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How to mildly annoy your artist. Guide.

Maybe it’s not a common knowledge how to NOT annoy the artist. That’s why I want to make this list. Would be awesome if you guys can share this list to spread the message so it will make easier life for us, artists :)

The worst question/ messages you can send to artist a.k.a. ‘How to annoy your artist’

Message 1: ‘Can I be You friend?’

No >_<

Explanation: Would You pick random person on the street, come to him/her and ask this question? If answer is no then don’t ask people this people on the internet. Plus. Do you even realize what a term  ‘friend’ means? Friendship is earned, it’s not a matter of question. With time two people just start to realize they are friends. This question is just really, really awkward one.

Message 2. 'I love your art, I’m a big fan! <3 <3 <3 Can you draw me/ my girlfriend/ my dog(for free of course <3).’

No >_<

Explanation: This is innocent enough but after getting like hundreds of these messages artist is just tired. This person don’t want commission the artist but just think that being a fan means artist will draw for free. Well… no. Drawing is our job and if you really respect artist you would want to pay for work.

Message 3. 'Can I use your work for my own intellectual property/ Commercial use’

No >_<

Explanation: So you want to release something to the world that will be commercially, meaning you want to make a profit out of someone else work. Good that you at least asked (usually artist find his/her work on the internet without any credits). If you feel like you can use someone else’s drawing in your work - again - commission the artist. Pay some money for the product that will be made just for you. With the purchase you gain the rights to spread and use the artwork how you want.

Message 4. ‘Can I have you private phone/private mail?’

O_O ?! No! What for?! There are reasons why I don’t put personal data on the internet. It’s for family of people I know. Any other info will be available for clients.

Message 5. ‘Can you send me your photos/ Can I send you my photos?’

No! But even if I say no to second question, it’s not always possible to avoid getting some… interesting pictures. Ahem …

Lesson to be taken here.

We are all humans here on the internet. Not a persona or a robot that has some image. The thing that we have social profiles on the internet doesn’t mean that all rules of etiquette don’t apply. It’s the same savoir vivre like in real life but internet seems to blur the lines.

After some of these kind of messages it’s no more entertaining but really tiring.

Maybe it’s nothing new but I see that there is need for more awareness

Skipped A Lot of Class? Get Back on Track in One Day

I’ve decided to make my “Get Back on Track” post into a series! The original post about what to do when you’re generally behind in school is SUPER popular, is my post with the most notes, and I get tons of questions about it every day. I hope you enjoy the next post in the new series & find it helpful if you need to get back on track!

In University, most classes don’t have attendance. Going to class isn’t mandatory. You probably don’t live with your parents, who will make sure you’re out of bed & headed to school on time. So sometimes you skip class… and sometimes, you skip class over and over again until you have no notes, no idea what’s going on in the course, and no idea what to do about it. This post is how to deal with that.

1. Gather ALL Materials for the Course in One Place | Print out anything that is on a computer. It helps to be able to highlight & make notes on physical things.

  • Syllabus 
  • Any online notes and/or power points your professor has posted.
  • The textbook. If you don’t have it, you need it at this point. Get it from the library, rent a digital copy, borrow from a friend, or see if you can find it online for free
  • Notes you have from any lectures you have attended

2. Take Stock | See what you are missing & make a list or highlight the weeks on the syllabus

3. Fill In The Gaps | You need to get your hands on the information you missed when skipping class. 

  • Ask Classmates for Notes | If you have friends in the class, see if they will help you out. If you don’t know anyone, ask a few people sitting around you if they could send you their notes (the worst they could say is “no”). Students who attend class may not want to lend you their notes since you skipped (especially if you don’t have a reason), but you can offer to send them your notes from the assigned textbooks readings.

  • Ask Previous Students for Notes | If you know or know of anyone who has taken the class before, see if they still have their notes & would be willing to give them to you. Even if it was in a different semester, with a different professor, there will likely be a lot of the same content covered. Some courses even have standardized slides and lecture topics.

  • Check Note Sharing Websites | See if your course has a page on a note sharing website like One Class and try to find missing notes there.

  • Find Movies On-Line | If your professor showed any movies during class (it might say so in the syllabus or lecture slides), try to find them on YouTube, a streaming site, or download them as a torrent.

  • Instructional YouTube Videos | For any lecture topics you missed, try to find videos on YouTube which teach the same topic. Khan Academy is a great resource for this.

