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OTP Swim
  • Person A: * siting at end of a dock*
  • Person B: * pushes a into lake*
  • Person C: why'd you do that! A can't swim!!
  • Person B: *face drops* FUCK! * jumps in after A*
  • Person A: *pops head up* ??? Where's b?
  • Person C: * evil smile*
  • Person B: *re- appears* C! You'll pay for that!
  • Person A and B splash and chase C. In the end they're all soaked
Imagine your OTP

Imagine your OTP chilling in a tree and one of their friends sees them and starts shouting “PERSON A AND PERSON B SITTING ON A TREE, K-I-S-S-I-N-G” and person b leans in to kiss A but they fall off.

Imagine your Otp

Person A makes a love potion for the person they like; however, their rival (person B) accidentally drinks it instead. When nothing happens, person A assumes they made it wrong. Until they give the rest of it to their friend as a joke, assuming it’s useless, and it works extremely well. A is dumbfounded..


Be Mine Challenge: Dorcas Meadowes x Marlene McKinnon 

“our time together is never quite enough”

→ for @mechengmama

charlie weasley/viktor krum headcanons
  • charlie weasley is contacted by the director of durmstrang, if it would be possible for viktor to fly around and spend time with the dragons he works with
  • charlie thinks the petition it’s bloody strange, but he has heard mostly good things about this viktor krum lad, especially from ron and ginny, and he responds he and his dragons would be delighted
  • viktor is shorter, but broader than charlie has imagined him to be, when finally meets him after the summer break of dumstrang starts
  • he is also, shier and quiet, nothing that worries charlie much, he can talk for the both of them
  • his english is rough, so charlie makes sure he’s speaking slowly when he explains to him certain rules, don’t get too close to the dragons, don’t bother them when they are sleeping, don’t touch them without permission but yes you can coo at the baby dragons
  • viktor just looks at him with a blink and a tilt of his head
  • “believe me, baby dragons are cuter than baby humans”
  • (viktor makes no reaction at all, and charlie promises himself he will make him laugh at least once)
  • viktor is a very gifted flier, he moves like the broom is an extension of his body, and as an ex-quidditch player and admirer himself, sometimes he neglects his work just to see viktor flying around up in the sky
  • it takes two weeks for viktor to accept charlie’s invitation of coffee after his extenuating practice
  • charlie lives in a small cottage not far, it’s a little messy, honestly, with thousand books scattered everywhere, letters he needs to answer, and clothes he always forgets to fold, but viktor thinks it’s the warmest place he has ever visited
  • he makes them both coffees and sandwiches and hurries viktor to eat, but the conversation doesn’t flow well, it’s charlie’s blabbering followed by viktor’s curtly nods and monosyllables
  • it takes another week for charlie to talk about his quidditch years, and viktor’s eyes glisten with attention and curiosity
  • “i was a seeker, and captain too! we won two quidditch cups”
    “i-i’m a seeker too”
    “i know, a bloody brilliant one by the way you fly, i must admit”
  • (viktor doesn’t laugh, but he blushes, and charlie thinks it’s a step)
  • the next day, it’s viktor the one who suggests charlie to fly around together, it makes him grin broadly, but he tells the younger to be merciful because he is a little rusty
  • as expected, charlie can’t really keep up with the speed of viktor, but it’s fun anyway, trying to chase the other around, like it was a human sized snitch
  • after what it seems hours, charlie falls on the grass completely exhausted, panting heavily, but viktor seems almost unfazed
  • “merlin’s beard, you’re not human, how come you’re not tired?”
    “it’s true, you’re rusty”
  • (not only viktor is laughing, he’s joking and charlie feels like he has accomplished a mission)
  • they come back to charlie’s cottage later, sitting on his battered couch to share a cup of tea, but somehow the energy between them it’s different, there’s this tension charlie is sure he hasn’t felt before
  • their shoulders are brushing against each other as so are their thighs, and the silence is comfortable, and charlie can swear he can feel the waves of viktor’s magic, warm and inviting
  • when he moves to leave his empty cup to the table, viktor does the same too and moves his head to look at him and charlie feels that sparkle of energy again
  • and bloody hell, charlie weasley doesn’t really feel things like that often
  • but viktor is looking at him with impossibly dark eyes and parted lips, and charlie thinks, he hopes, he’s feeling the same energy, because he doesn’t want to seem like a git for what he’s about to do
  • it feels like everything happens in slow motion, feeling the heartbeat against his chest and viktor’s heavy breathing, closing the distance between them until their lips are brushing, messy locks of red hair brushing against viktor’s defined cheekbones
  • the kiss doesn’t last more than a second, but when they part viktor’s eyes are widened and charlie panics, because shit he’s a fucking git
  • whatever is going on in viktor’s mind, he wants to soothe it and when he moves his hand to rest against the side of his neck, the younger visibly relaxes
  • “sorry. i-i… i don’t really, i just…”
    “viktor, i know, i don’t either, listen”
  • viktor seems equally surprised and relieved, as charlie opens up about experiences of not really feeling anything, about taking good friends to the balls and events, about not really feeling that urge and that need that everyone else seems to do
  • and it makes viktor talk, too and charlie listens attentively, his hands never leaving viktor’s neck
  • their relationship doesn’t change much after that, viktor flies, charlie works, they spend time at charlie’s, cuddling and sharing stories and sometimes they kiss, and charlie manages to make viktor blush and laugh until he’s grinning like an idiot
  • the summer ends and there’s this heavy atmosphere around them when vitkor is about to leave, the both of them standing in front of each to other, viktor passing a messy piece of parchment to charlie’s hand
  • “you will write, right”
    “of course i will”
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A master post of all the pairings I’ve worked on. Feel free to ignore this. I’ve just been wanting to do it for awhile. Um… I didn’t alphabetize. About halfway through I realized this was a TERRIBLE idea, but it was too late to turn back. List below the cut

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