This ‘Harry Potter’ Parody Of 'Uptown Funk’ Is Everyone’s New Patronus

Time to shut down the Internet: KFaceTV released the “Uptown Funk” parody to end it all. It imagines what the toe-tapping hit from Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars would sound like if sung by Lord Voldemort.

Listen to the full song for more hilarious “Harry Potter” puns then you can handle. 


The Building of Hogwarts - Slytherin

“I think I shall begin below.” Salazar said, swirling his bread in his stew. “I may attempt to build my common room below the lake.”

Rowena tittered. “All that water, that pressure…goodness Salazar. I would rather you working down there than me. I should like to build mine up, perhaps in a tower.”

“As would I.” Godric agreed. “I do not like to have windows I cannot see out of.”

“Well, I too have considered building below.” Helga said, surprising all of them. “Though I would not like to go as far as the lake. I should still like some sunlight to enter my common room.”