5X Speed Video of me painting Sona, Yoko and Searport Hime for Video Level Patreon supporters.


How to wear a long headscarf:

1. Fold down the top.
2. Fold up the bottom to create a workable width for your hair.
3. Place the middle of the scarf at the base of your skull and carefully tie a knot. Put it a little bit past your hairline and over the top of your ears. You want it to be snug but slightly loose to create volume and keep the scarf from slipping as you move.
4. Tie a second knot. Not tight! The knot will look better a little puffy.
5. Tuck the ends into the back of the scarf. It’s okay if it pokes out a little.
6. Put a bobby pin next to the knot and in the back at the base of your skull, to attach the scarf to your hair. Too many bobby pins by your ears will change the shape of the scarf and be too obvious. You can hide a few more in the back and by the knot.
7. Puff and pull the scarf to make it even. Don’t worry about it being flat against your head. It will look much better with a little poof.

If it doesn’t look right, try it again a little tighter or looser.

Everyone needs a scarf collection to hide your hair when it’s a hot mess, protect your locks or hold up that cute beehive you spent an hour and a can of hairspray on. There are endless ways of tying and styling a scarf. Visit my shop to find a few that fit your personality.

Part 2: Square Headscarf


Simple Cue to Teach/Learn the Squat VS Hinge AKA Deadlift

As promised here is that video explaining the difference between the squat and hinge. Something a lot of people don’t understand or have a hard time teaching but is VERY important. 

I kept it short and simple for easy learning. If you are a trainer and you want to use this cue with your clients all you need is a wall. Nothing fancy, that’s it.

If you like it be sure to give it a thumbs up, share, like, etc. so I know to keep making more content like this!


So , this is just another *boring* follow up to the hands evolution/breakdown , that i’ve been posting . But , these are kind of the basics when it comes to designing anime , so i feel compelled to go over them . Who knows , this might be actually helping someone , so …. yeah 

Oh btw HUGE shout-out to the user —> ”reverofenola” !! for being my first follower . Thank you SOOO much . I feel really grateful , that someone actually liked my artwork enough to follow :) , so …. yeah …. thnx you’re awesome and i’m a big fan of your blog ;)

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5 Steps to a Photo Illustration. 

A few weeks ago I dragged out of the archives a photo shoot I did with gillykins that was meant for another project that never got off the ground. I had thought that I would spend a couple hours touching this up as a break from some of the fashion work that I was doing at the time. 20 hours later I climbed out of my photoshop coma a bit more ragged but with a good example to to talk about photo Illustrations.

Step 1: Start off Awesome (The Photo Shoot)

They say “you can’t shine shit" and while not entirely true it does get messy so I’d recommend spending your time upfront to get this part right. The better your starting point, the better everything else that follows. Have a message or a feeling that you want your model convey. Communicate to your model how what she’s doing will be translated into the final product. Light your subject in a way that that will make it easy for you to seamlessly blend them into your proposed backdrop. ( note** I did not do that, in this case and paid for it in step 4.)

Step 2: Dig your Grave (Layout)

Depending on your ambition in this part you may be underwhelming yourself or cursing yourself for the next 2 steps. hopefully somewhere in between.

a.Select the photo that you want to use and place it in a frame how you’d like to use it.

b.The next thing I do is draw the horizon line. This is super important! This line helps me place all the parts of the photo illustration in a way that prospectively makes sense. As long as everything shares the same perspective horizon you should be good

c. At this point you can sketch in how you want everything to look. car wreckage here, sunset there, decimated building here…

Step 3: Keep Digging (Placement)

Now that you have your idea the next step is to actually do it. This usually involves a great deal of masking out images, putting them in position and discovering that this isn’t going to work and repeat. If you’re George R.R.Martin this process will take you twenty years so it’s up to you to tell yourself when enough is enough.

Step 4: Fix Everything ( Dodge, Burn and Colour Correct)

You now have everything down and it’s starting to look… well, like a mess. It’s rainbow bright in one corner and the dark night in the other. No sense of depth and you have twenty suns lighting 20 elements separate from one another. Good news, this is the stage where you get to fix all of that. Bad news, this is the stage you get to fix all of that.

I start off with trying to match the colours of each element so that it looks like they are being light by the same colour of light. Next, I dodge and burn to push back the background, add or enhance the highlights and shadows so that it all looks like it’s being illuminated from the same source.

Step 5: Apply your instagram filter. (No, but kinda yes)

More accurately you are investing in a colour pallet, unifying your highlights and shadows to have similar colour and tone all in an effort to identify your subject and point of interest. For this Image I choose a cool blue/green dark shadow to contrast the red shiny highlights of the scarlet witch.

In the end, this is obviously not a perfect image. I see loads i’d change and do different, but that’s for future photo illustrations. Everyone is better the next built than what we did before.

So until next time let me know what you liked or didn’t like, and please share with others who might find this interesting.

**note: almost all adjustments, dodging, burning and grading were done curves adjustment layers.

Cosplayer: GillyKins
Photo Assistant: Wendy of Dystropolis

So happy to see this before my plane takes off! Thank you, @kellyleedekay! ^_^
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Eyebrow Routine! (Redheads and Blondes)
Click here to watch! 👉

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