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Crucio pt. 2 || Newt Scamander x Reader

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A sharp ringing filled your ears as you opened your eyes slowly, your vision slightly blurry as you looked around in confusion.

You seemed to be in some sort of cell underground, as you could see what looked like a dimly lit carver, that had cells on the surrounding walls. 

Your body screamed in pain as you sat up gingerly, and when you tried to stand, you realised you were chained up to the wall behind you. 

“Damn it…” you groaned, tugging at the chains, but wincing as your body protested. Your vision began to clear.

Panic started to fill you as you looked around again, eyes sweeping the cells and fear flooded you as you realised you were the only one down here for as far as the eye can see. 

‘How long have i been down here?’ you wondered, slumping back against the wall in defeat.

“HELLO?!” You yelled, before listening to see if there was a reply. There wasn’t. You closed your eyes as you felt your heart sink as you realised nobody would hear you from where you were. But you were wrong. 

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STRESSED OUT pt 2 // Draco imagine
Part one :{ http://imagines-af.tumblr.com/post/103446041396/can-i-have-a-draco-imagine-where-draco-and-y-n-are }
As you both break for air you can’t help but smile
“Feeling better?” You ask.
“Not yet.” He says before he begins kissing you again. Slowly moving to your jaw while he takes off your green tie and robe.
He makes his way from your jaw to your neck sucking on your sweet spot. Making you gasp and moan.
Draco pulls away leaving a red hickey.
While straddling you he slowly unbuttons your shirt.
You could feel his hard dick through his jeans, on your thigh.
You begin to rotate your hips to rub his hard on.
“Oh my god.” He whispers quietly.
While he fumbled with your shirt you began to unbutton his shirt reveling his abs.
Soon u where in nothing but your skirt and bra. While Draco in his boxers.
Still on top of you, Draco behinds kissing you again moving his hands down your body.
You skim his abs before messing around with the elastic of his boxers.
You pull his boxers down making his huge dick hit his stomach before you begin pumping.
His hands now at your waist pull your skirt and panties off.
Pushing your hand away he places his hard cock at your opening.
“Damn y/n, you’re wet. Did I do that?” Draco smirks at you while he swears the tip around the opening but not going in.
“Stop teasing you ass.” You moan as he puts his tip in only to take it back out.
Without warning he thrusts in making you gasp.
Thrusting in and out he begins to slam into your G spot over and over. While his mouth finds another spot on your neck to mark.
Your nails now dug into his back as you feel yourself getting closer.
You could feel him twice inside you before he came. Him cumming pushed you over the edge, making you organum right after.
Rolling off you he kisses your forehead.
“So?” You ask as you cuddle into him.
“So what?” He asks.
“How you feeling?” You clarify.
“Pretty good for a mud blood” you could hear his smile in his voice.
You slap his chest, “I mean about the test you twat.” You giggle.
“Oh that.. I think I might have a before test ritual.” He smirks at you.
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Amortentia pt. 2

Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader
Warning: none
Scents in Amortentia

Pt 1

A certain smell reached your nostrils and you didn’t even have to turn around to know who it belonged to. You would have recognized this cologne everywhere since you had smelled it in your Amortentia.

“(Y/L/N).” You hear cold voice say before someone shoves you while passing you.

“Malfoy.” You grumble trying hard not to hex him. How could this be possible? How could your Amortentia smell like Draco Malfoy out of all people?

This was just madness he was the worst person you knew. He was like the moon in the night sky cold as ice and untouchable but much to your displeasure just as fascinating.

You’ve never once had seen him do anything nice for anyone. He couldn’t be a bad person to the bone, could he? You never believed in black and white but from what you had seen of Draco Malfoy he was as dark as an overcast nightsky.

Exactly that was the point which was fascinating you. There must have been more to the cold Prince of Slytherin than just black. There must be even a tiny little light spot in him just a little shade of grey.

So you started watching him more closely. It kinda became a new hobby of yours until you didn’t even do it purposefully anymore. But you just couldn’t make sense of the mystery that was Draco Malfoy.

Time passed by and watching Malfoy faded into the background since your friends and studies demanded more attention. But even so you never stopped stealing glances when you saw him and calculating his moves trying to solve the puzzle.

It wasn’t until later that year that you would get some understanding in the mystery you had been trying to solve for nearly a year now.

You were walking down the corridors late at night as you had just attended a meeting of the Slugclub. Your heels beating against the floor as you quickly made your way through the dungeons.

You never liked the creepy vault of Hogwarts. How could anyone feel safe here when it looked like a horror movie?

“I guess Slytherins must be kinda brave to not get scared down here.” You mumbled to yourself as you tried to keep cool.

You nearly jumped as you heard a weird noise. What was that? Oh god you’re gonna die.

Your heart was beating heavily in your chest as you waited for the noise to sound again. Maybe you were just imagining things.

But you weren’t the quiet sound echoed through the dungeons again bouncing off the walls. It took a minute for you to recognize what the sound was but when you did you stopped in your tracks.

Somebody was crying.

You never were one to not help people when they needed someone, not even strangers. But now it was different so you just stood there complaining with yourself for a second.

It was highly possible that said somebody was a Slytherin. Maybe they didn’t want your help. Slytherins were very proud and would never show weakness. But then again maybe they needed someone to help them exactly because of that.

No matter what arguments you could muster up to not go in you just couldn’t leave them alone with their problems. It must be something big when a Slytherin cries.

So without further thoughts you started walking to the door the noise came from. The boys bathroom.

You didn’t hesitate a second and just walked into the lavatory stopping in your steps as you saw the person who’s sobs you had been hearing.

