• florence welch: forest goddess, queen of the fae
  • hozier: florence's son with a mortal woodcutter, trapped between the mortal realm and the fae realm
  • lorde: dark entity summoned by victorian occultists
  • lady gaga: diva possessed by the spirit of a modern art exhibit
  • beyonce and solange: the sun and the moon
  • kanye west: protagonist of an epic greek tragedy
  • lana del rey: met the devil at the crossroads and sucked his dick
  • carly rae jepsen: a mortal, but we don't deserve her

me, whispering softly at the edge of a forest: hozier, bro, i need your advice for a romantic date with my girlfriend

hozier, appearing out of the mist: oh, take her to an empty field and lie on the ground until you decompose and get eaten by foxes. it’s classic, timeless, 

when hozier is ready to release new music he’ll summon me to the nearest woods and announce it to me through a series of telepathic symbols and codes and my soul will be at peace