hp hatecraft


“By the tendrils of Shap Shap Sumagurath, you frightened me!  Now’s not a good time.  It’s like the wrath of Fung Fard Hargenflog has descended upon me.  I hope I haven’t unreleased Char Gar Gothakon on the world.  My work, translating the demon-summoning chants written within these evil tomes, which my student assistant alphabetizes for me:  Dark forces are at work in this very home, and I fear I may have inadvertently opened a portal to an alternate dimension:  Sttooopppp, you might accidentally unleash another demon!  …Oh, that’s just fan-mail.  Nevermind.”

Jeffrey Combs as Professor H.P. Hatecraft in SCOOBY DOO! MYSTERY INCORPORATED (2010-2013):

Apart from Vincent Van Ghoul, Professor H.P. Hatecraft (a tribute to real-life writer H.P. Lovecraft), of Crystal Cove’s Darrow University, is perhaps my favourite guest character in this series!  The man is utterly adorable!