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no but imagine if during one of Lupin’s classes, Draco’s boggart turns into an injuried Harry in front of the whole class?? and then draco flees in shame because how come draco malfoy’s biggest fear is his mortal enemy getting hurt? and then that’s what the whole school gossips about for the rest of the year and harry and draco can’t look each other in the eye whenever they cross paths in the corridor. But Harry, of course cause he’s a bloody gryffindor, gathers the courage to talk to him and one day, after checking on the map, go meet draco and at first is awkward because draco is embarrassed because he thinks harry is there to make fun of him and he wants nothing more but to throw himself from the astronomy tower, but then they start talking about quidditch and harry finds out that draco is really good at potions and draco is surprised to learn about harry’s muggle family and they stay there talking until sunrise. When they say goodbye, Harry raises his hand and Draco hesitates a bit because deja vu!! But then he takes it and they share a secret smile. And if they keep greeting each other whenever they meet and Harry keeps coming back at the early hours of the day, no one in the gryffindor’s common room says a word about it.

Anyway, CAN’T believe my Harry Potter house headcanons are completely and utterly correct and right… Can’t believe I’m so blessed! But I can believe that:

  • Gryffindor: Hunk and Allura
    • Also Zarkon, Rolo
  • Slytherin: Lance
    • Also Nyma
  • Ravenclaw: Pidge and Coran
    • Also all the Holts tbh
  • Hufflepuff: Keith and Shiro
    • Also Shay, Alfor

okay but everyone’s talking about the harry potter daemon au and i really want to add something that i was re-reading about kids’ daemons not settling until they reach a certain age and then its permanent. and in the hp au, what if harry’s never settled? as a side-effect of being hit with the killing curse as a baby, his daemon never settles. constantly changes. fully grown, yes, but always changing, even after the war 

something for u, @sadfishkid

okay but imagine Draco just walking into the slytherin dorms all dramatic like and wailing about Harry to his friends and for once no one tells him to shut up so he just talks and talks but they’re all totally giddy for once because someone tipped off harry and rigged up a spell for a word-counter in the gryffindor dorms, so Harry’s sitting in his dorm room watching this little counter climb higher and higher  because every number counts for Draco saying either ‘Harry, Potter, or Harry Potter’ in a sentence and Harry can’t believe it when he watches the counter go from 5 to like, 13514 in one night

ok I don’t do non-magic au’s enough but here’s one.

  • Harry and Draco take the tube to work at different times every day.
  • One morning, while waiting for the tube Harry spots a board advertisement with a large Hashtag on it and for the laugh he decides to put a circle in it like the game ‘noughts and crosses’ (tic-tac-toe for americans yikes)
  • Later, Draco spots the same board and puts a cross in it. 
  • Like this, Harry and Draco add another nought or cross to the board every day without physically seeing eachother.
  • Until one particular morning Harry sees the game was a tie and there was a note next to it
    Meet 3pm. We’ll settle this differently
    - Cross
  • Draco sees Harry walking towards the Board.
  • Obviously Draco wanted to meet him to beat him at something but heck nobody told him Nought was hot. 


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imagine how excited pidge would be to see what her patronus was and she finds out that it's a fucking turtle

Pidge: This is going to be so goddamn good, I bet mine is a dinosaur or a lizard or something-

Pidge: …………………..

Matt: (leans over) Your patronus represents your tendency to procrastinate.

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- daily texts with jungkook pt. 2
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bond fic idea

Drarry Bond fic but more like Harry and Draco sneeze whenever the other mentions the other’s name and just for a whole year everyone thinks they’re both respectively dying of the plague and they both realize it’s only the two of them dealing with this ‘sickness’ and they just get really mad at each other because of course somehow the other person is totally at fault for this damn sickness and then they complain even more to their friends about each other and just more sneezing and I just like the image of Harry and Draco with red stuffy noses, glaring at each other across the great hall, turning away to their friends to mutter an insult and simultaneously sneezing again.

