I produced this food porn-y video of Jeni’s sauces for a “Free sauce on everything” promotion in Jeni’s scoop shops. (July, 2015) 

I’ve updated my website with a bunch of gifs, photos, and video from my day job (ice cream photographer)  📷🍦 

thearmsofwinter replied to your post “just realized that i can’t cook and i’m going to live alone next…”

turn your ramen into stir fries, it’s what i do, like one carrot, some cabbage and onion and hoi sin sauce in a frying pan then mixed up with the noodles and you are cheering. you get vegetables that way too and you can always add meat if you want it

ah well that sounds easy enough

thearmsofwinter replied to your post just realized that i can’t cook and i’m going to…

also if you are living alone make sure you have at least two good/ok/at least sharp knives, literally the most useful things on earth.

or i’ll just buy myself a pack of beer and cry alone in my room omg

Channeled my spirit animal Martha Stewart this week & made: crab rangoons with a sweet Sriracha dipping sauce, bánh hoi with shrimp patties & seasoned mushrooms, 3x steeped Lung Ching tea from @davidstea, rose bath bombs, & my first 100% handmade cold process soap bar. Let me know if you want to buy some soap or bath bombs from me! 😊

why is Vietnamese restaurant hoi sin sauce way better than any grocery store hoi sin sauce, what’s the secret ingredient?