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“Keeping up with the Blacks”

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Did you ever become friends with someone because being fan of HP, not online but in real life?

Yesss we went and did a trivia night and won. Whoop whoop. #Iwastheonlyonewhoknewwhatahinkypunkis

I seriously love Muggleborn AUs, especially when the have Nerf Gun wars


Introducing the new zine created FOR the fans, BY the fans: THE FAN LIFE.

Hello guys! Here’s a fantastic project that I, Juni, want to embark on: A zine! But not just any zine. This will be a fandom zine where all possible fandoms can contribute to if they so please. 

What the Zine includes:

  • Fanfiction - Submit your written fics from ANY fandom to be featured!
  • Fanart - Submit your original artwork from ANY fandom to be featured!
  • Short comics - Show us more of your artsy talent!
  • Self stories* - Write about your life as a fan!
  • Inspirational works - What inspires you as a fan?

Who the Zine needs:
This project is entirely due to the contribution of fans found all around tumblr! Submit your art, writing works, and stories to the Zine! This is a collection of works made for the people who do what they do best: fan. By sharing your words and art, not only will you be advertising yourself, but you’ll be exposing yourself to the community of people just like you

And the folks who are reading it will share a connection with you because we’re all the same! 

EMPHASIS: This zine is for EVERYONE. We will hopefully feature many different fandoms ranging from literary fandoms to tv/movies fandoms. If you’re an obscure fandom, don’t hesitate to contribute! It’s the best way to get your name out there and spread the word! 


Few simple steps!

  1. Make sure you’re following the Zine blog
  2. Send an ask/message saying you’d love to contribute
  3. Tell me what you’re interested in creating! (Fanfiction, self stories, fanart, etc)

Submission Guidelines

Watch out for lists of people contributing/areas we need contributors! 
Watch out for publication date!

Thank you, and hopefully we can make this project grow!

READ IT! ~ you won't be dissapointed

If you haven’t read this fanfiction then do so! Its on the how of James and Lily getting together so there are the marauders and so so so much more I absolutely love it! And recommend it immensely!!! (It is quite a read for some but its worth it trust me)

Life is Strange/Harry Potter AU. Got the idea from allons-y-tardis ‘s fanfic. It’s set in the HP universe. Max’s time travel powers are from a time turner and Chloe’s an animagus. She just started writing it but it’s awesome so far, read the first chapter here :)

you know what I’ve been thinking about a lot lately

sherlock in thigh highs and john’s oversized jumpers [sighs dreamily]

remus in thigh highs and sirius’ oversized leather jacket [sighs dreamily]

lily in thigh highs and james’ oversized quidditch jumpers [sighs dreamily]

just cuties in thigh highs and their boyfriend’s things [sighs dreamily]