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Every now and then I’ll just be like, ‘Is this all an elaborate cover up and the wizards are howling with laughter at how we’ve accepted this? I start to get paranoid. ‘Is J.K. Rowling the only Muggle in the world who knows about the secrets and she’s somehow been entrusted?’ It’s almost like it reinforces the barrier between us and them if there’s one magical Muggle who’s making it seem like it’s a fantasy world and what if it isn’t? What if she’s covering it up? That would make me crazy!” — Evanna Lynch [x]

A few little thoughts on Oprah’s interview with Jo...

5:53 - “It was the discipline of working and it was the structure it gave to my life.”

For me, being able to find stability in writing (whatever form, fanfiction, poetry, journaling, etc) has really carried me through this past year. Unfortunately, I’m a rather sloppy person in reality…both in organizational and mental ways I’m all over the place. Setting small goals–even verrry tiny ones–has brought some clarity to my life. Its helped cut through the fog of student loans, depression, unemployment, moving, grief, loneliness, anxiety, and so much more. I hadn’t realized how vital writing was to me. I’d always taken it for granted as a pastime that a few teachers would urge me on, but nothing more. As I am rebuilding my life, though, it’s sort of sitting with me as a cornerstone.

11:15 -It was like another voice speaking to me, and the voice said: ‘The difficult thing will be to get published, if it gets published it will be huge.’”


28:20 - “…The books wouldn’t be what they are if she hadn’t died.”

Speaking on her mum’s death. Loss and coping with it is such a major part of the series, perhaps the largest part, and really stands out from today’s societal pressures of “more, more, more.” Perhaps in constantly being programmed to want more, we are positively malnourished in the concept of loss. We’re taught that we can cover it up with more friends, more money, or more experiences instead of dealing with it head-on.

36:00 - “Love…what’s more powerful than that? Beyond fear, beyond death…”

I don’t know what else really can be said on love, but this has been such an important thing for me to keep in mind. Soon after I moved, a close friend who was instrumental in my growing up accidentally overdosed. Remembering that I will be okay, and that it is okay to still carry his love in my heart: this is what is important to me. For years I was in a relationship with someone who didn’t “understand empathy” or have really any emotional intelligence (their words, not mine) and made me feel like it was somehow wrong for me to feel things deeply. It’s taken me until just recently to know that letting go physically isn’t the same as letting go of someone’s love and impact on your life.