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That awkward moment when Very Potter cast is more in character( according to the books, Harry complaining, Hermione insecure yet confident and Ron being the perfect best friend Harry needs and not just being the funny sidekick) than the movie cast. And even their looks are in accordance with HP books.

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that post has just got me thinking about worldbuilding in hp generally, and i’d like the idea that the international statute of secrecy actually doesn’t always result in a clear separation between magical/muggle worlds everywhere. 

like, i am up for the First Emperor actually being a wizard and that the real reason we haven’t opened the tomb where his body is because it IS full of ancient curses and lord knows what else considering he tried to live forever. imagine chinese wizards bemoaning the fact that the Terracotta Army has become such a well-known muggle tourist attraction because goddamn these statues are literal guardians for the first emperor and could come to life at any moment; even though they’ve done their best to undo most of the enchantments, there’s still the simmer of ancient magic they can feel. who knows? so there are secretly all sorts of wards everywhere plus multiple wizards (disguised as museum staff) on duty in case shit happens. 

just imagine cursed magical artefacts accidentally finding their way to muggle museums generally and the magical communities discreetly trying to get them removed or cursebreakers masquerading as restorers, historians and archaeologists working to break their enchantments. 

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Mr. Scamander, I was wondering if you have any suggestions for a magical beast for a pet for a younger sibling? Is there any that you would suggest, or should I opt to instead get him an owl or a cat?

Owls and cats make wonderful pets, if a bit boring.  Depending on the age of your younger sibling, you could offer them an educational experience with a fire crab, or perhaps a few streelers.  Or a grindylow in a nice aquarium.  There’s also been talk about a new, miniature breed of dragon that’s been discovered in Madagascar’s Tsingy de Bemaraha national park…

Harry Potter x Zodiac
  • Your HP charachter according to the birthdays assigned by JK Rowling herself
  • Aries: Fred and George Weasley
  • Taurus: Professor Sprout
  • Gemini: Draco Malfoy
  • Cancer: Dobby
  • Leo: Harry Potter
  • Virgo: Hermione Granger
  • Libra: Professor Flitwick
  • Scorpio: Molly Weasley
  • Saggitarius: Bill Weasley
  • Capricorn: Severus Snape
  • Aquarius: Lily Potter
  • Pisces: Ron Weasley
  • Your HP character according to zodiac stereotypes
  • Aries: Draco Malfoy / always wants to fight
  • Taurus: Ron Weasly / stubborn, always hungry
  • Gemini: Fred & George / twins
  • Cancer: Moaning Myrtle / always crying
  • Leo: Cormac McLaggen / concieted
  • Virgo: Hermione Granger / neat freak
  • Libra: Ginny Weasley / flirtacious and indecisive
  • Scorpio: Voldemort / just plain evil
  • Saggitarius: Harry Potter / reckless and adventurous
  • Capricorn: Severus Snape / uptight emo kiss ass
  • Aquarius: Luna Lovegood / emotionless weirdo
  • Pisces: Neville Longbottom / innocent and timid
  • Your HP character according to reality
  • Aries: Ginny Weasley, Lucius Malfoy
  • Taurus: Remus Lupin
  • Gemini: Draco Malfoy
  • Cancer: Neville Longbottom, Ron Weasley, Rubeus Hagrid
  • Leo: James Potter, Harry Potter, Cederic Diggory,
  • Virgo: Hermione Granger
  • Libra: Minerva McGonogall, Arthur Weasley
  • Scorpio: Bellatrix Lastrange, Madeye Moody, Severus Snape
  • Saggitarius: Fred and George Weasley, Sirius Black
  • Capricorn: Percy Weasley
  • Aquarius: Albus Dumbledore
  • Pisces: Luna Lovegood, Nymphadora Tonks
Who is Leta Lestrange?

