Mobile RP-ers

I’ve seen a lot of folks lately say that they can’t read rules because they’re on mobile but there is a way and here’s how

Use your phones internet browser and go to the blog from there. Most of the time you’ll see links below the description like so:

Most likely they’ll be a rules page/navigation there and if not you can always go to the blog and add /rules at the end of the url. Usually that’ll take you there. Some roleplayers use /law or /guidelines or just /g but if you can’t find it ask. 

There is no excuse for not reading the rules. Don’t approach somebody until you’ve read them.

Subject to Pelagic Tragedy

What favor would you offer
an archipelago? So many seas
in need of a leader, islands timed
by an air-breathing migration
of mammalian volcanos, arc
of land hand over hand until

it surfaced, and water long-
contributing to fleetness between each
dull rock, populous and naval,
a fleet insisting every other island
is inferior, monstrous, and subject
to the seas’ Chief, the plight

and sink he tends to think in, how
useful he finds hubris to fuel storms
and feed his offspring, doctrine awash
in what he could wrap a hand around,
spear, or swallow whole among
the squabbling ships.

- B B Pine