Gif tutorial

I’ve been asked how do I make my gifs and I find it hard to explain so I thought I’ll do a sort of tutorial to help everyone.
Before I start, I would just like to warn you making gifs is addictive.

To make gifs I use Photoshop CS5 and Camtasia Studio 8, I haven’t bought either of them I just keep downloading it when the trial runs out.

First of all you need to select the piece you want to gif. For the tutorial I’m just going to use the TARDIS going through the time vortex.
For this you need to open camtasia studio 8 and click on ‘Record the screen’ in the left hand side corner. When you do this it should come up over the piece you are gifing.

Once you’ve done that you need to get to the part you want to gif (I’m doing it off my DVD’s but it will be the same with others like youtube too) then click 'rec’. When you have recorded the part you want then either press 'stop’ or 'F 10’. When you have stopped it, it should look like this

After that you need to click 'Save and Edit’. Make sure you save it as ’(*.avi) file’ as the 'Camtasia Recording Files (*.camrec)’ doesn’t work in photoshop.

When you have saved it, make sure you name it something simple as when it comes to finding it, it might be quite hard. 

once you have done all that, you can close Camtasia studio 8, you won’t need it any more.

Next step you will need to open photoshop. when you have you need to click on 'File’ 'import’ 'video frames to layers’ like this

Then find the clip you want and select it. 
When you've selected it, it should come up like this 

The parts I have highlighted you will need to click on. When you have you will need to hold down shift while using the slider or the arrows (I tend to hold down shift and use my arrows on my keyboard). 
Click 'ok’ when you are happy with what you’ve got.

At the bottom of the screen you should now have your frames, like this

My advice is to try and not have many frames as it will take up to much and your gif won’t be as big as you’ll probably want it. 

Hold down 'Ctrl’ on your keyboard and click on each frame and change them to 0.2 (You don’t have to do this but I tend to, so it slows the gif down).

Once you have done that you need to click on 'file’ then 'Save for web and devices…’ like this


Which should then come up like this

Tumblr can only hold gifs when less than 1mb. If you put it on being over it simply won’t play which I have done in the past. If your gif is more than 1mb you can turn up the 'Lossy’ which is on the right side here 

I usually use 15 to about 21 if the gif takes up to much.

I play around with the size depending on how much it has taken up, if you are making it into a set then you can make it fairly small, but if its single you need to make sure you haven’t used as many frames so you have the mb to make it bigger. 

once you have done that click 'Save’ and you have your self a gif.

I hope this tutorial has helped anyone who is wanting to make a gif, please feel free if you get stuck to message me, my ask box is always open and I’ll try my best to help.

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How to make gifs

Making gifs is super easy. First you want to have photoshop cs5. When you have it you have to update your quicktime (if you don’t have quicktime then download it) to the newest version. To actually get the videos you can download them from youtube via keepvid or via VDownloader 

How to Download youtube videos via keepvid: 

Go to youtube, and find the video you want to make a gif of. It has to be a high quality video (780p or more), the more high quality, the better the gif. 

So once you have opened your vid, under it there is a tab that says “share" 

Click it, and a html will be posted, copy the html and go to and paste it here:

Now a pop up will occur and you have to press the "run” button. Then a drop down menu will (drop down) and you can choose the format you want the video. ALWAYS CHOOSE MP4 NO MATTER WHAT.  And make sure to use the highest quality possible (1080p), or the next highest one.

and the problem with using keepvid is that it takes FOREVER for the video to download, so if you’re using it, be patient. 

Using VDownloader is my personal choice because you don’t have to wait as long for the video to download. Using VDownloader is the same thing but it’s a program instead of a website. Follow the instructions and download the video. 

Congrats! You’ve taken the first step.

Open PhotoShop… if you have downloaded PhotoShop remember to run as administrator.

Go to File>Import>Video frames to layers 

and now find your video and load…

and make sure that these two are checked. Now go to the part that you want to make the gif of.

Now SHIFT+CLICK the arrows on the right until you have the part that you want highlighted in dark gray… 

Press OK and there should be a big video screen on your photoshop. 

