How to get As in your exams

Here is how I study or revise for exams:

1) Condensing my notes

So my subjects are normally split into topics and then into chapters. So for example; Maths - Calculus - Coordinate Geometry. So to begin condensing I would make notes on each chapter on an A4 page (bullet points, mind maps etc). I condense notes by reading through the textbook and my notes from throughout the year and picking whatever I feel is important. (Remember to think: “could I write this/use this in an exam?” to determine whether it is important) Then I would condense these notes and create an A4 page on the whole topic (these notes will be very broad but should contain the hardest to remember information). You could then condense the whole subject onto one page, if you wanted to.

2) Flashcards/ Cue cards

Flashcards should have questions on one side and answers on the other. The questions and the answers should be short. Flashcards only really work if the subject is information based (like history, some parts of science, religious studies etc). For languages, having your first language on one side and your second language on the other will help with vocabulary.

As you use flashcards place the ones you know and answer immediately in one pile (“easy” pile) and the rest in another (“hard” pile). Each session continue to go through the “hard” pile until it is non-existent. Go through these flashcards as much as possible before bed.

3) (essay based subjects) Write plans

Right, essays are my worst nightmare but this year I got an A in my essay based subject because of this technique.

Find every past exam question and compile them. Add to this list any questions you think could come up this year.

Now using marked essays from your teacher and hopefully with some help from them, you should know the perfect structure for the essays you will need to write. Using this main structure you need to write a VERY brief plan for each question that might come up. These brief plans help you to think about each question, so you’ve already created an opinion and thought about what evidence you need to know before the exam. It also helps you to know what information is unusable in an exam and therefore what not to put on the summary pages.

4) Practise questions

Self explanatory really… Maths subjects, just practise, practise, practise. For essay subjects, use your brief plans and write TIMED essays. Then after a while stop using the plans and just do questions from scratch. If timing is a problem, use a stopwatch and time how long it takes to write the essay. Then work on going faster. The more you practise the faster you will be able to go. (I cut ten minutes off my essay times in a month using this method, something about watching time tick away helps you write faster).

5)“Don’t Forget” page

This is a page of A4 that contains everything you always forgot/got wrong in your practise questions. It should also contain things that always came up frequently in the flashcard “hard” pile. This is the page that you hold in the queue outside the exam and throw in the bin as you walk past going into the hall. You should make this page the day before or the morning before the exam. Once this page has been completed forget any other studying and focus on relaxing and learning this one page.

Using these methods you should be able to ace your exams with relatively little stress and effort on the day.


10 Min Guided Meditation for Stress Relief via @MEME.TSUNG


I was referred to this site online retail site called Schoola, and I got $50 worth of clothes for free and I wanted to share it with my lovely followers and friends. Thank you to the beautiful sunflower named Bridgette for referring my to this site, she’s also known as tumblr user flee. I hope she doesn’t mind that I’m using her instructions to help you guys out.

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A man gives his 14-month-old son a skateboard and zero instruction.

Growth Mindset: How to Normalize Mistake Making and Struggle in Class

To help both teachers and parents, Stanford’s PERTS Center has teamed up with the Teaching Channel to produce videos that demonstrate process praise and productive struggle. PERTS has developed a toolkit to support the adults in children’s lives who are struggling to change their practice.


Friday Night Fix: 24/7 Waterline  Eye Pencil

Today we’re sharing a sneak peek of a holiday launch that we know you guys are going to love - our new 24/7 Waterline Eye Pencil.  

Developed specifically for use on the inner rim in the waterline (and fully legit), this creamy, demo-matte pencil lays down waterproof color that lasts ALL day. We’re launching this pencil in five shades, so keep your eye on our Facebook page to get notified first when it’s available. 

TGIF, UDers! 

Gotta couple rolls of paracord leftover from your BFF bracelet bash? For that host looking for the coast with the most…ditch the store bought stack and go big & bright with some DIY neon swirls. These multicolored spirals are easy to create and make a majorly fun tabletop statement! 

To create: Use scissors to cut two sets of paracord in 12" and 20" lengths in two different colors. Use a lighter to burn and seal the ends of the paracord. On a protected surface, swirl and glue the 12" pink paracord together with a paint brush. Continue swirling and glueing with the 12" blue paracord, followed by the 20" pink piece then the 20" blue piece. Let dry for an hour then coat the entire surface with a thin layer of glue to seal in your creation.  Get creative and make a set of coasters with various colors and fun patterns.


Free Crochet Pattern>> Fall Crochet Cowl!

Hello there and Happy Tuesday! Thought I’d share a new Fall inspired crochet pattern on the blog! I also, created the leaf backdrop as a DIY project as well!

☀️Also, there is an end of Summer sale still going on until 8/31, for 20% off the total purchase of everything in the shoppe, using the coupon code: summerdreamer (Source:

How to Respond When Someone You Love Tells You They Witch/Craft

“I love you.”

“Thank you for telling me.”

“I support you.”

“I’m so glad you’ve found something that fulfills you.”

“I know how hard this must have been for you to tell me. Thank you for trusting me.”

“I’m excited for you.”

“I’d like to know more when you’re ready to share. Whenever you’re ready to talk, I’d love to learn more.”

“What have you learned so far?”

“I’m not going anywhere.”

Even if you have a different belief system. Even if you don’t believe anything. Even if it’s not a big deal to you that your loved one witches or crafts, and even if you don’t understand why society makes such a big deal over crafting or witching. 

Be loving, be gentle, be affirming.
Demystifying the Magic Loop Method in Knitting
It may sound mystical, but the knitting magic loop is really so easy. Try a new way to knit in the round with this tutorial on knitting the magic loop.

I was super excited to see this! Does anyone already do this instead of dpns?? I for sure am excited to give it a try, especially when I decide it’s time to try a pair of socks!


Friday Night Fix: Blackmail

Our brand new Matte Revolution Lipstick is a major office obsession. This lip collection is super-creamy and nondrying —your lips will look AND feel amazing when you’re wearing one of these nine shades.

Today we want to show you how Veronica in our Product Development team rocks Blackmail, a deep berry wine, for an amped up Friday night look.  First she line her lips with our Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil to prevent feathering and hold this deep color in place. She then lines her entire lip in our 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in Blackmail. The last step is layering our Matte Revolution Lipstick in Blackmail for a bold lip that makes a serious statement.

UDers, where would you rock this lip service?

Hey guys! My new blog post is finally up! Sorry it took so long - I ended up redoing almost all of it.

Part 1 of this series goes over online selling platforms - mostly Etsy and your own website. I’ve decided from here on out to discuss Etsy only since that’s what most people are interested.

You can find the post here:

Or you can click the link in my profile to my website and find it under the Blog section.

I will have part two up next week. I will be discussing Etsy and Paypal fees then. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them here or on the blog post. :)

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Im feeling this so hard right now. “#howto ruin a night REAL quick”


How to Quickly Create Vocabulary Lists from a Document

Vocabulist enables students to upload a document and have it extract words and definitions from it. Each word in the document is matched to a definition. If the definition rendered isn’t exactly right, students can modify it within Vocabulist. Once the list of words and definitions is set students can download the list as a PDF or export the list to Quizlet where it will then be turned into a set of digital flashcards.