Hoya (Infinite) - Familiar Stranger

Scene: When he goes on a walk being frustrated after the fan meeting and meets a stranger who isn’t as strange as it would seem

I wrote this a while back after reading @purpleboyhowonee‘s post here. After reading what happened, I was so utterly upset and sad, just wishing I could do something for my Hoya. I was also going through some hard times but having Hoya and Infinite honestly saved me. Really hope Hoya knows everyday how much we all love him and that all Inspirits support each other no matter what~ For all my readers going through a hard time, hang in there!~

“Shit,” Hoya curses mentally, adding to the growing tally for the night. Logically, he knows as a singer, a celebrity, an entertainer bound to the public’s opinion, there will be good days and there will be bad ones. But despite all the rationality in the world, it would be impossible to ignore a day like today, a day that was, well, shitty.

He knew the moment his fan slipped him that letter at the fan meeting, that it was a bad idea. And when he read the contents, that foreboding feeling was correct. Her words of disappointment might as well have been a direct slap to the face. It was such a small event that visibly shook his very core; he couldn’t hide it and not for lack of trying. So his members were thankfully obliging when after the schedule, he left the dorm in the late hours to be alone, finding himself simply wandering until he was here now.

Upon reflection, he thinks that maybe he’s trusted the world a little too much, been slightly optimistic. He can’t lie and says he doesn’t regret those thoughts. It’s not this one incident; now that he thinks about it, there were small signs, signs he ignored, let build up, until he couldn’t deny them anymore. Even now, he thinks, “What did I do wrong?” He doesn’t have enough confidence to believe the fault isn’t his. And more than anyone or anything, he’s frustrated at himself for so many things.

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