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How to mildly annoy your artist. Guide.

Maybe it’s not a common knowledge how to NOT annoy the artist. That’s why I want to make this list. Would be awesome if you guys can share this list to spread the message so it will make easier life for us, artists :)

The worst question/ messages you can send to artist a.k.a. ‘How to annoy your artist’

Message 1: ‘Can I be You friend?’

No >_<

Explanation: Would You pick random person on the street, come to him/her and ask this question? If answer is no then don’t ask people this people on the internet. Plus. Do you even realize what a term  ‘friend’ means? Friendship is earned, it’s not a matter of question. With time two people just start to realize they are friends. This question is just really, really awkward one.

Message 2. 'I love your art, I’m a big fan! <3 <3 <3 Can you draw me/ my girlfriend/ my dog(for free of course <3).’

No >_<

Explanation: This is innocent enough but after getting like hundreds of these messages artist is just tired. This person don’t want commission the artist but just think that being a fan means artist will draw for free. Well… no. Drawing is our job and if you really respect artist you would want to pay for work.

Message 3. 'Can I use your work for my own intellectual property/ Commercial use’

No >_<

Explanation: So you want to release something to the world that will be commercially, meaning you want to make a profit out of someone else work. Good that you at least asked (usually artist find his/her work on the internet without any credits). If you feel like you can use someone else’s drawing in your work - again - commission the artist. Pay some money for the product that will be made just for you. With the purchase you gain the rights to spread and use the artwork how you want.

Message 4. ‘Can I have you private phone/private mail?’

O_O ?! No! What for?! There are reasons why I don’t put personal data on the internet. It’s for family of people I know. Any other info will be available for clients.

Message 5. ‘Can you send me your photos/ Can I send you my photos?’

No! But even if I say no to second question, it’s not always possible to avoid getting some… interesting pictures. Ahem …

Lesson to be taken here.

We are all humans here on the internet. Not a persona or a robot that has some image. The thing that we have social profiles on the internet doesn’t mean that all rules of etiquette don’t apply. It’s the same savoir vivre like in real life but internet seems to blur the lines.

After some of these kind of messages it’s no more entertaining but really tiring.

Maybe it’s nothing new but I see that there is need for more awareness

How to find your Totem Animal

Everyone has an animal, bird or fish which holds a special meaning for them. This is not necessarily a pet or even a domestic animal; it could be foreign or even mythical

1. Take a walk in the woods just before dusk. Take the time to look at the trees and plants, to inhale the scent of the woods and listen to the sounds around you. 

2. Find an old tree and sit down beneath it. Close your eyes and lay your hands flat on the soil on either side of you and take a few deep breaths. 

3. Ask the Goddess to send you your Totem animal. 

4. Open your eyes and pick up the first thing you see lying on the ground near you. Take this home and place it under your pillow for three nights and your Totem animal will come to you in your dreams.

5. When you know what your Totem animal is, remember to look out for it in the world around you and to acknowledge this gift of the Goddess each time you see it


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