • the girl turned around and pursed her lips for a moment. then she answered, “i’m millicent. millicent bulstrode.”
  • ginny’s throat felt dry, and she tried to swallow.
  • hoarsely, she replied, “thank you.”
  • millicent scrunched her eyebrows together in confusion, but then she gave ginny a half-smile and nodded.
  • before ginny could say anything else, millicent was gone.
  • but she knew what she had to do. she had to recruit her into dumbledore’s army.
  • she wanted to know who this beautiful girl was, and she wanted her on their side. 

Cho, Harry, and Cedric after playing some Quidditch, lying on the pitch and joking around

Because nobody dies and these three have the chance to live out their crushes on each other

Teddy Lupin and The Sorting Hat.
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>11-year-old Teddy :</b> *walks up to the Sorting Hat*<p/><b>Sorting Hat :</b> "Hufflepuff!"<p/><b>Smol Teddy, confused :</b> "But I didn't even wear you"<p/><b>Sorting Hat :</b> "This is your first day and you're already making friendship bracelets"<p/><b>Smol Teddy, holding up multiple friendship bracelets :</b> "It is never too early to make memories!"<p/><b>Sorting Hat, sighing :</b> "Yep, you're a Hufflepuff"<p/></p><p/></p>