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Baking (Pt.2)

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Harry and Draco were still standing in the kitchen, one of Harry’s hands entwined in Draco’s blond, gorgeous hair. The sheer perfection hair could reach was astounding to the man who’d never even tried to comb the mess on his own head, let alone model it.

“I ruined your batter.”

“And my coiffure, I might add.” The slightly snarky tone was not missed on Harry’s side, and a wave of embarrassment washed over him. What the hell am I doing? You can’t barely talk to your nemesis for months and then fall into his arms, crying over childhood trauma. Get it together Potter.

“Sorry, Malfoy, I wasn’t…” Harry tried to pull away. Surprisingly strong arms wrapped around him not just for back-rubbing this time, but in full on chest squeezing hug mode. No way in hell was he getting out of this.

“Oh, shut up, Potter. I bloody well don’t have anything better to do in this hell hole then study, bake, do my hair and as of now hug you.” This statement in combination with the actions of its speaker took Harry completely by surprise, just as the sudden wave of emotions had only minutes before. He did not believe the Malfoy he knew from Hogwarts would ever hug him, or anyone else for that matter. It made him a bit uncomfortable, because he didn’t know how to handle him now. Heck, I don’t even know how to handle myself, why would I know how to handle Malfoy?

Said Malfoy was not entirely sure how to handle himself either. He lived on his own in a tiny flat with only piles and piles of books he nicked from the manor as company. Both Pansy and Blaise had left for Italy to escape the judgemental stares but getting a visa was impossible for an ex-death eater. Sure, they wrote often enough, but it had been weeks since Draco had any physical contact besides brushing past people on his way to the Scamander Institute. A place he hadn’t been to for almost two months now because the practical part of his potions degree was done. When he came to think of it, with the other inhabitant of the building doing the shopping, he hadn’t even left his flat for over seven weeks now.

Suddenly Harry blurted out. “Frederick the second.”

“What?” It was the most random thing Draco had ever heard, and he was slightly offended Potter seemed to think it was okay to disturb this moment of peace and tranquillity with random terms.

“Frederick the second discovered baby’s die if they don’t get physical attention.”

Draco was now definitely offended. “Are you calling me a baby? Because if you are,” and now it was Draco who tried to free himself from the other man, “I don’t appreciate…”

“No, no, no, no, that’s not what I meant.” Harry was now flustered more of embarrassment that tears. “I was trying to explain to myself why you would hug me.” His voice was reduced to a whisper again. “I think he might need it”

Harry had said that last bit more to himself than to the other man, his forehead leaning heavily on Draco’s shoulder. The kitchen floor had no eyes to judge him and he didn’t think he could handle judgement at the moment. “It was the first time I realised my aunt and uncle were not treating me like they should. When my teacher from primary school told me about this experiment where they tried to bring up baby’s without the slightest bit of affection. They all died of neglect.” A deep, sad sigh escaped Harry’s throat. “I would hate to see you die of neglect, Malfoy.”

Draco froze. Was Harry trying to save him? Again? By hugging him?

He didn’t need saving, he… Thoughts stopped dead in their tracks. Self centered narcissist. Harry literally just told you he grew up ‘without the slightest bit of affection’.

“That’s pretty fucked up Harry.” His first name slipped out before Draco noticed, and now there was no way back. Harry flinched. He went a bit limp, it seemed. The man had always had a strong reaction to his first name.

“I think you could say that…” Somehow Harry still managed to smile into Draco’s shirt, a place he was still pushed against because Draco was now more holding than hugging him. The bizarreness of the situation only doomed on the man now.

“I guess you really needed to get that of your chest if it’s me you’re telling these things to now.”

The dark haired man nuzzled his neck, his weight slowly shifting from Draco to his own feet. “I can never tell Ron and Hermione. They’re so happy together, I don’t want to put a damper on their spirits. I don’t want them to treat me like a beaten up puppy again. I hate that.”

Draco snorted. What a different world this golden boy lived in, afraid he would worry his friends, afraid they would care too much. “If it’s any consolation, I wasn’t planning on treating you like a puppy any time soon. Beaten up or not. I’m not a great fan of dogs.”

“Are you saying that you are a great fan of me?” Potter looked up from Draco’s shirt, eyes red from crying yet somehow already showing a spark of joy. A small, cheeky smile on his lips.

“Oh, shut up Potter.” To his embarrassment Draco felt heat rise up to his cheeks. This is not how he’d expected his afternoon to go. A true smile now showed on Harry’s face, and he hugged Draco back again. Much less an act of despair, now more an act of… An act of…

“You’re a surprisingly good hugger Malfoy.”