  • Get a Tutor | If it isn’t too late, hiring a tutor for the course to help you out with the trickier topics would be a great idea. You can also go to the TA after reviewing and reading up on what you missed to sort out any questions you may have.

4. Create Master Notes | Once you know what notes you can get your hands on from other students & the good ol’ internet, it’s time to make your master notes, which incorporates all of your sources. Using a computer will be faster, especially because you are compiling notes from many sources and will probably want to move things around. Doing it by hand will take longer. Here’s one way to create them, following steps 1-4 for each lecture you missed:

  1. Start with a blank Word Document. Add the Professor’s class notes or Power Point Slides in as your jumping off point.
  2. If you have any notes from students or note sharing websites, add these in under the proper headings from the Prof’s notes.
  3. Now crack open the text book and type up what the  textbook says on the topics your professor covered in the lecture. If there are things he or she covered that aren’t in your textbook, Google them and find the most reliable source. Add that information into your master notes.
  4. Lastly, add in anything you’ve learned from watching instructional videos or by asking a tutor/friend/TA for more detail.

A Note About Time | Depending on how many classes you’ve missed (and in how many courses), this may take you longer than a day. If that’s the case, I would recommend doing steps 1-3 for every class in the same day, and then creating as many master notes as you can, but realizing that will need a few days to finish. Also, if you send emails or texts to ask for notes but don’t hear back the same day, that doesn’t stop you from making your master notes using the text book & internet! Just add other students’ notes into your master notes when you get them. That’s another reason to make master notes on the computer.

Best of Luck!! Let me know if you find this helpful, and/ or if there are any other “Get Back On Track” posts you would like me to do. I’m currently working on one about studying for Finals when you’re behind in the course. If you have any specific questions or requests for that post, let me know by sending an ask :)

How to find your Totem Animal

Everyone has an animal, bird or fish which holds a special meaning for them. This is not necessarily a pet or even a domestic animal; it could be foreign or even mythical

1. Take a walk in the woods just before dusk. Take the time to look at the trees and plants, to inhale the scent of the woods and listen to the sounds around you. 

2. Find an old tree and sit down beneath it. Close your eyes and lay your hands flat on the soil on either side of you and take a few deep breaths. 

3. Ask the Goddess to send you your Totem animal. 

4. Open your eyes and pick up the first thing you see lying on the ground near you. Take this home and place it under your pillow for three nights and your Totem animal will come to you in your dreams.

5. When you know what your Totem animal is, remember to look out for it in the world around you and to acknowledge this gift of the Goddess each time you see it

How to Save $$ By Shopping Online

5 hacks to stay under budget

Whether it was a New Year’s Resolution to stick to a budget or a disciplined effort to save up for something big (house, car, vacation, wedding, Chanel bag), we understand needing to save money without sacrificing everything. As experts at online shopping, the Wantering editors have put together 5 hacks to help you stay under budget when online shopping for clothes, shoes, accessories and more.

5. Sign up for retailer emails: While it is annoying to receive emails from so many places every day, it’s worth it for your favorite stores. You’ll often get 10-30% off coupons just for doing so. You can always unsubscribe afterwards!

4.  Shop on the weekends: Most online sales start on Friday and last all weekend long. If you can hold off buying something for a few days it could save you some of your hard-earned dollars.

3. Splurge on unique designer items, but cut back on every day essentials. Simple tanks or t-shirts shouldn’t cost you a fortune. We suggest searching on Wantering for something like “V-necks under $40” to find cheaper alternatives. Some affordable favorites include Everlane, Uniqlo, and Old Navy

2. Don’t pay for shipping. A lot of stores are offering free standard shipping within the USA if you can wait for 4-7 days. Honestly, if you’re not in a rush, or can shop in advance of when you need something, this is the best way to go. If you can’t meet the minimum spend, add something to your cart and return it later so long as the store offers free returns (you didn’t hear that from us…) One of the best hacks we have is to shop on Shopbop or East Dane and use your Amazon Prime account to score 2-day free shipping.

1. Check out Wantering Concierge. We’re tooting our own horn, but really you need to know about this. We launched Concierge so that you don’t have to do all the hard work. Shop on Wantering and your Concierge will find promo codes and any available discounts, price compare your purchase across stores, and deal with any returns or exchanges for you across multiple stores. Save time and money. 

Learn more about Concierge here! #WeveGotYourBack

Good luck out there! 


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