Something a little different today! Here’s the workflow that I go through with every animation for The Iron Oath. Total time spent for this attack was 10-12 hours.

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Creating water effects <3

Beginners guide: your first days in a student residence

What is more exciting than starting a new semester/ a new college year? Starting a new semester/ a new college year and moving into a student residence! As the first few days can be very thrilling and exciting I decided to provide you with a beginners guide for your first days in a student residence.


  • Don’t panic. Of course, everything is super exciting when you A) start a new chapter in your life and B) don’t know anyone yet. However, you shouldn’t panic at all. Like all the other students you are here to learn something new, make new experiences and get to know nice people. That’s all. You don’t have to find your new BFF or future husband/wife in the first days in college/university.
  • Be sweet. Most likely you have a favorite kind of candy. Be it a package of Oreos, M&M’s, Haribo or Reese’s - bring it from home. When you meet new people you can offer them candy (who doesn’t like that?) and you can use it as a conversation starter. Ask the other person if he/she has eaten that candy before, what his/her favorite snack is and what dishes are typical in the country he or she is coming from.
  • Be 100% YOU. People will notice if you are a wannabe. Don’t try to be someone that you aren’t. Dress in the clothes you feel most comfortable in and talk to others about topics that you really have a passion for. Your fellow dorm mates will like this authenticity.
  • Take advantage of speed-dating. This has nothing to do with tinder. But it has to do with getting in touch with as many people as possible. Be open, introduce yourself to your roommate or your room neighbors and get to know them. Ask them questions regarding their studies, home countries, music preferences, sport, style or whatever comes into your mind. 
  • Open your door. An open-door-policy is very helpful in the first couple of days in your residence. By doing that, you signal fellow students that you are open to getting to know new people and it will be easier for others to get in touch with you. In case you don’t like the noise from the hallway or being watched like a zoo animal you can also close the door and put a sign on your door that says ‘Happy to meet you. Please come in.’
  • Close your door. The only time that you shouldn’t stick to the open-door-policy is when you are leaving your room. Close the door and lock it.


  • Take pictures. Document and photograph every aspect of your dorm room that is not working properly. Contact your housing office as soon as possible and inform them about the defects that you have found. This has two advantages. First, your housing office is going to fix the damage (or in extreme cases allocate you to another room) and your deposit is not at risk because you reported everything appropriately.
  •  Put your suitcases away. When you arrive in your dorm room you should get your clothes and everything that you brought from home out of your suitcases as soon as possible. By giving every object a dedicated space you will settle in more quickly. Living out of your suitcases for the first couple of days is inefficient, annoying and doesn’t feel like home.
  • Decorate. It is difficult to feel like home in a room where the furniture has been bought by other people, the color of the wall is not the one that you would have chosen and your bed feels totally different. The fastest way to change that is to decorate your dorm room a little bit with things that you like. Bring some pictures from your family, friends and your pet, buy some little lanterns, plants, a favorite cup or a blanket and give your room a little atmosphere. It will feel more like home if you add your style.


  • Tell everyone. It is necessary to change your address as soon as possible and tell your bank, your university, your insurance companies, family and friends where they can find you from now onwards. Make sure that you check the mailbox on a regular basis.
  • Go shopping. You don’t have a decent pillow yet? You forgot to bring a towel and your fridge is not ready for breakfast? In the first couple of days, everybody at your residence is in a similar situation. Why don’t you ask some of your dorm mates to go on a little shopping trip? Head to IKEA and buy the things that you require or discover a supermarket together.
  • Get out of the dorm. Most probably your dorm is in a city that you are not familiar with. Build a squad with other city-newbies and discover the city you are going to study in. Perhaps you will find your future favorite sports bar or coffee shop and you will get a basic concept and a feeling for the city and its culture.
  • Look for the unknown. Be curious about the new environment and the people you are from now living with. It is ok to feel a little bit homesick in the beginning and to stick to the familiar things. However, you will make the most out of this time when you get out of your comfort zone, adapt to local culture, try different food and talk to students that are not from your former university or your country. Be brave and curious.

