Took a visit to Capcom Bar in Shinjuku! First I ordered a Devil May Cry Dante drink with Ebony and Ivory shaped Ice cubes. Ebony was cola flavor and the drink was berry and soda.

The Monster Hunter plate was MMM SO TASTY! I feline nori made me so happy but the meat itself was really good and cooked perfectly. I didn’t actually use the sauce. One was ketchup and one garlic shoyu.

Lastly was the Phenix Wright Edgeworth desert set! All of the desserts were delicious and even the tea was amazing.

Honestly I had an amazing time here. All the waiters were especially friendly and extremely knowledgeable of all the games and items. My waiter came and said “Checkmate” with my drink and was so unbelievably pleased. There were also little events and games that were fun. If you’re a Capcom fan I would highly recommend you try this place you will have an amazing time.