hows the love life

Henry Cavill: *mentioning Jon in an interview*

Me: Why did he do that? Is this a sign? Are we having Jon on the big screen in the near future? Who do I have to pay for this? C'mon DC I give negative shits about continuity and the kid is the best thing you have in ages and Rebirth run is a goldmine don’t be a coward. And Damian. Give me him too. Give me Super Sons. You can take time writing your scripts. I am patient.

Arrghhh I just thought of a realy fun back story plot for Knockout back on cybertron before the war and stuff and now I realy want to write it!! It would be more then a one shot tho I’m sure given the plot… argh I need time to write fanfic!!



happy birthday to our sweet namjoon!
thank you for being our galaxy 


I know I’m a couple of days late (Irma knocked out my Internet!), but I really wanted to post a doodle celebrating the 15th anniversary of the first Kingdom Hearts game’s release in the US.

Celebrating 15 years of my favorite sunshine dorkupine in his many forms! 

\o\ \o/ /o/

But if you want to leave, you can. I’ll remember you. I remember everyone that leaves.
—  Lilo and Stitch

Rejoice in all of this Black Girl Magic ✨


hype man hobi


everybody screws up. that’s what happens. it’s what you do with the screw-ups, it’s how you handle the experience - that’s what you should judge yourself by. i have a great life and an amazing kid. and i took a detour, i ended up some place good.