A bunch of Gryffindors for Inktober ✨

I’m so torn between clean-and-tidy-Remus and messy-oh-my-god-James-where-are-my-robes???????????-Remus

Like, imagine Remus, who the Marauders laugh at because “Monster? Really? Remus, you fold your socks. Forgive me for not trembling at the sight of you!" 

Who has his clothes organised in colour in his drawers, and his chest is SO asymmetrical and neat that it actually pains Sirius to look at. And everything has to be in the right place; a Remus who takes his books and quills out of his bag and always puts them in the same place in every class or he can’t work properly.

And when he isn’t paying Sirius any attention, the latter moves one of his pencils out of place because he knows it will irk Remus, and he preens under his gaze, irritated or otherwise, vindictively smug as Remus snatches his pencil back and positions it, shooting him a dark glare. Sometimes, Sirius goes one step further and throws his pencil on the opposite side of the classroom, JUST before the professor comes in, if only for the joy of watching Remus’ eye twitch throughout the lesson as he can’t retrieve it for another 55 minutes. 

But I’m talking about a Remus who is such a neat-freak because it’s the one thing he can control and it doesn’t quite make up for that little thing he can’t control, but he pretends it does.

But what about a Remus who wears EVERYONE ELSES clothes because he can never find his own and mumbling because ”Merlin, James, you have incredibly skinny legs,“ and wincing every time he walks because there is honestly no oxygen flowing to certain areas, like "hOW CAN YOU MOVE IN THESE?? I CANT EVEN BREATHE!”

a Remus who leaves his underwear wherever he takes them off and has a clucking Sirius trailing after him, picking them up and telling him “you HAVE A DRAWER for a REASON”

And Peter (having the bed closest to the bathroom) ALWAYS finds pieces of his uniform around his bed: a tie under his pillow, an odd sock under the mattress and it will be 2 in the morning, when Pete suddenly goes “oh” and the other three boys can only just see him in the darkness get out of bed, walk over and hand Remus back his boxers

Messy hair, looking like he’d just apparated or flooed or stepped out of an avalanche, and his tie is never properly done because it’s too fiddly for him in a morning and he barely sleeps and honestly, who can be bothered to tie a tie???? James??? How do you do that? and so James ends up tying his tie for him EVERY morning, since he’s the mother hen of the group and one of his babies is struggling.

And he’s not scruffy, but his robes are shabby (after his dad lost his job at the ministry, they had always struggled financially so his clothes were secondhand or handmade by his mum). His trousers are either two long so he has to roll them up a bit or barely brushing his ankles, and his shirt is never tucked in (unless Sirius manhandles him and forcibly shoves it down his waistband because “dear MERLIN remus is it THAT difficult to look presentable, you mongrel tosspot!” because he’s a Pureblood, no matter how hard he tries to reject it, and he retains that obsession with perfect appearances so messy Remus kills him.

(deep down, he finds Remus’ long and scraggly hair very endearing, though he wont admit it and protests to his dying day that he needs a haircut)

The worst though, by far, is when Remus starts growing a beard and mustache. And it’s not by choice!! it’s just he can’t see the point in shaving it off, especially once the war starts and they’ve got bigger things on their mind. but the others hate it, like HATE IT. Sirius always complains that it thaws his chin when they kiss, and Peter strokes it in lieu of a hello. James sees it and exasperatedly says, “really Moony? wasnt one furry problem enough??”

I dunno man, just a Remus who can have some leeway in his life and doesn’t have to worry about these things because he knows his friends are there to watch his back

…………and shave his beard off at 4 in the morning when he’s fallen asleep because honestly, remus we ARE DOING YOU a FAVOUR !!!!!!!! now hold still

Draco's Boggart [D.M.]

Character: Draco Malfoy
Word Count: 705
Requested?: Yes/No
Summary: Draco faces his Boggart in front of the class, however no one but him expects who steps out…
Disclaimer: Gif isn’t mine, credit to whoever made it

+ + + + +
The air was tense, the feeling of dread and worry surrounding every student in the room. With each child facing their biggest fear, it was expected that there would be an aura of anxiety and nervousness.

Draco plastered his trademark smirk onto his face, determined to not let anyone find out just how scared he really was of his Boggart. He knew what - or who, to be more exact - his Boggart would be, and with every passing second, Draco could feel his heart racing faster.

“This is absolutely absurd,” he muttered to Crabbe and Goyle, who both agreed instantly, “Just wait ‘til I tell my father about this. He’ll put a stop to it.”

Draco clenched his right fist as he hesitantly shuffled forward, the large wardrobe seemingly much bigger than he previously thought. Stepping to the left, he tried to discreetly slip behind Crabbe, hoping that it wasn’t obvious the dread he was feeling.

“Mr Malfoy, your turn,” Draco heard Professor Lupin announce. His blood ran cold as his breathing became uneven. He could see his classmates staring at him expectedly.

And Potter. Potter was stood somewhat near the middle of the queue, along with Weasley and Granger. Draco couldn’t refuse to face his Boggart in front of them - no, definitely not.

