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hogwartsnw challenge: the horcruxes

‘what i don’t understand, though - just out of curiosity - i mean, would one horcrux be much use? can you only split your soul once? wouldn’t it be better, make you stronger, to have your soul in more pieces?

Okay no but imagine this
  • James Potter and Lily Evans have just recently begun dating. 
  • During their many late-night conversations, Lily discusses the aspects of her Muggle upbringing to James
  • After a while, James gets curious enough to meet Lily’s parents and sister, to give her sister a “piece of his mind” 
  • But also to see all those cool Muggle things she talked about in person
  • Because what else could be more fascinating
  • After many protests from Lily, she gives up and lets James come to her house shortly after they leave Hogwarts
  • And James tries desperately to keep his cool, but he can’t hold it in and he finds items such as pens, phones and credit cards and obsesses over them
  • After a while he goes out to the yard 
  • And he finds the trampoline that Lily and Petunia played on when they were kids
  • And he asks Lily what it’s for
  • And when he finds out he goes up on there and he just jumps on it like a maniac
  • And Lily smiles
  • Because there he was, the “super cool” James Potter, in all his glory, jumping up and down with excitement, filled to the brim with more joy than a 5 year old
  • And before she knows it, James drags her to the trampoline and makes her jump with him
  • And one of their earliest dates consists of them jumping up and down on the trampoline, not giving a care in the world
  • And before Lily knows it, the next few days consist of Remus, Sirius and Peter coming to her house at random times just to go on the trampoline
  • The day before Lily moves out, the 5 of them are jumping on the trampoline while a disdainful Petunia, who is visiting her parents, glares at them from the house
  • And a war is going on
  • They had just left Hogwarts and had no idea what to do next
  • And they had no clue what was to come
  • Yet, that particular day, they were children again
  • Jumping, flying through the air
  • Innocent, carefree

For one wild moment Harry thought they were S.P.E.W. badges - then he saw that they all bore the same message, in luminous red letters that burnt brightly in the dimly lit underground passage:

the REAL Hogwarts Champion

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If Elsword HP/MP items were realistic
  • Aisha: Great job, everyone! We've defeated the mini-boss! Let's go to the next stage
  • Elsword: Alright, hold on, lemme just replenish my mana with this pear
  • Aisha: Wtf where did you get a pear?
  • Elsword: In this random box lying over here
  • Aisha: Are you really going to eat that? How do you know the demons didn't put it there to poison you or something?
  • Elsword: Idk
  • Aisha: Also, how the hell does a PEAR give you mana?
  • Elsword: It just does! I dunno, you're the magician, you figure it out!
  • Aisha: Bah, whatever, just hurry up and eat that thing
  • Elsword: Okay, okay *eats*
  • Aisha: (about a minute later) You're taking forever.
  • Elsword: Hey, pears aren't something you can just pop into your mouth
  • Aisha: Ugh you're eating it so slowly you've already passively regained the mana it would've given you!
  • Elsword: Fine! I'll drop the stupid pear. Let's keep going. *enters next stage* aha! Another box!
  • Aisha: What did I just say about eating random food items from random boxes!?
  • Elsword: Awesome, roast chicken!
  • Aisha: Why is there an entire roast chicken in there??? Who the hell cooked that!?
  • Elsword: Mmmm, sure tastes good! Want some?
  • Aisha: ... Ugh, fine. It's almost dinner time anyways...