hp text au

okay but imagine Draco just walking into the slytherin dorms all dramatic like and wailing about Harry to his friends and for once no one tells him to shut up so he just talks and talks but they’re all totally giddy for once because someone tipped off harry and rigged up a spell for a word-counter in the gryffindor dorms, so Harry’s sitting in his dorm room watching this little counter climb higher and higher  because every number counts for Draco saying either ‘Harry, Potter, or Harry Potter’ in a sentence and Harry can’t believe it when he watches the counter go from 5 to like, 13514 in one night

Anyway, CAN’T believe my Harry Potter house headcanons are completely and utterly correct and right… Can’t believe I’m so blessed! But I can believe that:

  • Gryffindor: Hunk and Allura
    • Also Zarkon, Rolo
  • Slytherin: Lance
    • Also Nyma
  • Ravenclaw: Pidge and Coran
    • Also all the Holts tbh
  • Hufflepuff: Keith and Shiro
    • Also Shay, Alfor
who doesn't adore a good coffee shop AU?

but now think about a bloody bakery AU 

  • so Harry owns this small cozy bakery slash café - complete with shelves stuffed full of old, shabby books about every topic imaginable and an old jukebox that doesn’t really work but that he put a stereo behind because why not 
  • and Draco has a very very secret sweet tooth and just drops by someday to pick up a cupcake and maybe something caramel-y 
  • that is until he sees the most delicious thing in the shop: the barista * so naturally Draco approaches with all his cockiness and tries to charm the other man; because charisma. 
  • When Harry just reacts to his attempts at flirting by blinking behind these stupid glasses and repeatedly asking him about his order, Draco gives up momentarily, orders the thing with the most sugar in it and a fruit tea (he may look and sound like a snob but, hell, he likes his sweets) 
  • a few awkward flirting encounters and foodgasms later they’re actually going out on a date that doesn’t involve either Harry’s bakery or two cracked eggs and a bag of exploded flour (that was a weird encounter at 3am that neither Draco nor Harry fully remember) 
  • their first date isn’t perfect and slightly awkward and stilted but when they get to Draco’s front door and kiss, with lips still sweetened from the double chocolate brownies they’d had, it’s all fine. they’re good. 
  • (you don’t even want to know about the mess that is them moving in together and Draco actually having to start going to the gym again regularly because otherwise he’d be rolling around the flat in no time with all the baked goods Harry feeds him)
VICTON's Hogwarts Houses
  • Gryffindor: Seungwoo, Chan
  • Slytherin: Hanse, Sejun
  • Ravenclaw: Byungchan
  • Hufflepuff: Seungsik, Subin
bond fic idea

Drarry Bond fic but more like Harry and Draco sneeze whenever the other mentions the other’s name and just for a whole year everyone thinks they’re both respectively dying of the plague and they both realize it’s only the two of them dealing with this ‘sickness’ and they just get really mad at each other because of course somehow the other person is totally at fault for this damn sickness and then they complain even more to their friends about each other and just more sneezing and I just like the image of Harry and Draco with red stuffy noses, glaring at each other across the great hall, turning away to their friends to mutter an insult and simultaneously sneezing again.

Idk I keep imagining that Sirius’s speech to Harry in OOTP, I just always see it as though James had said those words to Sirius when they were in school. Like Sirius would break down after hexing some Slytherin or something, thinking he was as bad as his parents were (causing pain and enjoying it etc.) and James just gave him that speech to reassure him he wasn’t. Idk man just the look on Sirius’s face, it was as though Harry’s doubts were intimately familiar to him. As though he himself had thought them once upon a time.