He gulped quietly, before turning around and facing the wardrobe. The handle rattled menacingly, seeming to taunt Draco as the door opened slowly. A pale, wrinkled hand curled around the wood as a tall figure stepped out.

Draco could hear the whispers of his classmates, but in that moment couldn’t spare a thought about what they thought of him. Right then, all he could think - all that consumed him - was the sight of the man looming above him, with his long blonde hair and evil eyes, and the hand that once opened the wardrobe door now grasping the cane that Draco was so deathly afraid of.

Lucius had not once hit him with it, but the mere thought of the merciless Death Eater holding what could only be assumed as a weapon - his father didn’t need help walking and so that could not be it - was enough to make Draco shiver in fear.

“What a disgrace you are to the family, Draco! How dare you bring dishonour to my very name!” Lucius’ voice boomed out, eerily loud in the cold silence of the classroom.

Draco shakily lifted his wand. “Rid… Rid…Riddik…” he tried to say the one word that could make his “father” stop saying these dreadful things, however the word wouldn’t leave his mouth, his brain refusing cooperate at that moment in time.

“You are unfit to be the Malfoy heir!”

He could feel tears pricking his eyes as he failed to speak one tiny word, before swallowing the lump in his throat, still not wanting to show himself to be weaker than he already had. That would make his real father disappointed in him, not just the Boggart.

“You’ll never be as good as P-”

“Riddikulus!” Draco blinked, his arm dropping to his side as he heard Professor Lupin say what he couldn’t.

Draco bit the inside of his cheek as he slowly turned around to face the class. Everyone stared at him as his once pale cheeks began to burn with embarrassment.

Then, he hurriedly left the room, almost sprinting for the door as he tried to escape the judging stares of his classmates. The door slammed loudly, the sound ripping through the air as the class stood in shock.

Outside, Draco rushed through the halls, heading straight to the nearest bathroom, before locking himself in the closest stall, and collapsing against the wall, sobs racking through his body.

His tears felt like fire as they ran down his cheeks, all the pain and anger he’d felt in his life bubbling up to the surface in this instance.

Because, though Draco openly taunted Potter and his friends for being blood traitors, being poor or being muggleborns, he genuinely thought, deep down, that his Boggart “father” was right.

Draco was a disgrace to the family.
He did bring dishonour to his father’s name.
He was unfit to be the Malfoy heir.

And he would never be as good as Potter.

On Cursed Child and Time Travel

As a disclaimer, I really and truly enjoyed Cursed Child. However, I have spent more time than I would like to admit contemplating how it completely disregarded the rules of time travel previously established in Prisoner of Azkaban.

The time travel in PoA demonstrates a fixed timeline where the events of both the “past” and “future” are happening at the same time and in the same universe. The events of the past cannot be changed by the effects of time travel because they are “fixed” in time. That is how Harry and Hermione are able to “save” Buckbeak. He was never truly killed. The original Harry and Hermione thought he was, but, in fact, the time-turning Harry and Hermione led him away from Hagrid’s hut while no one was looking.

Cursed Child utilizes a dynamic timeline. Here, each trip back in time, each alteration, triggers a chain reaction that alters the state of the current timeline. For example, Hermione saw Albus and Scorpius behaving strangely while dressed as Durmstrang students which caused her to not attend the Yule Ball with Victor Krum which caused her to never realize her feelings for Ron which caused her to remain single and become a bitter Defense Against the Dark Arts professor (which is another discussion for another day). 

Neither of these time travelling methods are “wrong”. You see both of them portrayed in pop culture all the time. What bothers me is the lack of consistency between PoA and Cursed Child, the two examples we have of time travel in the wizarding world. 

If the Cursed Child method was the rule, Harry and Hermione would have been killed by werewolf Lupin the first time around because their time-turning selves would not have howled and distracted him. Or Harry and Sirius would have been kissed by the dementors because the time-turning Harry would not have been there to cast a Patronus. 

Additionally, Hermione had been using the time turner regularly all year in PoA. Would the Ministry of Magic be so stupid as to entrust a 13-year-old student with a device that, if it worked the way it does in Cursed Child, risked changing the fate of the world every time she used it simply because she wanted to take extra classes? Answer: yes, the Ministry probably would be stupid enough, but that’s not the point. 

If the PoA method was the rule, then literally none of the plot of Cursed Child would have happened. The fixed timeline would ensure that any changes to the past would not affect the future. So perhaps Hermione’s suspicion of Albus and Scorpius would have motivated her to attend the Yule Ball with Krum for the purpose of gaining information, and then the rest of the timeline would play out the same way. Any changes that Albus and Scorpius made in the past would only reaffirm the present. Wibbly wobbly timey wimey.

These are the things that keep me up at night.

68.  Gryffindors starting up a rhetoric and debate club in Hogwarts. They have so many strong opinions and feelings, but often the feelings take control and the arguments get lost on the way, or they need help conquering their fright of talking in front of people. Initially its just a small get together in the Gryffindor commonroom, but soon Ravenclaws, Slytherins and Hufflepuffs join in and the club sets up an empty classroom for their meetings.

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