Don’t forget it is absolutely normal and human to be nervous and excited about moving into the student residence. Everybody feels the same in this first days. So be kind, relax and smile and you’ll master it.

Hi everyone, back again with another masterpost! I decided to do a guide to highlighting, I find highlighting extremely useful when I do my revision. It allows me to locate key pieces of information very fast, thus it is important to only highlight crucial details.  

Please note that this is just a guideline, so change and alter it for your usage.

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If you have any requests for masterpost please send me a message!

Much love,

Bri xx


As always I would like to emphasize again that we all try our best in helping out. So don’t worry if you’re not able to do most of what’s written here. What’s important is you try to do your best given the available time you have and funds/resources! ^_^ Here are a list of things we can do to help bangtan every comeback.


Only Korean Music Apps counts towards winning in Music Shows. And this criteria often takes up half of the points to win so it’s very important. MELON is the main important app but there’s also GENIE, NAVER.. etc… 

MELON APP - you have to purchase a streaming pass to be able to stream the album/songs to make it count. iOS users can buy their own pass. Android users you need to ask help from iOS users to use your account and buy the pass for you. I bought mine from here. [HOW TO: MELON APP]

NAVER APP - !!!THEY GIVE OUT FREE STREAMING PASS!!! Yes free! You just have to sign up and follow instructions to get it. [HOW TO: NAVER APP]


It only counts if you buy from stores/online shops that counts the purchase in Gaon or Hanteo charts, otherwise your purchase won’t count. We always get good results on this so it really helps bangtan for music show wins as well. So if you can please do consider buying the albums! [LIST HERE]


Streaming and buying the album from here counts for Billboard charts so they’re important too. Please do consider purchasing from here as well and streaming on spotify to help bangtan with their Billboard ranking.


This is to make sure that every time you view the MV, it counts. The result of the views counts towards helping bangtan win in Music Shows. Not only that, we always try to get a lot of views for the first 24 hours. Please do not reupload the video on other sites, stop others from doing it as well, make sure the views only goes to the main one on bighit’s channel. [HOW TO: YOUTUBE MV]


Each music shows have different criteria. But most really have more points for digital streaming. Will post more info if there’s some voting to be done preshow. [LIST OF MUSIC SHOWS AND INFO]

Please feel free to send me an ask or chat msg for any questions!! I reply faster if you’re off anon. Thanks again ARMYs for always doing your best in helping Bangtan~ Let’s also enjoy and have fun this comeback!!!! 

So I went college shopping way back with some friends (including @studious-kiddo) and I compiled a college packing list. Now, as I actually start to pack for college I thought I might make a post about it. But, because it’s my first time actually packing for college, I really am not qualified to offer any sort of advice so I’ve pulled some of the posts that have helped me decide what I should and should not bring to college. There’s a lot of other posts out there that are amazing, but these are the ones I happened to stumble across. Hope it’s helpful!

  • College provided list: I started with this list that was offered on the Barnard website. It basically outlined everything that my room had, what I was and wasn’t allowed to bring, and some suggested items.
  • Complete College Checklist by @preparingforcollegeblog - This was just a long list of literally everything that I might need to bring. So I cross referenced this with what my college had given and added whatever I didn’t already have on my list.
  • My College Dorm Packing List by @produitivity - This also had a really long list of stuff that I would need, but it also had some short explanations for why you might need something.

The following lists were lists of things that a person might not think to bring to college or to leave at home. They’re more specific and by no means comprehensive. But they all provide some really good explanations of why you will (or will not) need something. 

Hello Everyone, 

I’m Brianna and this is my first ever masterpost! I have decided to show you how to use one note for a student, I’m a first-year psychology student and have found one note extremely useful. 

I have a notebook for each subject as well as an overview/planner. This enables me to be able to organise everything very effectively. Each notebook is colour coded, I use the same system in my bullet journal to distinguish subjects.

