What to pack for a hike!

The day pack I picked up at Meijer has really come in handy for my recent adventures. With each trip I learn new tricks, techniques, and lessons that help the next trek run smoother, safer, and less stressful. From my experience I have ultimately learned that nature is unpredictable, and it’s always important to be prepared no matter the situation!

Packing for a hike all depends on what kind of trail you plan to embark on. Below is a list of essential items that I always carry in my pack, even if I’m merely hiking a few miles in a local state park.

1. Water: never underestimate dehydration. It is especially important to pack an efficient amount of water for yourself if you’re heading out on a trail that will take the day to complete. From experience I’ve learned that it’s never a good time running out of water halfway through a hike. When you think you’ve packed enough, pack more.

2. Insect Repellant: I have different repellants for different occasions. Make sure that you pack a repellant that will be strong enough to protect you in your desired hiking location.

3. Sunscreen: Even if it’s a cloudy day, still keep a travel sized bottle in your pack just in case.

4. Rain Jacket/Poncho: You’ll thank yourself later when you’re staying dry in the woods during an unexpected downpour.

5. Headlamp/Flashlight: Perhaps the hike has taken you a lot longer than you’ve anticipated, having something to light your way in case you’re still out on the trail after dark, is definitely important! 

6. Hat: Just some extra protection from the elements!

7. Sunglasses: Because sun light blazing in your eyes is just plain annoying!

It’s also important to keep some emergency items with you. You never know what may happen, and on some hiking trails, there’s no gps or cell service to assist you. 

1. Compass

2. Matches

3. Pocket Knife

4. Flashlight Batteries

5. Inhaler, or other needed medications

6. Glasses/ extra contacts

7. Tissue

8. Ace Wrap

9. Trail Mix or Snacks

When packing your items, keep in mind that you want your bag to be as light as possible, but remember, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared! Happy Hiking! 

Hey loves , this past week , I was in LA hanging with some youtubers , and I thought why not show you guys how I get ready for a trip , what to pack , what electronics I take with me and clothing and makeup stuff I prefer to carry in my suitcase. I did a full on video the night before my departure as I was getting ready and doing my facial masks etc, you know all the girly stuff, I decided that I would sort of make a travel tips video . I also showed how I do my makeup so a ton of footage in this video that I think you guys would find it fun to watch on a Sunday. The vlog in LA will be coming soon as well . #travel #travelessentials #grwm #latrip #howtopack #packing #flyingout #gettingready #summer #vacation #trip #youtuber #beautyguru

Last week I was on a whirlwind work trip in #NewYork & today I am going on our 3rd grade class camping trip. My oh my what a difference a week makes! #TheSilverLining is that there are no Mosquitos in southern #California !

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Some of my most favourite comments in the book are from @brittdaniel from @spoontheband Sarcasm + Dry humour makes me very happy… You need to read them all, trust me. Thanks again Britt. (And thanks to my dog Beckham for not wanting me to leave) #packlikearockstar #howtopack #spoon

Packing tips everyone should know!

Packing for trips is not always easy. From having too many items to avoiding deep wrinkles, Luggage Factory will tell youUSAToday’s ten packing tips that will hopefully make packing less stressful! 

1. Roll you clothes to avoid deep wrinkles and save space
2. Make a packing list so nothing is forgotten
3. Know your airline’s baggage-fee policy to avoid extra charges
4. Follow TSA’s 3-1-1 rule to avoid anything being confiscated
5. Use your Carry-On Bag wisely
6. Wash your clothes on the road or in the sink to avoid heavy charges if your washing machines/dryers are not free
7. Pack dual-use garments instead of packing two separate outfits
8. Wear layers to save room in your luggage and pack in layers so the TSA can easily screen your luggage
9. Put your essential items (passport, jewelry, etc.) in your carry-on bag so your valuable items are always with you in case your luggage gets lost
10. Use packing aids to help keep your luggage organized

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With the holidays just around the corner packing tips could make the difference between carrying three pieces of luggage when you may just need one! Above you can see an example of eight full outfits including accessories that you can create using these simple tips, all of these items are sure to fit in just one bag!

1. Check the weather.
Traveling to an area you are not familiar with you want to make sure that you are packing appropriate clothing for their climate. Nothing will ruin your vacation more than not having climate appropriate clothing or worse having to spend on other clothing for extreme weather. Make sure to bring layered outfits if the climate tends to vary or is unpredictable.

2. Always pick your shoes first.
Shoes are definitely the bulkiest of all of your items so pick a couple neutral pairs (maybe black or brown) that are appropriate for your vacation itinerary and can be worn with multiple outfits. To save even more space plan on wearing the bulkiest pair on your way there.

3. Pack full outfits.
Plan your outfits in advance and take only pieces that are a part of those complete outfits. Taking extra items will only take up space and you will most likely not use them.

4. Multi-Purpose your pieces.
Try to pack as many items as you can that you can use more than once. Simple tops like the white one shown above is just one example of the many pieces that you can work into multiple outfits. Packing only one basic top versus one for each outfit will save you tons of space.

Hope this helps keep your mind off the packing so you can enjoy your holidays, have safe travels!

-Melissa B.

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