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so my visa got approved which means i am 100% going to be moving to the uk soon! just over two weeks, actually!

if you want to follow my adventures (moving, travelling, me going to the wb studio tour in london, etc.) feel free to follow

  • my insta (@ brigdetts)
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also if you are from the uk and have any advice send it my way! i’m super excited for everything and want to have fun with the whole process! also if y’all have song recs i’d love to add them to my playlists for my flight!

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Thank you xx


You see, when sweet, dear Lily Potter gave her life for her only son, she provided the ultimate protection. I could not touch him. It was old magic, something I should have foreseen. But no matter, no matter. Things have changed. I can touch you... now! Astounding what a few drops of your blood will do, eh, Harry?