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Sometimes I really get happy that James got to spend his life- however short it was- by holding the people he loved the most closest. He was surrounded by people who had always loved him, and this makes me the most happy!

Happy Birthday James Potter!

if james and sirius were going to get matching tattoos—and they probably did—i think they would get complementary halves of a ridiculously complicated arithmancy problem, one they either created or solved as they worked out how to become animagi or create the map

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I'm not quite sure why, but I kind of imagine James having half a sleeve or a sleeve of tattoos. I don't know what he'd have on there or anything, I just kind of picture it. And it can't technically be proven canonly wrong since we never see James' arms.

I wouldn’t consider anything about movie james to be canon, anyway. Idk if I picture a sleeve but I definitly think James had a few tattoos. :)

my personal hc are as follows:

i think the marauders got some kind of coordinating tattoo. because it is adorable and these fuckers loved themselves and their group and how could they not celebrate that with some kind of tattoo. my personal hc is their four paw-prints, which is so cheesy but i don’t care.

definitely a phoenix on his arse (which he will never regret).

some pretentious bs literary quote he got when he was sixteen and completely pissed that he ten thousand percent regrets.

i love to think that he had important dates tattoed on his shoulder — the date sirius came to live with him, when he first joined the order, and first saved a life, when he and lily got married, and after harry was born i think he took a little excursion (james sneaking out even from being in hiding is canon kill me now)  to get his birthday added.

he also tattooed the names of his racing brooms—all five of them, all of which had flowery girl names— in a ring around his bicep

i love him.

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