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These figurines were made by me from polymer clay and have had details added with acrylic paints - I’ve made seperate posts for each figurine on my instagram c: 

fantastic beasts but like,,,,,,,, without the plot,,,,,,,,,,,,,, just two hours of my boy newt taking care of all the creatures in his suitcase- and maybe a sideplot about picket’s struggle to fit in with the rest of the bowtruckle,,,, no johnny depp no deeper plot no awkward romantic pairings just good old newt scamander and his magical creatures

Imagine walking into Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes and noticing George looking around the shop all sad and sentimental and almost being able to feel his grief radiating off of him, so pretending that you needed various items around the shop just to try to distract him 

  •   Even though you only walked in to use the bathroom 
  •   And really having to pee the whole time
  •   Little did you know he caught onto you about ten minutes in.
  •  “Man, I am parched. Mind if I pour myself some water?”
  • “Speaking of water, have I shown you the fountains?”
  • “…No, but I saw them when I came in so-”
  • “Nonsense! You just have to see the engravings on them up close.”
  • It’s gotten to the point of you nearly whimpering now, so he takes pity on you and leads you in the general direction of the bathrooms
  • “Would you mind if I-”
  • “They’re under construction actually. Why? Do you have to go?”
  • Him not being able to hold it in anymore after seeing the expression on your face, and laughing so hard he nearly cries
  • You being really confused
  • But still having to pee so shifting awkwardly in a not so subtle i-need-to-wee dance that only makes him laugh harder
  •  “I’m only joking, Y/N. Go ahead.”
  • You literally running the rest of the way to the bathrooms, which he finds endlessly amusing, and doesn’t fail to mention it to you later.
  • Him then asking you to tea.
  • “Aye, slow down on that. We both know your bladder isn’t what it used to be.”
  • “You shut up.”

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hogwarts au + tickling
  • person A using the tickling charm on person B to distract them as they play quidditch
  • A typically being a duel pro but having a sudden losing streak because B, their new opponent, is able to cast the tickling charm very effectively
  • “i’ll only stop tickling you when you admit that my house is superior!”
  • A and B discovering that the room of requirement becomes a cozy, tool-filled haven when they’re in the mood 
  • prefects threatening to deduct house points, resulting in housemates tickling them to make them reconsider
  • A hiding all of B’s tickling tools and B merely transfiguring random objects to replace their feathers and brushes
  • A learning wingardium leviosa in class but not quite being able to get it right because the feather makes them flustered  
  • “no more tickling charm!” “ok” [switches to tickling hex]
  • the sorting hat delving into A’s mind and casually noting their tickling kink while everyone else in the hall wonders why A is squirming and blushing so much 
  • A goofing off during their defense against the dark arts class, targeting B as the dark art and tickling as the defense 
  • charmed clothing that tickles its wearer (likely sold at weasleys’ wizard wheezes™) 
  • A being unable to say hogwarts’s motto (”draco dormiens nunquam titillandus” – never tickle a sleeping dragon)
  • don’t even get me started on the different types of lers and lees within each house

“Fred, get off!” I laughed and tried to shove Fred off of me, who was draped across my shoulders and dragging his feet behind us. We were walking through Diagon Alley together while George watched the shop. It had started off as a nice little date, with Fred being very cute and witty and giving me kisses every now and then, but now it had escalated to Fred trying his best to annoy me.

“Fred, people are staring!” As we passed Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor, the ones sitting at the tables outside turned and sniggered at the two of us.

Instead of getting off as I requested, Fred kissed my cheek and dragged his feet even more.

“I’ll stop bothering you if you give me a kiiiiiss.”

“We both know that’s not true, but alright.” I was starting to sweat now, and desperate times called for desperate measures. My desperate measure, in this case, was hoping that Fred would actually stop bothering me. I craned my neck and pressed my lips to his.

Miraculously, Fred’s arms released me and moved down to pull me closer by my waist. He gave me another kiss and rested his head on my shoulder.