Let's talk about Draco getting a stag as his patronus

I’m not even kidding i love this headcanon so much

Imagine the possibilities of his reactions

Harry walking by and seeing and snickering and muttering ‘Knew it’ and Draco tosses his wand down and tackles him in a 'WHAT THE FU-’

Draco going paler than pale, letting out a long loud whine and whimpering while the stag just prances around him

Draco facepalming and letting out a dry sob

Lucius shouting what the hell a fucking deer is doing waltzing into the dining room and why is a patronus being currently used in the house

Draco going 'fucking knew it’ then 'fucking potter’ then 'Oh. Fucking potter’

Severus snape sees it while in his portrait and can’t decide between congratulating his godson and letting out a war cry of rage so he settles on just choking and going back to his hogwarts frame

Draco calling potter up, telling him to get the fuck over now and casting one to show him and harry casts one too and just goes 'oh sweet now they can be friends’ and draco just loses it

Draco and a stag patronus people seriously

magnus would 100% be a metamorphmagus in the harry potter universe and lbr he would definitely change his face into clary or someone so when alec turns around while they’re cuddling he screams and falls out of the bed

Aesthetic: Trash Boys / KikRS (by Emaly, merlywhirls)

“u dont rlly play hard to get do u”
“screw hard to get tbh i wanna lick ur abs”

modern AU, texting AU, muggle AU

work in progress (chaptered fic)

Published: 2015


I feel like most people in this fandom are already deeply in love with this fic anyways and we’re all (im)patiently waiting for the next update but in case anyone hasn’t read it yet: it’s a masterpiece. Sirius and Remus start texting via kik and they are wonderful queer trash boys and the fic is perfection and everyone should check it out because it’s a beautiful piece of art.

Harry Potter AU: Armed Detective Agency

Armed Detective Agency sorting here.
Port Mafia sorting here.

It’s been a while since I’ve touched any of the books or watched the movies, but this idea has been bugging me for a bit now. Anyway, this is just my opinion and it may not match yours. Feel free to read and send me your thoughts!

Nakajima Atsushi - Gryffindor
I initially pegged Atsushi as a Hufflepuff, particularly because of his kindness and sensitivity to others. What made me rethink my decision was when I remembered how Atsushi bravely went against Kunikida and decided to save Kyouka even when given the chance to escape. One Harry Potter character that seems like a bad fit in Gryffindor was Neville, but when push came to shove, he showed the qualities that defined Gryffindor. Similarly, Atsushi may look like a pushover, but he would also be the first to defend his friends, even standing up over and over against Akutagawa despite being beaten almost to death multiple times. In HP AU, Atsushi would still be an orphan, and he would find out about his uncontrolled Animagus abilities at an early age. He would be a rare case, since the ability to become an Animagus is supposed to be a learned, rather than hereditary skill. Like in canon, there will be times where Atsushi will second-guess and question himself, like why the Sorting Hat put him under Gryffindor. While Hogwarts is a dream come true for him, his life gets turned upside down after he saves Dazai from drowning in the Great Lake. His association with the Slytherin senior would bring him hostility from Akutagawa. In Atsushi’s second year he becomes the Seeker for the house team.

Dazai Osamu - Slytherin
While Dazai acts like a total goofball in the series, there have been several instances where we’ve seen his hidden depths. Dazai, at his best and worst, is cunning, manipulative, and would not be above to resorting to dirty tactics if it meant achieving the goal he has in mind.  Dazai would be a well known pureblood, but he wouldn’t hold any prejudice against anyone based on their blood. Outside of Hogwarts, his bestfriends would be Oda Sakunosuke and Sakaguchi Ango, the former a muggle and the latter a squib.  Despite his reputation as a merry prankster, Dazai not only has the best marks in his year, but he is also a gifted Occlumens, as noted by Mori. His favorite subject is Defense Against the Dark Arts, where he usually butts heads with Chuuya. Their infamous “double black” dueling matches often end up with the two of them losing points for their respective houses. When Dazai makes Prefect his fifth year, everyone is more anxious than celebratory. As a nod to canon, Dazai’s upper torso is also covered by several bandages for reasons unknown. He’s a Parselmouth.

Kunikida Doppo - Hufflepuff
Kunikida is practical, diligent, and loyal–   traits which resonate strongly with that of Hufflepuff’s. Here Kunikida will be also be a Prefect, and will get annoyed at every little thing Dazai does. He is known for being overly strict when it comes to reinforcing school policies. Because of his tendency to nag, he is called “mum” behind his back back by the younger students (unbeknownst to him, it was a nickname Dazai spread). Arithmancy will be Kunikida’s favorite subject, while he’ll find flying with broomsticks absolutely terrifying, never mind Apparition. He’ll also be particular when it comes to his quills and parchments. He hates ghosts, and would be a constant target of Peeves’s jokes. He’d own a barn owl.

