Hobear for my Infinite Hybrid Series

Took a lot longer to think of designs for the last few hybrids but they are finally done! This is the final installment of the hybrids series (possible there will be more but at least now i have one of each ^^).


Infinite: Love making or Fucking?

Could you please please please do love making or fucking for infinite and vixx??


Love making:

  • Sunggyu
  • Sungjong
  • Myungsoo


  • Dongwoo
  • Woohyun
  • Hoya
  • Sungyeol

Hiiii~  That’s my first job here…. I hope you guys can enjoy it o/



He helps her to sit down and prepare a good food to take care of her and ask what happened when she was better.


DongWoo ask her why she’s crying and he don’t answer….so DongWoo being crying too thinking that he did something wrong.


He wake up with a noise coming from the room, he walks to there and see his girlfriend drunk with a smeared makeup fighting with a teddy bear crying and wondering why the bear is not responding her. Woohyun smile with a sleepy face and ask her what she is doing… she looks to Woohyun, smile and fall asleep. He take her in his arms and walk to the bed still laughing.


He puts a strip song on the radio and starts a dirty dance to make her laugh and stop crying.


He still looking at her and thinking a lot what should he do, so he takes a lot of kleenex to her and stuttering starts to asking if she’s hurt somewhere.

MyungSoo (L):

MyungSoo was surprised to see his girlfriend drunk and crying, so he just sit down by your side and clean your tears with his hand while ask her what’s wrong.


He just stop front her and think “OMG WHAT SHOULD I DO?!”


Woah~~~~ I hope this is good hahaha…. Please give us a lot of love ^^

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~ADM Kim

To Guild Infinite

Word Count: 2,464
Synopsis: An AU where the members of Infinite meet in a popular MMOG

For @inspiritsnet’s prompt #3 

Special thanks to @kmsgyu who helped me a lot with the concept of this fic

To Kim Myungsoo, friendship was a concept in itself that divulged a definition quite different to what most would consider it to be. Instead of late nights out and the sea glass green bottles of soju, friendship found itself pushed in between a set of headphones and sat down in front of a computer screen. Friendship found itself in a world where scaled beasts scaled the walls of giant fortresses ripe for the raiding, where a lady with wings passing you on the street was a common occurrence, and ancient scrolls with brittle edges and black ink staining the surface led to unimaginable adventures. This is where Kim Myungsoo formed his definition of friendship.

Because this definition had become so ingrained into his mind, it started to change the young Myungsoo into someone who believed he could only have one kind of friendship. He rejected all other prospective friendships and began to withdraw into a place where no one could find him. That was, unless he was online with those he called his true friends. It was only then that he was able to reach out and grab ahold of what he believed true friendship was and be able to show his true self. He would come to realize however, as he sat at a large circular dinner table that night with 6 others he had known so well but never truly met, that he would find friendship in 6 different ways, much different to his set notions of what friendship ought to be like.

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anonymous asked:

33 and 31 infinite 😁

30. fave INFINITE choreography?

this bad boy:

31. your favorite thing, personality-wise, about each member of INFINITE?

Sunggyu: I love how Sunggyu knows when to joke around and when to be serious. I also like his really terrible sense of humour. 
Dongwoo: his constant positivity and the way he always seems to see the best in every situation. He really is sunshine in human form. 
Woohyun: his undying love for the fans? Haha but no, I like how he isn’t afraid to show his emotions, and isn’t worried about crying. 
Hoya: the way he is so so determined to succeed at anything he puts his mind to. I wish I was as motivated as him. 
Sungyeol: how caring he is towards the other members and his pets (seeing him with animals melts my heart). 
Myungsoo: I like that Myungsoo is a little odd sometimes, like he retreats into his own strange world and sometimes he can be very quiet but I think it’s just that he thinks things over a lot.
Sungjong: he has so much inner strength, it radiates from him. He is the kind of person that when he speaks, you want to listen to every word. Very charismatic. 

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