Maximize And Lengthen Your Natural Lashes WIth Acrylic Primer

Take your eyelashes to the max with eyelash acrylic primer. Acrylic primers are used before applying your mascara. This formula comes in a white creamy like substance that blends in with your natural lashes seamlessly while adhering to your eyelashes. Using acrylic eyelash primers will extend your lashes by thickening and lengthening t

hem so that they will be better suit for applying your mascara. After you have applied your eyelash acrylic make sure to wait a few moments before applying your mascara to give the primer time to work its magic. To further increase the length of your lashes jiggle the mascara wand at the base of your eyelashes then gently move up the curl of your lashes towards the ends to coat each strand.

Maximize The Length & Strength Of Your Lashes From Within

Long eyelashes can make eyes look bigger, fuller, and simply stunning. Poor eating habits and abuse are the key factors as to why most women lack healthy, thick, long lashes. The lash root is very delicate which makes it easy for lashes to break and fall out. Protein enriched foods are especially beneficial to eye lash growth, since hair is made up entirely of proteins. Eating fish, dairy, meat, fruit, vegetable, and beans provides your body with amino acids with are later broken down to replace the protein in the body. 

Eating foods like tuna, turkey, chicken, beef, eggs, cheese, broccoli, and kidney beans will help to strengthen your eyelash bed and lengthen your eyelashes from within. Sleeping with mascara or false lashes are a sure fire way to loose your precious eyelashes so, make sure to gently remove any cosmetic products from your lashes before going to bed at night. A natural way to remove mascara or lash glue will be to apply coconut oil or vitamin E to your lashes and massage it in to break up the product.

Effortless Brown Natural Smokey Eye Look 

Smokey eyes don’t always have to be dramatic but, they should always be sultry! To achieve this look you will need to prep your eyes with a illuminising primer with hints of sparkle to give your eyes a glowy finish. The brown pigment you are going for should be at least be 2-3 shades darker than your natural skin tone. Use a wet brush to apply your pigment to give off a dewy finish, this will help to intensify the brown eyeshadow. With a small pointed eyeshadow brush lightly dust the brown pigment across the bottom of your lashe line and buff it out. Define your brow bone with a tan colored eyeshadow pigment to give definition to your eyebrows. Apply a dark black mascara to your upper and lower lashes line and finish your lips off with a peachy coral tinted lipgloss.

How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner Error Free

Choose the type of liquid eyeliner you want to use. You can use liquid eyeliner with a wand applicator or liquid eyeliner with a sponge tip, similar to a felt-tip pen. Practice using both and go with the eyeliner you feel most comfortable with.

Select the color of your liquid eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner’s purpose is to create fullness and thickness in the eyelashes, so choose the same color as the mascara you plan to use for a more natural look.

Rest one elbow on a flat surface, like your bathroom counter, to help steady your hand. Close one eye and lift that eyelid gently with your non-dominant hand.

Apply the liquid eyeliner as close as possible to the lash line. Make a series of small marks, instead of one straight line across, to give you more control of the eyeliner. Connect the series of small marks as you move along the lash line.

Repeat Step 4 on your other eye. Check both eyes carefully in a mirror. Small mistakes and smudges can be erased using a dab of liquid eye makeup remover on a cotton swab.

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Grow Your Eyebrows Back With Olive Oil 

After several months or even years of plucking, threading, or waxing can cause your eyebrows to become thin or nonexistent. If you are in desperate need to grow your eyebrows back to the fullness and thickness that you truly desire, olive oil massages should become a part of your daily beauty routine. Olive oil helps to block the hormone DTH which causes ha

ir to shed or decrease in thickness so, just imagine the positive results you could gain if you applied it two times a day! 

The best way to increase eyebrow hair growth with olive oil will be to buy a professional eyebrow brush that has stiff-angled bristles that provides maximum control for creating and defining the eyebrows. Apply the olive oil directly to your problem areas and use the eyebrow brush bristles to swipe across your eyebrows in the same direction that your hair naturally grows. After 3-4 weeks of using this method you should begin to see great results and lots of sprouting strands of hair.

Bold Black Lipstick Trend 

6 Steps To Achieve The Look 

Selecte you lipstick based on color and quality, you are ready to apply. Take your black lip-liner and trace the edges of your lips, making sure your lines are clean and precise. Fill in your lips gently with the lip-liner. This will hold your lipstick in place.

Take your lip brush and dab your black lipstick out of the tube. Gently apply the lipstick, using the brush. Take your time and make sure you have filled in the lip-liner completely. Be especially careful of not letting any pink from your inner lip show when you close your mouth. While you can apply black lipstick straight from the tube, this is risky as it often results in a smudgier, harder-to-control look and can run over your lip-liner. Some choose to apply from the tube anyway, since they want that harsher, heavier look.

Blot your black lipstick carefully using a tissue. Use a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover to straighten out any smudges at the edge of your lips.

These following steps are optional but can bring your whole look together. For a high shine, glamorous look, use a clear lip gloss. Apply the gloss to the middle of your bottom lip and press your lips together for a subtler shine. As there is nothing subtle about black lipstick, however, you may choose to carefully coat your full bottom and top lips with the gloss, using a cotton swab to clean up the edges. You will make a mess of your lip gloss, as the black lipstick stains the brush, so have a lip gloss solely for this purpose.

Instead of, or even in addition to, the lip gloss, you may choose to apply another colored lipstick over the black lipstick to give your lips an interesting hue. This is best achieved with a dark red or purple lipstick. This technique gives your lips a vamp look and while still bold, can soften the harshness of black lipstick and transform it into something truly glamorous.

No matter how you choose to wear black lipstick, your eyeliner is very important. While you should keep the rest of your makeup quite subtle, as the lipstick is the statement, you need strong eyeliner to balance out your face. Use a liquid eyeliner and keep the lines clean and bold. A cat-eye or other creative edging allows the face to be balanced but still allows the black to dominate your look.

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Condition Your Eyelashes With Camphor Oil

Our lashes protect our eyes. To maintain healthy, thick lashes, it’s important that you wash off your eye makeup before bed every night! After washing off your eye makeup, apply a little camphor oil on your finger tips on your lashes gently.

You may also apply camphor oil on your eye brows to keep them full. Camphor essential oil is extracted from camphor trees which grow in the tropical areas around the world. Camphor oil helps to condition the lashes making them soft and airy.