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oh ok :) well but why can’t you just go with them just because you’ve already been to england i mean what’s the problem is it too expensive or? i’m from germany btw lol

because my trip to england was really expensive yet they afforded it, and then my sister started to complain that i’m traveling abroad and she’s not so my family planned this trip to germany and my sister says that if i’d join them it wouldn’t be fair because i got the chance to travel abroad this summer and ugh sometimes i just hate her

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i was tagged by: flawlessjdb and justindrewz

flawlessjdb’s questions:

what’s your name? puck

where are you from? the netherlands

do you prefer your online friends or your real life friends? online i guess. well i prefer jamie over most of my real life friends

favorite movie? the hunger games

favorite song atm? boyfriend & middle of nowhere

favorite shops? uh… h&m?

dream vacation? stratford. no lie.

favorite celebrities? justin, selena & jennifer

does any of your friends have tumblr ? yep

do you like my blog? yes :)

justindrewz’ questions: 

Favorite talk show? ellen :)

If you could be a celebrity for one day who would you be and why? selena.. justin’s  her bf ;) aaand she’s freaking gorg.

Favorite color? purple c;

Most embrassing moment in your life? im not gonna tell

What’s the name of your best friend? julia

if you’d get 1 million dollor what would you do with them? buy tickets for all justin’s concerts

Best placed you’ve ever visit? china

A place you’d like to make vacation? stratford

Favorite song at the moment? boyfriend and middle of nowhere

Your insperation? justin :)

What do you think of my blog? flawless!

my questions:

why did you join tumblr?

what is your ultimate celebrity ship?

favorite clothing?

favorite blog on here?

favorite song atm?

your guilty pleasure?

best book you’ve ever read?

okay, fuck/marry/kill -> justin bieber, zayn malik, josh hutcherson?

whats your instagram?

what do you love most about your idol?

do you keep your tumblr life secret from real life people?