I promise you I didn’t think me putting on a bikini and taking mirror selfies with my tablet was going to be a big deal, lol! Because I’m getting hella questions about where these come from, here’s the answer and some other facts:

1) The floral and stripe set is from Forever21.
2) The black set isn’t actually a set.
3) The black bottoms are from Forever21, however the black top is from ASOS.
4) For a size reference, all 3 items from Forever21 are an XL and fit true to size imo. Very comfortable.
5) The top from ASOS is in my bra size, 36DD, and is also true to size.
6) I actually didn’t intend to wear the black items together. Just trying them on. I have other plans for the black top. Stay tuned.

Glad you guys like! I’ll post more swimwear as I acquire it if you want! ^_^


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