Then I have created a semester planner, with a tab for each subject. I include any readings, assignment and exams I have. When using one note there are tags, much similar to the bullet journal, for my planner in front of every task I have an ‘to do’ box, this helps me prioritise and understand on a large scale of what I have to do.

For the other sections of the College Overview, I have a highlighting code, which is very important for me because I often forget it, as well as my timetable and my study planner. If you would like me to discuss these more in-depth, please let me know!

In my class notebooks, I have five sections; Lectures, Tutorials, Workshops, Textbook Notes, and assignments. In all sections but the assignment one, I have a page for each week. In these pages I write all my class notes down, this makes it extremely easy for exams when I am revising!

As a bonus One Note automatically syncs with your Microsoft account, thus if your computer crashes and deletes everything, all your notes will be safe! 

Thank you so much for reading my masterpost! if you have any questions about one note or anything else please feel free to message me! much love, bri xx

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Soribada will be having their first award show event on September 20th. Soribada is like Melon App that you can stream/purchase music on. Bangtan is nominated in 2 categories and in which there’s voting~

For android you can download the APK file, for ios you need to change the country of your apple id to SK to be able to download the app. You can vote on PC but you need to change your IP to Korea.

Tutorial and all the information HOW TO on BTSxMVP twitter page here:

Teamwork makes the dream work~ ^_^


Just do it |
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The Poor Man’s Guide to an Easy No-Sew Doll Wig Cap and Wig

Do you have a bald doll? Do you have absolutely no ability to sew or make wigs? Well it’s your lucky day! Because with The Poor Man’s Guide to an Easy No-Sew Doll Wig Cap and Wig, your bald dolly can have hair in no time! *yaaaaaaaaaaay*

The first thing you need is some tacky glue, a cruddy paint brush that you couldn’t care less if it died in a fire, and saran wrap!

Wrap your dolly’s head in the saran wrap like you’re trying to suffocate it! Seriously, stretch the saran wrap downward so there’s as few wrinkles as possible, and secure it tightly with a rubber band / twist tie / etc.

Wrap the doll’s head tightly again, but this time with a thin fabric that you will use as the base of the wig. I used thin cotton. start painting a layer of tacky glue alllll over the head.

Let the tacky glue dry (you may want to do a few layers) and when the fabric has hardened, you can cut the cap to the shape of the hairline. If you cut the saran wrap, you must wrap the doll again! Keep the doll covered safely in plastic wrap!

Apply hair (whatever you wanted to use, faux fur, alpaca, etc) by adding a small chunk at a time. Be sure to remove any undercoat or extra fluff from each bunch before applying to the wig cap. Paint the spot where you want to apply with glue, add hair, paint over again with glue to secure.

Go row by row until you reach the top.

This is where it gets tricky - It’s hard to see in the photos, but first you apply a chunk of hair going *against* the direction you want it to lay. Then, you add a small amount of glue and *fold* the hair so that it lays flowing in the correct direction, and creates a nice looking part in the hair.

And there it is! The Poor Man’s Easy No-Sew Doll Wig Cap and Wig! Enjoy!

!Extra tips!
+This method works with faux fur, alpaca, fibers of all sorts, thread, feathers, whatever you want! The glue is what worked best for us! There is nothing set in stone, Get creative!
+Drawing on a dried wig cap can help if you need to know where your part will be and which direction you want your hair to go!
+This is an excellent method for boyish or pixie wigs! Cutting as you go is also possible, but the end result can look a little choppy if you aren’t careful. For some people though, its much easier to cut as you go to create a more layered look!
+THE WIG CAP WILL END UP A HARDCAP! It will only fit similar dolls to the one you made it for!
+You can also keep a pair of scissors handy to cut into wefts first, paint glue on, and then add them.
+Laying down Saran Wrap on your workstation can help with keeping an easy to clean spot. 
+Glue WILL dry on the brush. In our experience, hay brushes are the easiest and don’t stick to the fibers as much.
+The finished products are delicate, and should only need light brushing or treatment with appropriate products!
+There is no set method for the part, everyone has their own method!