Ohh…I just looked up her name in HP wiki and …. According to HP wiki[YEP ALL OF THESE INFO ARE NOT MINE THEY ARE DIRECTLY/PARAPHRASED FROM WIKI]: •Had a close friendship with Newt Scamander between 1908~1916. •Leta, like Newt, also loved to study magical creatures. Like Newt, her ‘outcast’ nature also make them became close friends. •Was a Slytherin. *Duh look at her last name, one of the famous pureblood family. •oh an most importantly…. •one of her experiments went wrong, endangering the life of another student. Rather than see Leta expelled, Newt took the blame and was expelled in her place. This left [Newt] bitter, but still very much in love with Leta. •"She’s a taker…You need a giver.“ ——–Queenie •Ok now let me curl up into a ball and cry. I always thought Newt got expelled cause people found him hiding his feast babies in Hogwarts apparently i was wrong.

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The HP series according to Snape

The year Quirrel stole my job

The year Pretty Boy stole my job

The year The Wolf stole my job

The year That Guy Who Wasn’t Really Moody stole my job

The year.. Don’t even get me started with Umbridge

The year I finally got my dream job

The year I gave up my job and stole Dumbledore’s

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What are some ways you could go about honouring Haides?

I have a good post you might like!

Additionally, here’s a list of some ideas for how you can honor Haides:

  • Walk dogs
  • Spend time volunteering at an animal shelter
  • Invest in stocks (I know this is not available to everyone, I don’t have enough money to go buy stocks, it’s just a suggestion for folks who can)
  • Volunteer tending graveyards and cleaning them up
  • Take gifts to graves, even for people you don’t know
  • Tend a garden, especially if it has mint, pomegranate, daffodils, poplar or birch
  • Collect stones and/or precious metals
  • Take up jewelry crafting with stones and/or precious metals.
  • Read obituaries
  • Visit monuments to the dead
  • Volunteer with the elderly
  • Volunteer with the ill
  • Offer coins to help pay for the passage of souls who weren’t buried with money for the ferry into Haides (not all people who believe in a Hellenic afterlife were buried according to HP traditions, and offering coins specifically for those souls can/may help them reach Haides rather than have to continue waiting)
  • Look into taxidermy and preserving dead things as a form of devotion

There’s more you can do too, but this is what I can think of right now. I’m sure other folks have additional ideas :)

Has anyone ever thought that James and Lily didn’t have the perfect relationship fanon likes to claim?

Think about it:

Harry Potter was born July 31, 1980 when James and Lily were 20. That means he must have been conceived late October/early November 1979.

The Potters were married “sometime between leaving Hogwarts in June 1978 and autumn 1979” (according to HP Wiki). HP Lexicon even goes far enough to say they were “married quietly” (although without citation to back up the claim). Based on the timeline and what was happening when they graduated Hogwarts, it’s reasonable to suspect they were married later rather than sooner.

So it’s highly possible that teenaged Lily got pregnant and they rushed a marriage because of it. In fact, whether they loved each other or not and whether they were married before or after I am 100% convinced Harry was an accident. What 19 year old in the middle of fighting a war would think “hmm… now’s the perfect time to have a baby”?

So take 5th year book Lily and James, mature them a few years, and put them together in a relationship. Give them some time to get used to each other. Now make them accidentally pregnant and stuck in a house together worrying for their own lives and the life of their unborn child. They already fought before this and their personalities are naturally going to clash so the stress probably does’t help.

I’m willing to bet the two were miserable together and not as in love as everyone likes to believe.

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A warning about your Hogwarts AU: according to "HP and the Cursed Child", the Triwizard Tournament has been again suppressed because of Cedric Diggory's death and Voldemort's return; this means you'll have to give up that Yule Ball's idea if you want to stay "canon" to the universe of HP... :(

Thanks but who said I have to follow that rule?

An AU is an AU. I can do what I want without needing to adhere to every canon rule.

Really guys, the nice thing about fandoms is that *it. Doesn’t. Matter.* If you follow the creator to the book or not. Seriously, have some fun.