“Y/n, I’ve known you for 10 years now and I don’t think one day has gone by where I didn’t love you.”

I smiled and held onto Fred’s hand, sighing deeply and closing my eyes. I knew that from the day we met, I had also been smitten. I also knew that I would love Fred for the rest of my life.

Imagine being neighbors with James and coming over after Sirius runs away.

The thought of catching her hadn’t even crossed his mind when she vaulted herself into his arms and he reacted instinctively to hold her up off the ground, pressed against him. He could feel this little girl-shaped furnace radiate her heat through his chest into his iced-over core.  She didn’t fuss, or coo soothing words into his ear, or curse his family for their folly, cruelty, or loss.  She just held on, enveloping him in steady security.  He buried his face into her shoulder and neck and squeezed his arms around her waist slightly.

They could have been there for an hour for all either of them knew before Sirius let out a breath slowly against the skin at the crook of her neck and tilted forward to let her slide down him to the floor. Her eyes weren’t heartbroken for him when he let go of her and looked down.  She looked at him intently and he felt himself solidify slightly, standing there under her gaze.  She gave him a bright smile and said nothing, Sirius was just happy at least one person wasn’t going to treat him like a broken little china doll. He’d never felt so vulnerable in his entire life and he hated being reminded of it. Her presence was always so steadying, and for that he was eternally grateful.

Y/N turned to James, “Are the house elves particularly busy today, do you know?” James scoffed and chuckled at the same time.

“I haven’t yet asked them of their schedule today, Y/N/N.”

“Did you bring treats?” Sirius’ eyes were shining with a familiar note of mischief.

“I forgot the doggy biscuits at home today unfortunately. But I did bring one in the form of an old family recipe I recently tweaked, if that counts.”

Brilliant. Bubsie!” James’ eyes twinkled as he summoned his favorite house elf.

Y/N took out a folded piece of paper and knelt down in front of the expectant house elf that cracked into the room, gave him a timid smile and a quiet ‘please and thank you,’ when she handed him the recipe.  The house elf glanced over the recipe and squeaked in delight, clutching it to his chest and cracking back out of the room after a quick 'Of course, Miss Y/L/N!’ Sirius realized he was smirking when she stood back up, smoothing out the caramel jumper she had tucked into her favorite old hand-me-down skirt.

“What’s this one?”

“White chocolate chip cranberry.”

The grin that lit up Y/N’s face could have cracked the sun in half and Sirius felt a laugh bubble into his throat for the first time in weeks.

~~Later that night ~~

“Did you send her an owl when I was bathing as well?”

“Nah mate, I didn’t. Must have been something she picked up when she saw your sad puppy face.”

Sirius rolled his eyes and found himself grateful for the darkness in the room that night when he felt unexpected heat crawl up his cheeks.

it is march 10, 2016. remus lupin celebrates his 56th birthday as hogwarts’ resident defense against the dark arts professor. the entire hogwarts faculty and student body sings for him during breakfast in the great hall. teddy brings him a homemade chocolate cake. remus is so overcome with joy he doesn’t even mind that his son is eating cake for breakfast. everything :))) is :) fine :))

candy heart (new start)

pairing: marcus flint x oliver wood
wordcount: 2167
a/n: a belated valentine’s day ficlet for our fave quasi-romantic quidditch boyfriends // written for the @hprarepairnet and @slytherdornet be mine challenge!

The candles that are neatly arranged on their dining table are burning low when Marcus decides to nix dinner and stick it back in the oven with a tempus charm in a futile attempt to keep it warm.

Oliver’s late.

Which isn’t usually something that bothers him – practices run over, and coaches get overzealous, and because Marcus knows those exact situations, has been in them more often than not, he never minds.

Except today is Valentine’s Day, and just this morning, Oliver had left by pressing a kiss to his cheek and reminding him that their plans would begin promptly at seven. Now, it’s almost nine, and Marcus is left sitting there at their dining table like a fool, if there were anyone else in their flat to see. It doesn’t help that his nerves are already rattled, from what he’s planning.

