#Good Night

Things I did today:

- Watch TV : #DIY #HBO -#BigLove & #HowToMakeItInAmerica-
- Be on Tumblr all freaking day. 

Things I learned today.
-Dont fuck Bill’s mom She will cut your arm [#biglove]
-Keep your plans up no matter what other say [#HowToMakeItInAmerica]
-Dont you ever try to build your Dream Home, Keep your actual real job going, make a vineyard, get pregnant and raise a 12months old kid at the same time. Something gotta give example the vineyard might suffer [#DIY]
-If you are in US and a guy approaches you saying that he will help you fix your backyard please let the guy work you might win a hot tub, a amazing bbq area with many cool toys and a grass that doesnt need to be mowed. :D [#DIY]
-Realtors know what they are saying pay attention to what the say. Well most of them [#DIY]
-Have more than a plan A or B… there are 26 letter on the alphabet [#DIY] #BigLove & #HowToMakeItInAmerica]

Who said you can’t learned anything from watching TV. I always do.

Good Night. Rest Well.



I’ve got mixed feelings after HBO announced today that they would be cancelling How To Make It In America, Bored To Death, and Hung. I know HTMIIA wasn’t the best show ever, but it seemed to just be getting good and I will definitely miss it. BTD I can take it or leave it so no huge loss there. Last I am super happy that HBO got rid of Hung because I hated that show.

This Just In...

Lake Bell looking nothing short of sensational for Oyster magazine.

While we continue to mourn the loss of How to Make it in America, we’ll take anything Lake-related we can get our mitts on.

Thankfully, Oyster has provided a shiny beacon of hope during these dark times, interviewing and getting snap happy with the achingly beautiful Bell. 


Get the rest of your LB fix in Issue 97, available now.