I feel like there's no feminist at home.

At least, those who have feminists beliefs refuse to admit it.  The only people in my town (that I know of) who consider themselves feminists are my mum and dad.  It upsets me so much.  Even my sister got mad at me for being so adamant about women’s rights.  When I was complaining about how the government isn’t doing much for women right now, she told me none of that matters because “it’s not like people are actually going to vote against women.”

Well, guess what?  Senate Republicans just blocked a bill that would mandate equal pay for equal work.  Yeah, in 2012, it’s still not illegal to pay women less because they’re women.

I just need more feminists around me, people who understand the issues at hand.

This is why I need Zoe, Meg, and Audrey with me at all times.