He doesn’t do romance. Thinks the holiday is honestly just a way to get all the young witches and wizards to spend money in the dreary winter months, but this year, Marcus had gotten a couple bouquets delivered and had gone to pick out some of Oliver’s favorite chocolates, because Oliver loves all the clichés and Marcus isn’t one to deny him of that. It just seems appropriate.

Worry grips him momentarily at the thought that maybe Oliver’s gotten injured, except if it had been bad, Puddlemere’s coach would’ve gotten into contact with family, and Mrs. Wood always tries to keep Marcus in the loop when that happens.

He picks at the salad, very resolutely trying not to jump to conclusions, because Oliver wouldn’t do this on purpose. Marcus tries to assure himself – it’s probably an honest mistake.

Or he got distracted, the stupid fucking voice in his head says, by something – someone else?

“Shut up,” Marcus groans to no one, shoving his plate away. The roses look more and more pathetic the longer he stares at them, silk ribbon tying them together winking tauntingly under the candlelight. He can feel the box burning a hole in his pocket, and tosses it out on the table to join the flowers.

He relocates to the couch, because sitting and staring at the empty seat in front of him only makes him want to wallow in self-pity, and that’s never a good road to go down.

Marcus chews his lip. Oliver wouldn’t – would he?

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The First Time.

The first time he saw her beauty was first year. She was trotting down the stairs: with books and parchment clutched in her hands. Her unruly hair was bouncing behind her and as she pranced by she left lavender in her wake. It was such a gentle smell. 

The first time they spoke was because she leaned over and poked him in the shoulder in charms class. 
Psst, hey.” she whispered.  It took him a minute to process that SHE was poking him. It took harry shoving his shoulder for him to snap into reality. 
“u-uhm, yes” he murmured back. 
“ Do you have a spare piece of parchment, I left all of mine up-” but before she could finish the voice of  Professor Flitwick was interrupting her. 
“ would you like to share with the class” he asked.
 Before he could blubber out a word, she was telling the professor that she was just making sure she was getting the notes right because she was rather lost. 
“Ah! right see me after class if you need help” and then he presumed going on about how important it was to; well he didn’t quite know. He was to busy doodling before she had talked to him, and was to confused after to pay attention. 

The boy was too dense to see she was only asking because she only wanted to know him. 

He had asked Harry if he knew who that was, but he hadn’t a clue. So he asked Hermoine who was sitting next to her all class and she said her name was Y/N L/N and she had come late due to some muggle issues back at home. 

The first time he touched  her was accidentally, he tripped and fell into her(or well onto her really) his face turned beet red as he scrambled to jump off the poor girl who had just  been squashed beneath him. To his surprise though she was laughing.
“Well all you had to do was say hello” she smiled at him, dusting the dirt off the black uniform as she stood up off the cold ground. His face contorted into a  crooked kind of smirk and she felt her heart stutter. 
“m’sorry bout that” he quietly groaned out still kind of in a daze about the whole thing. She laughed  again and it was loud and joyous and he wasn’t sure if he had ever heard such a wondrous thing. 
“Well its okay Ron. You didn’t break me or anything”  she shrugged it off like no big deal. 
It was a big deal though. See he didn’t know that she knew his name. He knew they kind of talked the once; but that was weeks ago. She had switched seats with Nevil. So he didn’t know how she knew. He stood there with her in the cold kind of just looking at her with his eyes wide and his mouth slightly hanging open.
“ Well, I know your name I’m not sure you know mine.-”
but he cut her off.
“It’s YN, I know your name” he said abruptly like he was just smacked in the face. Effortlessly shocking the girl. 
“Oh, well that’s good.” she said nodding agreeably. 

A girls voice called out behind them, causing her to turn around and look at her friends. He was sad, he wanted to talk to her more. It wasn’t often that the two bumped into each other.  
“Oh, I’ve gotta go. Hopefully i’ll see you around more Ron” and with that she ran off, leaving a trail of lavender. 