Lastly, if you use this tutorial, we would LOVE to see your wigs! :)
Here are some made using the method here!

stomach massage can provide relief for indigestion, tension, and menstrual cramps. in japan, the entire stomach area is referred to as the hara, and it is considered to be the energy center for the entire body. 

to massage yourself
- place the palm of your hand near your navel
- make gentle circles around your navel in a clockwise motion
- try pressing with your fingertips as you continue to slowly circle
- if you find a sore spot, stop and hold the pressure for a moment, and breathe deeply into your belly
- at the end of the session, hodl your hand still over your navel for a moment
- take deep breaths, and let your shoulders relax

here a little time-lapse video.

from now on, until the end of my kickstarter, i will share daily time-lapse videos of each days work to keep my backers posted about the development of the project. to see the one video a day of my drawings back my project

Important lessons from life drawing

I was thinking about what life drawing can teach me and if I need it and why. Actually those are valid questions to ask. We shouldn’t just do thing because someone says so. We should be able to understand how things we do affects us and how it will be useful for our work. We should know If we can improve and how from the experience. If you want life drawing to help you develop your skills you need to identify your problems firsts. But the usual problems of many artists are the fear of drawing, fear of failing, putting too much pressure on making the perfect picture. In the end artists don’t even start drawing and have problems with coming up with ideas from imagination.I found a perfect solution in life drawing and I want to share why I think so and how it helps me personally.

  1. The most important reason is overcoming the fear of drawing. It helps me with starting and not putting too much thought into drawing. It puts me in the moment and forcing me to stop hesitating. I need to stop being shy about putting lines on paper, especially when the subject are people. It takes me out of my comfort zone that is in front of computer. It’s challenging to go outside and draw in the middle of crowded coffee shop. I will just draw without thinking just to be over with it. The most important would be produce finished piece, not the most perfect image ever. Also I would advice to pick a tool that you can’t erase. Be aware that you can’t undo the lines and be confident about that. My tool of choice are ink and markers.
  2. It will make you work faster. You will need to find shortcuts when you draw because people won’t pose for you 30 mins. Sometimes it will be just 10 sec to get the image so the trick is to see and understand the gesture and then draw it without the model. If you can’t get the result right so quickly you will be forced to look for tricks how to be most efficient with lines. How to use just most essential lines to portray someone or something. You will start noticing what is the most important. I would say this is pretty advanced thing right here. If you will practice that you will be way faster with your drawings and it will help you in your professional career.
  3. It will give you greater understanding of perspective and spatial awareness. I think we all understand that those are basic things in drawing. Putting things right in perspective. identifying horizon line and vanishing points, 2 and 3 point perspective. I would guess it’s one of the hardest things to learn and artists usually try to avoid it. We shouldn’t avoid hard things. How much better the image looks when you add perspective to it.
  4. You will understand objects in space which will help you translate 3D objects to paper. Photo references are already 2D images, your brain doesn’t have to figure out how to translate object into flat piece of paper. You need to do the hard work yourself and figure out how, with just lines, you will get the image that has depth. If you get that then the next step would be that you will be able to look at one object and imagine it from different angles and points of view. If you get that then you will be pretty good at drawing from imagination.

So now when you have all the reasons above what you can do ?  What I would do is I would prepare one sketchbook that I have just for the life drawing sessions and I would put a deadline on it. I would say that I need to fill that sketchbook in 30 days. The challenge here is to try and draw every day to observe how your confidence will change during that time. In the beginning you will struggle of course, but try to overcome the fear. Don’t think too much and push yourself. I promise it will be better and you will gain confidence. You already starting to stimulate your brain into right direction.  Confidence will show in your sketches if you continue to do it for 30 days straight. Line quality will go up. It will help you will all basics. Just think how great it will be to compare first picture to the last one. Perhaps some of you will be in the mood to continue everyday life drawing. I can guarantee that you will end up with better skills than before you started and it will be great remedy for some artist problems.