Go to Window<Animation

and check it off.

Now this should appear.

a little window with a bunch of panels. You’re going to notice the shear amount of panels there are… those are the layers of the gif.

Now we are going to resize the gif to fit tumblr..

go to >image>image size

and make sure the constrain proportions is checked. You can find that at the bottom of the little pop up window. Now type 500 into the width and…


The gif is now sized… I know t looks tiny but that’s because you need to magnify it to 100%

There’s a percentage number on the top of photoshop, click it and set it to 100%…

Now your gif is perfect but too long. To shorten the number of layers just highlight the ones you don’t need (Shift+click the first and last layer that you don’t want) and press the trash can at the bottom of photoshop.

and now you should have between 10 to 16 layers. If you don’t then you have to delete some more. On the window with all the panels on the bottom will not be changed though, so you need to do the same, click the first panel that no longer has a picture and click the last one and they should be highlighted

press the little trashcan UNDER the panels and delete the layers. 

Now you should have a nice gif… if it looks strange it’s because you need to sharpen them now. This is the most tedious part, but if you don’t want to, you don’t need to. Sometimes, sharpening messes up a gif.

First click the first panel and highlight it, and click the first layer on the right and higlight it. There should be a little eye on the first layer and if it isn’t then you did something wrong. 


now go to Filter>Sharpen>Sharpen

and now the layers should blink and the layer is sharpened. You have to do this to each layer but you don’t have to go manually to the Filter>Sharpen etc… you can just press CTRL+F for the rest of them, but you have to manually do it for the first one. 

If it looks better then you did it! Now play the gif and you’ll see it’s a bit fast, unless you want a speedy gif than you’ll have to change it. Highlight the first and last layer on the panel window (SHIFT+CLICK)

and look at the little numbers at the bottom of one of them…

and click the upside down arrow, now a little window will open on the frame and that is the time per frame thingy. Now change it to .1 because that’s the one I always use… If it’s too fast then change it to .2 or .3

Play your gif and see if you like it, if you don’t then delete photoshop alltogether and sit there like a potato.


Now look at the size of your gif. It has to be under 1 mb, so 999k and under will do. 

a little too big so look to the right and you’ll see a bunch of colors. click one of them and click the garbage can, delete colors until you have under 1mb. NEVER GO UNDER 100 COLORS if you do it will look crappy.

If that doesn’t work, go to the dither on the top of the window. 

put the dither lower until it goes under 1mb. Never go under 80% it will look bad. First change the dither to 99% to see if it goes under 1mb

Now your gif should be under 1mb 


now save and you’re done yay!!

Go to tumblr and upload via photo.

this is the finished product: 

If you have any questions, please ask!!

anonymous asked:

fucking bitch. "google". go fuck yourself. its a simple question. just fucking answer the damn question. stop trying to act all cool and better than everyone.

oh my god how can you be that lazy? just google it. but ok i’ll explain it to you and you’ll see why i don’t feel like answering this question every fucking time someone asks me

first, you choose a video. you select the.. moment you want to make a gif of and pause the video where you want the gif to begin. take a screenshot of this, paste it in photoshop. play and pause really quick on the video, make sure that you don’t skip too much of the video between the screenshots or the gif will look really poorly made. paste the new screenshot and keep doing this for another 8 frames. make sure all of the screenshots are on different layers. now, you make all of the screenshot besides the first one invisible. then, you make a new frame, make the next layer visible and continue doing this for the rest of the layers. now you choose the duration, which should be at around 0.1 seconds. 
now for saving it, you need to “save for web and devices”. make sure that the gif isn’t over 500kb (if it’s 500kb it won’t move, it needs to be 499+499 or less) and 500x500 px. if changing the pixel size isn’t enough you can reduce the amount of colors on the gif (maximin is 256) until you reach a good file size. that’s probably about it.

so now, you can go fuck yourself instead cause there is NO WAY that i can be bothered to write this every fucking time someone asks. i’m not the tumblr gif teacher really, i don’t have any obligiation to teach anyone how to make gifs. so, i think that google is a much easier solution. that’s how i learned.