so this happenedโ€ฆ

I HIT ONE THOUSAND FOLLOWERS!!!!, Itโ€™s very exciting and emotional, I thought I would never get this far and I owe you guys so much like Idk why you follow me I just reblog stuff but you seem to like. it so as a thank you ย for being such amazing people I would like to tag some of the people who made this possible;

My buddies chum pals are bolded(AKA the babes)

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Just recently this blog gained 2,000 followers and I want to say a big thank you to everyone who unknowingly made the biggest mistake of their life. Seriously though thank you for following me and reblogging my messy posts <3. I’ve only had this blog since December and in that short time i’ve gotten to chat with so many lovely, creative people (hopefully we can chat more). Everyone has been so kind and so here’s a little thank you to those people as well as a small shoutout to my favourite blogs <3

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