hp part 1

Pranks (part 1) (Sirius Black x Slytherin!Reader)

You glanced up from your breakfast just in time to spot a fanged frisbee headed your way. You managed to dodge it just in time. Carefully peeking over your goblet of pumpkin juice, you located the laughing boy at the Gryffindor table. You smirked to yourself. Sirius Black didn’t know it yet, but you had prepared one of your best pranks so far just for him. All you had to do was wait. Not five minutes later, the ceiling was obscured by the morning mail service.

You watched your eagle owl deliver a plain package to one Sirius Black. As soon as Black had removed the package, your owl flew across the room to your shoulder. Black opened the envelop. Green and silver glitter flew like a stream into his face and hair.

There was a moment of silence, then the entire student body started to laugh. Some of the other Slytherins congratulated you on your prank. You looked up and your eyes met Black’s. An expression of disbelief crossed his face while you smirked at him. One of his friends caught his attention and by the time he looked back to you, you were gone.

In between Potions and Transfiguration was when Black had his revenge. You were walking through the corridor, when your bag exploded and all your stuff flew everywhere.

“Oh, did your bag break?” asked Black with mock concern, “I’d help pick up your stuff, but I don’t like you.”

You rolled your eyes and grabbed his bag. You dumped all of his stuff on the floor and with one sweeping motion of your wand, all your stuff flew into his bag and you continued on your way to Transfiguration.

Ten minutes into the class Black walked into the classroom and took a seat beside you. He had carried all of his possessions with him and dumped it all on the desk you shared.

“Nice of you to join us Mr.Black,” said Professor McGonagall, “come see me at the end of class. You too Ms.(Y/L/N).”

You nodded politely to her, while the boy beside you made a small noise of protest.

Professor McGonagall continued her lecture while you took fast notes and ignored your seatmate. At the end of the class (the last one for the end of the day!) everyone left except you, Black and Professor McGonagall.

“Explain your reason for being late,” she said to Black.

“(Y/N) stole my bag after dumping my possessions all over the corridor,” answered Black with a poor attempt at a poker face.

“He blew up my bag,” you stated after the professor turned to you with a questioning look.

“I would normally give the two of you detention, especially after the scene you caused this morning,” Professor McGonagall paused and gave you a pointed look, “but Mr.Black has not seemed to grasp the concept of note taking. Every lecture he has not taken notes on, will be retold to him by you Ms.(Y/L/N).”

“Why can’t he just copy my notes, Professor?” you asked politely.

“Because this is a punishment, Ms.(Y/L/N),” replied Professor McGonagall sharply, “If you are not done by next week, I can and will add on detentions.”

Professor McGonagall left the room. You stood up, glared at Black and left the classroom. You hurried down to the great hall. After shovelling an adequate amount of food down your throat you went to the library to do some homework.

Two hours later, after you had finished almost all of your work Black sat down opposite to you. You continued working as if he wasn’t even there.

“Look,” he said, “I don’t want to do this either. I can just get the notes from Moony or something.”

“You idiot,” you whispered, “Professor McGonagall will know because I have the horrible habit of copying down every single word she says. Whoever Moony is will have probably only taken the gist of what she said. But I get every single piece of information she gives us. There is a 100% chance of her checking the notes you get and if they aren’t from me, we’ll be doing something way worse than me lecturing you.”

“Well, fine.” he huffed.

“Perfect let’s get started,” you said and traded your charms work for your transfiguration notes. For the next hour and a half you repeated McGonagall’s lectures about the five exceptions to Gamp’s law of elemental transfiguration and the theory of conjuring spells.

“Wait a minute,” said Black before you could leave.

You turned around, exasperated. “What?”

“You still have my bag.” he pointed out.

“Deal with it.”


harry potter series + a short summary

most girls series →    c h o  c h a n g 

some girls feel best in their tiny dresses
some girls in nothin’ but sweatpants, looking like a princess
some girls kiss new lips every single night
they’re stayin’ out late cause they just celebrating life

Very Serious Part1 (RP version)

((OOC: I know this is later then I said it was going to be but my wifi was playing yester day :// annyy wayyy this post is based of off this one by @fishwriter thank you @i-just-love-dorcas-meadows for being my Sirius! I hope you enjoy))

Sirius Black, the boy from Hot-Topic was yearning for a break.. he decided a Flat White from Starbucks would be refreshing…

After a now from his co-workers he left the store and headed for Starbucks.

He was greeted by a bored, exhausted and unamused barista. Sirius noticed the scars on his face and arms but said nothing because you’re not meant to talk about fight club…

His voice was un-enthusiastic and his body language suggested that he didn’t want to be there..

The barista asked his name and midway though spelling Sirius saw that the cup was down and the deed was done.

It wasn’t unusual but it still annoyed Sirius


Again on his break Sirius headed down to the coffee shop and to his surprise he saw the same barista… but he was a bit more.. upbeat?

The extra enthusiasm in his voice made Sirius smile..

At this the barista was also smirking as he picked up a pen and a new cup.. while doing so Sirius squinted and read the messing hand writing

“Remus” is what it said on the name tag, so now he knew the cute barista’s name…

but Remus wasn’t listening and he had already written the name..

and with that Sirius headed back to Hot-Topic with his drink a bit more moody than he was when he had left..



Has anyone else noticed that Harry and Neville are wearing similar clothes to their dads?