• Slytherin: Hey, how old are you?
  • Ravenclaw: *hesitates*
  • Ravenclaw: I don't know.
  • Slytherin: How do you not know?
  • Ravenclaw: I lost track.
  • Slytherin: How did you lose track, and can't you just do the math?
  • Ravenclaw: Too much effort on both counts.

@prxncelucas asked for something related to mtf trans!draco <3

so the idea here is that draco wasn’t feeling confident enough to buy herself new clothes in public just yet, so Narcissa saved the day with things she used to wear when she was Draco’s age :’)

I really really wanted to do something positive, I hope you like it!

Wizarding Architecture

imagine how awesome being an architect would be in the wizarding world. you can defy the laws of gravity and space!!! tight budget? just transfigure dust into some polished wood planks. little to no space? strict zoning? go all grimmauld place on that baby. the possibilities are ENDLESS. and you can make moving sections and super realistic models!!