The first time he saw her mad was when she was barreling towards him. That unruly hair was whipping behind her, hands balled into fists, eyebrows furrowed. What the heck did he do? 
“RON WEASLEY YOU WEASEL. YOU’VE HURT HERMOINE’S FEELINGS! HOW COULD SAY SUCH MEAN THINGS. YOU SHOULD GO FIND HER AND APOLOGIZE” she squealed out. He could feel his face start to heat up and he just knew that it was starting to turn red as well. He thought Hermoine may have had heard him but he wasn’t sure; and pretty well forgot about it till now. He felt bad, of course he felt bad. As annoying as she was; Hermoine was his friend. Just as he was about to say something back to her.  Professor Quirrell burst into the great hall screaming about a troll in the dungeon. That was also the first time Ron saw her scared. 

The first time he saw her cry, was because of Draco Malfoy. She was standing around a pile of books and parchment all with big black hand written letters on them. The grotesque word MUD BLOOD  scribbled across all of her things. He was furious that he wasn’t there to do anything about it.He was furious that such a dirty word could be used to describe such a perfect person. Pure blood or not he thought she was the best. 

He gathered all of his courage and walked up to her and started picking up her papers and books and putting them in a pile.
“ I think you’re amazing no matter what” he spoke softly. He felt his heart pounding and his throat going dry but it was worth it  because that beautiful laugh bubbled through and met his ears and he looked up at her to see her smiling brilliantly; even with tears soaking her cheeks. He thought she was just perfect. 
“ He’s such an arse I have no idea why I would let him get to me like that. What a slithering snake, im surprised he wasnt born green and scaly” she sniffled out. 

It was Ron’s turn to laugh. She thought it was greatest sounding thing she had ever heard and in return started to laugh  with him and wipe away her tears.  
“ Born! Malfoy was hatched ” Ron giggled out. 

The first time they kissed was five minutes after that when Y/N leaned over and pecked his lips, causing all the books and parchment to fall back down to the floor. 


So im writing again on a new blog please send in requests and i’ll do my best to write them for you all. I hope you liked it, if you didn’t well then send me an idea ill try writing that one better than this. Till next time my lovelies xx

Dark Lord’s Daughter (Harry)

Requested- Could I request an Imagine where the reader is voldemorts daughter ( but dosent know)and when you move to Hogwarts you and Harry fall in love, then in goblet of fire (when they’re in the graveyard) you find out he’s your dad, and everyone else does as well but you prove to them that your are a passionate gruffindor and you will do anything to kill your dad, and Harry reassures you that he loves you and gives you a promise ring ❤️❤️❤️

- - -

“Where are we?” You asked Harry, your boyfriend, after you and he touched the Goblet with Cedric and got transported to another place. It was creepy. Everything was dark. You looked around and noticed that it was a graveyard.

“It was a Portkey,” said Harry. “How is it that we never noticed? Don’t move, wands out.” You and Cedric shared a glance and took your wands out. Then all of a sudden, a man in black robes showed up and screamed the spell, the Killing Curse. Cedric dropped dead, and you screamed. 

The man looked at you and was about to raise his wand once again when he gasped, “you!” Confused and terrified, you stepped back without replying. “You, you’re y/n!” He shrieked again. Harry stared at you for a while and pushed you behind him, in attempt to protect you. You opened your mouth with your lips trembling, “so?”

“So you are who we believed to be dead for so long! Who we-”

“So you’re here to kill me once and for all, too?” You held your fist tightly.

“No! No, no, no! The Dark Lord wanted to protect you- and he still does-” The man explained.

You cut him off, “and why is that if he kept killing others that I care about? Tell me, I’m all for your pathetic ‘justification.’”

“Because he’s your father- and you’re his daughter!”

“No-” You tried to not believe any of this. “No way-”

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