You didn’t need him to turn around to know who the boy was. He was leaning over a sink with the tap running. His blonde hair stood in all directions as he washed his face as if that would help him get better.

“Are you okay?” You whisper realizing how stupid your question was just after the words left your lips.

You see as he stiffens at your voice stopping in his tracks. His eyes look up in the mirror, meeting yours for just a second. The skin around them is red and puffy while the grey of their orbs looks like a hopeless storm is raging inside of them.

“Yeah, just leave and go back to your perfect little life (Y/L/N).” He speaks harshly but his words aren’t as hard as they usually are.

He didn’t mind you any more than that. He probably thought you would leave just like that, most people would.

But you weren’t most people. You were a well raised girl and you wouldn’t just leave him upset like that.

You took a few steps toward him and cautiously laid your hand on his shoulder giving it a soft squeeze. It was odd being so close to the ice prince and touching him but right now he was just like you, just like everybody.

He didn’t push your hand away so you left it on his shoulder while your other hand went to his back, softly brushing over it in an attempt to give comfort.
None of you said anything as you caressed his back while sobs racked through his body. You didn’t ask any questions you didn’t need to know anything. You already knew everything you needed to know and now was not the time for questions.

He needed help and as it seemed you were helping him.

That was all you needed to know as you stroked his back, brushing over the back of his head every once in a while.


HP MEME Four Locations [¾]: Shell Cottage

Wherever Harry went inside the tiny cottage or its garden, he could hear the constant ebb and flow of the sea, like the breathing of some great, slumbering creature.

June 5 pt. 2 // Draco Malfoy

Request: Can you write another draco imagine?? Can it be a dirty with his pureblood girlfriend?!? Thanks!! PS I really love reading all your stories don’t ever stop love!

Aww Ilysm, I mixed two different request because who doesn’t like birthday sex ;)



You dragged Draco along with you to your dorms and you noticed the nobody’s in the common room at the moment. There was always this red couch and you always wanted to make love there, but since it’s Draco’s birthday, you needed his approval of it first.

“Wanna make out on the couch?” You asked. He didn’t reply, but all he did was pull you close one more time and started kissing you. Moans echoed around. You were moving backwards until you fell on the couch. He was kissing you as if there was no tomorrow. He licked your bottom lips and inserted his tongue in your mouth.

It was yet another tongue fight. He put his hand up your skirt and inserted a finger in you. You moaned from the pleasure he was giving you. “Want another one in?” He whispered. You nodded and he slid another finger in you. Your moans were everywhere and you were scared that someone might go in.

“Hmm… You’re so wet Y/N” he whispered.

“D-Draco, someone might c-catch us” You tried to speak straight but the pleasure was too good for you. His fingers left and deep inside, you were begging him not to stop.

“You’re right Y/N. My room?” He asked

“Whatever suits the birthday boy”

With that, you ran straight up to his room and he locked the door when you got in. He pushed you against the door with a thud and kissed you again. “Jump” He said in between kisses and you wrapped your legs around his wait while your arms were around his neck. He took advantage and fingered you again.

You were moaning again and you felt something hard. “Don’t come yet babe” he whispered. He pulled his fingers out again and you were back on the ground. A tent a forming in his pants and you dropped down to your knees.

“I need help?” You asked with a smirk. You didn’t wait for an answer anymore, you just undid his pants and pulled it down together with his boxer. His dick sprang free and it was a nice shade red. You licked the head and wrapped your hands on the remaining length. You gave butterfly kisses and he started moaning.

“Please Y/N” He begged and you gave in. Your mouth was on him and you started sucking. You bobbed your cheeks and he was moaning. “Y/N, ah shit” He said and came in your mouth. You swallowed as much as you can, he was thick and warm and taste really good. You licked the remainder off and went up to kiss him on the lips.

“You can taste yourself now huh?” You whispered in between kisses and you had another tongue fight with him. He spun you and you walked backwards until the back of your knees touched the bed. He pushed you down and he was on top.

“Do what you want Draco, it’s your birthday after all” You panted when his lips left yours. He started kissing on your neck and sucked. It was sure to leave hickeys, and you were totally fine with it. His hands travelled to your back and unclasped your bra. He then tugged your shirt and removed it.

You were now topless and he kisses your breasts. He was kissing and sucking hard and left a few more hickeys. “You’re so beautiful Y/N, I love you so fucking much” He whispered. As he travelled down, you felt a bit of anxiety, which he sensed immediately.

“Don’t be scared Y/N. Wait, are you sure about giving me your virginity?” He asked. You nodded, you wanted this anyway and you were ready for it. But the most you’ve ever reached was only second base. He pulled your skirt down and you were left with your underwear right now. But he pulled it down too.

“It will hurt a bit. Tell me when I can move” He said and you nodded. He inched in you and you grabbed his forearm and he kissed your forehead.

“Its okay if you wanna stop” He said.

“No, it’s your birthday anyway” You cracked a smile and another inch was in you. Your nails were digging in his arm and another inch came then it was everything. You winced and he had a small look of guilt. You adjusted in his size. You used to finger yourself but this hurts more than two fingers in you.

You nodded your head so that he could start moving. He was moving slowly and was kissing you. You moaned in his mouth and he was picking up a pace. “Oh my God- argh!” You moaned out and you were reaching your climax. You scratched his back which will leave marks later on.

You both came at the same time and it felt really good. He flopped down right beside you and you turned, looking at his grey eyes. His hands were caressing a small part of your back and you were smiling at him and you yawned.

“Tired?” He asked you with a small chuckle. You nodded and closed your eyes. He pulled you close and his other hand was playing with your hair. His chin was resting on your head and gave it a quick kiss. “I love you Y/N”


Minerva McGonagall + Character Tropes