VICTON's Hogwarts Houses
  • Gryffindor: Seungwoo, Chan
  • Slytherin: Hanse, Sejun
  • Ravenclaw: Byungchan
  • Hufflepuff: Seungsik, Subin

all i want out of life is a Dramione soulmate!AU where you find out who your soulmate is after you first touch them so after Hermione punches Draco in third year they’re both like “well shit”

lupsbluejeans  asked:

Pidge being really good at herbology but not loving it, hunk and lance being really good at care of magical creatures, lance and Keith choosing to take alchemy so hunk and pidge can take it, lance is really good at transfiguration, all of them are really good at astronomy, hunk and Keith being incredible at divination because of their instincts it comes so naturally!

Wait I have more!!!!!!!! Keith and pidge being really good at ancient runes, lance and pidge being really good at charms, hunk being crazy good at arithmancy, and also pidge being a muggle studies expert because I can see Matt and Samuel both taking sort of Arthur Weasley roles where Samuel is interested in muggle tech and Matt looking into the biology of muggles and the things they discovered

i love the arthur weasley holts omg. and?? with the alchemy??

pidge: alchemy is only available for sixth and seventh years if there’s high enough demand :(

keith: that’s rough buddy

hunk: aw man, i really wanted to take it :(

lance: mmm yeah that sucks.

pidge: [puppy-dog eyes at lance and keith]

lance: no…i’m…stronger than this…

keith: you…can’t make us…

hunk: [also starts with the puppy-dog eyes]

lance and keith: [recruiting everyone they can find for alchemy] goddammit

god okay so imagine an au where voldemort like, didn’t die after trying to kill harry but instead realised he’d made him into a horcrux and stole him with the intent to raise him as his son. and so they live at riddle manor, and basically harry is just raised as a prodigy. he can perform dark magic by the time he’s ten, goes on his first raid and thirteen, but he doesn’t go to hogwarts obviously, he’s fully fluent in parseltongue and is constantly told not to insult death eaters using it because it’s impolite, harry

and harry calls voldemort tom, and father, and he’s always the one to kill traitors, or deserters, or muggles…and people are afraid of him, really afraid. he can do everything that voldemort can do, but that tiny bit better. snape teaches him legilimency and how to brew potions, and ugh sorry this is such a cool au


No matter how many times a day Harry found his thoughts drifting of to that of Draco Malfoy, he wasn’t in love with him.

No matter how many times Hermione and Ron had shared worried glances with each other whenever Harry would talk about Malfoy non stop, he wasn’t in love with him.

No matter how many times his late night fantasies were of a certain blonde haired Slytherin, he wasn’t in love with him.

You see, the words “I love you” weren’t any ordinary words. They were the words of evil because even if you did love somebody you can fall out of love with them. You can hurt them in ways knifes and guns cannot. You can tear their heart into many pieces just by walking away.

The words are evil.

Yet a year later, Harry uttered these words to Draco and realised the risk of falling out of love is almost non existent. Because when he sees Draco smile everything else seems to fade away and for once he doesn’t feel the threat of evil. He feels at home.

Let's talk about Draco getting a stag as his patronus

I’m not even kidding i love this headcanon so much

Imagine the possibilities of his reactions

Harry walking by and seeing and snickering and muttering ‘Knew it’ and Draco tosses his wand down and tackles him in a 'WHAT THE FU-’

Draco going paler than pale, letting out a long loud whine and whimpering while the stag just prances around him

Draco facepalming and letting out a dry sob

Lucius shouting what the hell a fucking deer is doing waltzing into the dining room and why is a patronus being currently used in the house

Draco going 'fucking knew it’ then 'fucking potter’ then 'Oh. Fucking potter’

Severus snape sees it while in his portrait and can’t decide between congratulating his godson and letting out a war cry of rage so he settles on just choking and going back to his hogwarts frame

Draco calling potter up, telling him to get the fuck over now and casting one to show him and harry casts one too and just goes 'oh sweet now they can be friends’ and draco just loses it

Draco and a stag patronus people seriously