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Luna: Would you two like to join us for a game of spin the bottle? We're about to play in the other room.

After a kiss between Lavender and Padma, and a shy peck on the cheek from Ginny to Theo (to Pansy’s overly dramatic eye roll and sigh), it was Draco’s turn to spin the bottle. Luna, Hermione, Ron, Seamus, Harry, Seamus-
The bottle jerks towards Harry and stops. Pansy puts her wand away as if nothing happened.

Draco: *moves reluctantly closer to Potter*

5 minutes later


Snape Appreciation Month day 26: Favourite AU

The “Snape Lives au”, OBVIOUSLY.
I liked the idea of Harry’s “you-have-your-mother’s-eyes” eyes being the last thing Snape saw after Nagini’s attack and also the first thing he saw after regaining consciousness in this Au (in which they somehow manage to save him).
And of course, the first words he would utter would be full of snark.
If Snape is being his usual snarky self, he’s surely feeling ok enough (that’s why Harry laughs).

(let me bask in my aus, ‘mkay? I know how the actual story goes)


Hogwarts Houses as Mythological Figures
  • for anon
  • Gryffindor: Heracles- the traditional hero, he's trying to do what is right and prove himself, but he has poor impulse control at times
  • Slytherin: Isis- she was very protective of Horus and willing to do anything for him, and dreamed of power for them both
  • Ravenclaw: Daedalus- incredibly clever and imaginative, but served his own curiosity, and could at times ignore morality
  • Hufflepuff: Osiris- above all things, he is fair, and treats every single person as they deserve, weighing their souls

lily and james, a few months ago: being a parent will be soooo easy lol

lily and james now:

a part of a birthday gift for @wingedcorgi , happy birth!! ❤️

18. So the reason Hannah Abbott Longbottom isn’t Matron in 2020 isn’t because she didn’t get the job - it’s that after years of infertility and grief, she finally convinced Neville that it would be safe to take a fertility potion.

The potion worked a bit too well - they ended up with triplets. The first two were easy enough to name - Alice Pomona and Cedric Francis - but the third child was small and fragile and nearly died at birth. Frightened for their girl, they gave her the toughest, fiercest, most survivor-ish name they could think of

Augusta Minerva. 

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Tu non sei una persona cattiva, tu sei una persona buona a cui sono successe cose cattive.
—  Sirius Black, Harry Potter.