Edogawa Ranpo - Ravenclaw
The Sorting Hat barely touches Ranpo’s hat when it decisively yells out “Ravenclaw!” Ranpo is obviously very intelligent, but that’s not the only reason he got sorted in this house. Like a true Ravenclaw, he has no tolerance for stupidity or close-mindedness. He is also rational and conflict-avoidant, shown when he was against looking for Atsushi after the latter was kidnapped by Port Mafia. The Ranpo in HP AU would be exactly like the Ranpo we know in BSD, only with more sweets straight out of Honeydukes. His classmates would give him chocolate frogs, sherbet lemons, etc. He’d be a seventh year, and could be seen relaxing on the castle grounds while other students are frantically studying for their N.E.W.T. exams. He’d hate Astronomy and Divination with a passion, proclaiming how he doesn’t like subjects that rely on vagueness. Surprisingly, his favorite subject is Herbology.

Yosano Akiko - Ravenclaw
I had a hard time sorting Yosano, but in the end I think she’ll be a good fit for Ravenclaw. This house approves of the idea of equality and fairness, and Yosano ’s feminist ideals are in line with that. She’ll be a sixth year student, showing keen interest in Healing magic. Yosano would convince the infirmary matron to let her observe how she does her work. She’d be at odds with fellow Ravenclaw Kajii, and they’ll constantly try to one-up each other in Potions, though they’re not as bad as Dazai and Chuuya. Although made a Prefect, she’d let first years get away with sneaking sweets and contraband fireworks. Yosano would also help anyone with their homework, provided they agree to let her “borrow” their body for “treatments”.

Miyazawa Kenji - Hufflepuff
Kenji seems fearless so I almost made him a Gryffindor, but his strong connection with nature and animals made me change my mind. As a first year, Kenji exhibits childlike curiosity in almost everything he sees, making people incorrectly assume that he’s a muggleborn. In fact, his family can trace their pureblood status through many generations of magical ancestors. Kenji’s family has no desire to interact with communities outside of their own, but Kenji’s parents broke tradition by allowing him to attend Hogwarts. Like Hagrid, Kenji would have the innate ability to communicate with magical creatures. By the time he finishes his first year, most of the inhabitants of the Forbidden Forest would have already considered him a “nonthreat”. He also probably has a toad as a pet.

Tanizaki Jun'ichirou - Hufflepuff
Puffs are interested in helping both people and animals, and Tanizaki’s desire to provide support for the Agency despite being a noncombatant proves how he fits this house. In HP AU, Tanizaki will be the timid-looking student known for his mastery of the Disillusionment Charm. Although not an outstanding flyer, he would be chosen to be a Chaser for the house team in his third year, leading to him having a lot of jittery moments out there in the pitch. Sometimes Tanizaki would sneak Naomi with him when visiting Hogsmeade, but he stopped when he got caught by Yosano and was forced to become her “subject” in exchange for letting them go. He has a snowy owl that prefers Kenji and Naomi over him.

Tanizaki Naomi - Hufflepuff
Naomi’s sorting probably went like this: The Sorting Hat could see how she values friends and family most of all, but then some of the ideas in her head made the Hat wonder if she’s better off in Slytherin. Naomi threatens the Hat to make her a Hufflepuff so she could be with her brother (a very Slytherin thing to do, mind you) and since the Hat listens to what the wearer wants, the Hat eventually decides to put her in Hufflepuff. In this world, Naomi would be nothing out of the ordinary, except she has one special and totally bizarre talent: tracking down her brother. It doesn’t matter if he’s lost in a labyrinth of stairs or inside the Herbology greenhouse– she’d know where he is. Kunikida thinks Tanizaki has been charmed, but Tanizaki insists Naomi has always managed to find him even when they were younger. Naomi herself offers no explanation.