Draco had very much enjoyed the happiness on Harry’s face before. He had no objections to seeing it again.

“You’ll find I’m a quite adequate kisser too.”

Aaargh! So, this took me way too long but I hope it was worth the wait. Btw coiffure is a fancy word for hairdo, but Draco is fancy and french-ish so this seemed more fitting. Thank you for all your kind words!

(Also the experiment mentioned was an actual thing the emperor of the holy roman empire did it in the middle ages, this guy)

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I hate Darren criss

Oh my. People. Why must you wake the beast?

Let’s see. He can’t sing to save his life and probably has nodes from his poor technique he pushed into trying – keyword trying, the better word, though, would be failing – to sing Hedwig for months. While he does know how to write for himself, he’s awful at singing Broadway music and the Little Mermaid concert he did? He was even worse than Rebel, which is saying something.

Let’s talk about how his acting on G/lee was a one-man lesson in how to overact and overuse one’s already ridiculous eyebrows. He admitted that he just went with what they gave him and didn’t even try to do back up, whereas Chris and Dianna are just two of the people who talked about creating backstories for their characters and the like (and then, of course, being upset when the writers fucked with their characters). 

He’s conceited as fuck and promoted his guest spot on AHS which was, what, all of three minutes long? Most of which was him being stabbed by a much better actress he didn’t deserve to share screen time with? I can’t even begin with his showboating in the BTS for “Old Dog, New Tricks”, the BTS that should’ve focused on Chris but instead focused on how apparently he thought he deserved a Golden Globe/Best Seller – remember when the producers didn’t even submit him for an Emmy for G/lee and he had to do it himself? Lmao, I do, and I drink those delicious tears of his fans daily.

Then there’s his transphobic ass who called Hedwig “it” repeatedly and didn’t stop until he got hate for it, and even then didn’t sound sorry as fuck. The fact that he’s said he’s had to “come out as straight”, like haha how ~quirky~ he’s had to admit he’s like most of society, not like the millions of people who have to come out and fear losing their homes and jobs and lives for it!!!!! The fact he’s gotten people riding his dick as a “queer straight boy” because THAT’S a thing and not at all offensive. And the fact that, yes, it’s out of his control, but the fact that people will praise him on end for playing a gay man whereas Chris won an actual big fucking award for playing a gay man and yet people say he wasn’t acting because he’s gay like…okay.

That’s not even touching on how he goads his fans into shipping himself with Chris despite having a long time girlfriend and Chris having a boyfriend that d/arren obviously knows. He’s just said “never say never” and goaded on every single shipper even though they harassed his girlfriend, who you’d think he cares at least a little about?, and also Chris and Chris’ boyfriend.

That’s not even touching on how he’s repeatedly dissed his castmate’s work (remember when he said his album couldn’t be produced as fast as L/ea’s because his required more work basically? I don’t even like her and that pisses me off).

That’s not even touching on how he makes gay sex/gay rape jokes.

That’s not even touching on how he made the Trevor Project all about himself.

That’s not even touching on how he made Chris’ movie premiere and the HP Deathly Hallows pt 2 premiere all about himself instead of what it was about.

That’s not even talking about how when the fucking NYPD told him NOT to go to the stage door one night during H2$, he went anyways and caused a fucking scene and FUCKING DISOBEYED DIRECT POLICE ORDERS.

And then on top of all of that, I thought I was finally done seeing him and I spent over a month seeing his fucking face on posters for the Hedwig tour because he opened it in SF.

There’s so, so, so much more I could say about that dead-eyed untalented hack, but I’ll leave it at that. I hate him. I always will. 

Feel free to use this as your own masterpost of why you dislike him lmao.


The First Post I Ever Made on Tumblr

Is here

Was the day I watched HP: DH pt 2 in theaters. I had felt at the time that a part of my life was ending. I was so sure this was the end of the magic. I was so sure that Harry Potter would be a thing that stopped mattering to me in my New Grown Up Life(tm), that it would stop mattering to the world. Im so glad I was wrong.

Im so glad to be a part of this history-making fandom, this movement to put a little more magic into the world. I’m so glad for all the friends I’ve met and the strangers I’ve talked to and found a common interest in this series.

I’m so glad I never had to say goodbye to it.

Im glad that its a home, that no matter where else I go, or what else I do, I always have Harry Potter to come back to.