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ya girl here hit 1.1k last night and i wanted to celebrate with you guys. thank you so much for all the love you guys give me! 


the goods: 

  • send  ☔️ to be added to my fandom family. please also send top 3 hp characters and whether or not you’d like to be added to the discord group chat to be added to my fandom family! check here to see who’s been taken! ( please send hp characters only! )
    • please track the tag #vikkisfam to share your edits and posts ♥
  • send  🐾 to be added to my birthday page. don’t forget to include your name,  birthday and an idea for an edit for your birthday present! 
  • send  ✨ for a detailed blog rate! format below the cut!  
  • send  🌺 for a simple blog rate! format below the cut!
  • send   🌎 + two things for a make me choose edit. please limit these things to the hp universe! 

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sorry abt the weird ass banner I’m still not using photoshop rip at least I tried hey hey hey!!! this is a lie guys I’m rly sorry I only have 980 followers but I’m too excited to wait until I get to 1k tbh and I already wrote this all out so why not~ anyways I can’t believe ive almost reached 1k already, its like I’m living the dream tbh :’) thank you guys so much for following me and my trash blog through the times, I have no words for the amount of love I have for you all <3 i’ve decided to celebrate (as I haven’t been for the past milestones rip) by creating a fandom family! blacklist #ganj celebrates 1k if you don’t want to see this


what you’ll get:

  • a tag to post in (#ganjsfam)
  • my eternal love and friendship
  • a safe and supportive family
  • possible friendship from everyone else in the fam!
  • I might be making a discord chat for the family, i’ll update y’all later :) (please be tracking the tag so you can see the update)

(( OOC: He got a new piercing. First attempt at Teddy Lupin inspired by my new addiction to the RP HP Community and Blogs. Probably sucks but at least I tried <3 ))