Izumi Kyouka - Ravenclaw
Kyouka is an interesting mix of a lot of traits that falls under the four houses. In the end, I think she’ll do fine under Ravenclaw. She’d be a halfblood, and her mother marries Kouyou and Chuuya’s father so they all become related to each other. Her family is overly protective of her, especially Kouyou, who would sometimes feel more like a mother than a sister. Kyouka is curious about a lot of things. She could often be seen in the library, quietly reading books. She’d be the only one in her year to pay attention to History of Magic classes. Although a decent flyer, she doesn’t get into the Quidditch team because she is still a first year. Kyouka keeps a lot to herself, sometimes responding with only a nod of the head. Because of her seemingly emotionless facade, she finds it hard to communicate, although she starts thinking of Atsushi as a friend after the latter saved her from a hippogriff attack. Ranpo is fond of Kyouka, and even shared his secret in how to get extra desserts from the house elves.

Fukuzawa Yukichi - Ravenclaw
Yukichi strikes me as the calm, cerebral type. Although he displayed anger when he found out his subordinates were attacked, he was quick to compose himself and think up of the next plan of action.  As the House Head of Ravenclaw, Fukuzawa will encourage the students under his house to value learning. He’ll teach them to seek as much knowledge as possible, whenever possible, by whatever reasonable means they can. He would insist upon equality of students, and doesn’t play the favoritism game like some of the other House Heads. He is a Registered Animagus, and can transform into a silver wolf. He has a pet cat, and his Patronus is a direwolf. Currently, he is concerned over Ranpo because the seventh year says he has no plans for the future.

Harry Potter Characters on Social Media

Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy on Facebook and making loads of sassy aimed posts

Luna Lovegood on Tumblr and making her own wacky themes and talking about Wrackspurts

Ginny Potter having a Twitter account with thousands of followers and doing #AskThePotters and subtweeting Pansy Parkinson

Luna Lovegood on Pinterest pinning all the creative things Muggles have come up with and adding magical touches to them

Neville Longbottom being the absolute worst for typos on Twitter and getting excited over new plants he’s discovered

Dennis Creevey having a photography blog sponsored by the Daily Prophet and writing lots of news stories about Dumbledore’s Army

Ron Weasley being bullied by Hermione into making a Facebook and barely going on it until he found out that Rose Weasley was friends with Scorpius Malfoy

Imagine the cute couple kisses traded between Harry and Draco now because they’re finally together and all the cuddles they share and imagine them in the deep fall when the trees are a vibrant red and they’re dressed in their warmest cashmere sweaters and Harry somehow persuaded Draco to finally sit on the ground in the fallen leaves with him and they’re just making small talk with Harry kissing the edge of Draco’s ear and both of them know Draco’s very sensitive there and doesn’t always like when Harry does it in public but at the moment Draco will let Harry do whatever the hell he want since Harry got hit with an uncurable curse during a mission and only has one year left to live so Draco’s taking all that’s being offered.

okay but art school au where Remus and Sirius meet in their photog composition class and they end up using each other as muses and Remus is really into capturing Sirius looking out the window during lectures and laughing with friends and sometimes he’ll get one of Sirius setting up a killer prank with a look of utter glee on his face 

and Sirius loves setting up Remus with a bunch of books on the floor or the couch in their dorm and they’re supposed to be props but then Remus actually gets into reading and Sirius just keeps shooting pics and gets some really awesome faces because Remus totally does the thing where he scrunches up his face into what he imagines the characters are feeling and he’s just very reactionary while he’s reading 


For anon who requested:  Remus finally confides in Sirius that he fancies a girl in their year. Sirius seems to have already know, and pushes Remus to tell the girl. Best friend fluff! ((I changed it a little from what the request asked. Hope that’s okay. -L)) 


//dumps 1246164714218 wips of one drawing. (still not done hahhahah)

Let me know if you’re not interested in posts like that??

marauders university!au
  • the four boys live together in the townhouse near campus that sirius bought with the money he inherited from his uncle
  • the parties they throw are legendary. james has every gaming console imaginable and sirius bought an actual karaoke machine. remus and peter always make sure that there are plenty of drinks and snacks
  • more often than not they eat takeaways and junk food, because there are no real adults around to stop them
  • they move around each other seamlessly, they know each others routines so well they’re more like a clockwork unit than four separate beings
  • when james and lily find out that lily’s pregnant toward the end of their second year it throws everything off. for the first time, the marauders feel like actual grown ups

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