harry was neglected and abused and manipulated by so many people from the age of one and he went through a war where he suffered more than any of the adults and he lost countless loved ones and went through periods of being slandered by the media and hated by the public when he was just a kid and he had the responsibility of saving the world from the evil mass murderer that killed his parents put on his shoulders when he was just seventeen and he so easily could have turned bitter and cruel and cold but he didn’t he remained the purest sweetest loveliest lil cupcake in the world he is so good and full of love and integrity and if anybody insults my child for having a brief period when he was (understandably) angry during ootp i will fight u 

Yes, absolutely. It was Harry Potter, the first Harry Potter book. And prior to that, I was a terrible reader. I probably had dyslexia. I was never diagnosed, I was self-diagnosed. I just, all the books that teachers were shoving down my throat were just so boring. It was like ‘this person learns forgiveness,’ 'this person learns this,’ you know? And I think I just wanted something that would entertain me and stimulate me, and I remember working so hard at reading just so I could read more of the Harry Potter books. So, I really think that changed my life.


very little is known about what an unspeakable actually does, due to a high level of secrecy surrounding the department of mysteries. some may study love in the love chamber, which is kept locked at all times, or the concept of time in the time room; others may explore the nature of thoughts in the thought chamber, or death in the death chamber

Indirect Passive aggressiveness
  • Draco:You know, fine, i'm sure shaggy brunets with scars ALWAYS leave their clothes all over the floor, not like i'm the only one suffering in this house.
  • Harry:Yeah, some arrogant blondes just really get on my nerves with their fucking OCD but you know what i'm sure that's totally just life.
  • Draco:Some people must love pissing me off but that's fine since i'm working on SELF RESTRAINT
  • Harry:When people think they have self restraint but they DON'T, it makes me want to comment but see, i'm a person who MINDS THEIR OWN BUSINESS.
  • Draco:IF ONLY-
  • Harry:SOME PEOPLE-
  • Ron:guys seriously what the fuck