hp concept art

“The beast’s scales had turned pale and flaky during its long incarceration under the ground; its eyes were milkily pink: both rear legs bore heavy cuffs from which chains led to enormous pegs driven deep into the rocky floor.Its great, spiked wings, folded close to its body, would have filled the chamber if it spread them, and when it turned its ugly head towards them, it roared with a noise that made the rock tremble, opened its mouth and spat a jet of fire that sent them running back up the passageway.” -Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


Thought about how Ilvermorny uniforms should look like! Stuck to the blue & red color scheme and gordian knot uniform descriptions via pottermore.com and added Native American & Hogwarts influenced aesthetics to the robes. 

Bronze/gold brooches pinned to the top of student robes signify house symbols, while ponchos showcase the year of the student via number of stripes/bands similar to how the age of trees are read (tree rings). Robe style follows Hogwarts robes. 

Note: Cultural fact (which I’ve just recently learned from an Anon - thank you so much!) headdress feathers that are showcased to be flared and upright indicates hostility and war, while headdress feathers that are faced down symbolizes peace. 

The character above just happens to have feathers raised up for purely aesthetic reasons, although this’ll be a point that I’ll remember for future fanart :P

How do you think Ivermorny uniforms should look like? :)