So I heard that the Chibi Avatar Krew is celebrating Howrra week!!

so here ya go!



“I still love you.” She said, her voice breaking with grief.

Howl smiled. “I know.” He turned on his heel and walked away.

It was time to try healing again.

We must communicate with Brian and/or Mike and make Howl reappear in the series (if he doesn’t already).


And his name must be Howl.

Seriously, I would die if in season two, Korra waves at him and says, “What’s up Howl?”

You can not have a character this good-looking and never be seen again!

and from then on Howl was always the one they sent to find Korra when she tried to play hooky :D

outofstardust requested Howrra and I figured I’d go with my headcanon that the reason he doesn’t trust her running about outside is because she always gets into ~adventures~ and he has to be the one to bring her back and it’s a pain in his ass haha (she’s about 12 here)

The Legend of Korra - 12x01

Wow. Bryan and Michael did it again! Who could have guessed Korra was going to end with that Guard…what was his name again, Howl, is it? Daaamn. That was such a big plot twist! That’s why I liked the final chapter a lot.

I saw that borra pic and i could not help myself xD

Updated Shipping Roster
  • Last Airbender Fleet:
  • Kataang:Flagship of the fleet. Currently considered unsinkable.
  • Sukka:Radio silence for four years, whereabouts unknown, condition unknown, presumed operational
  • Maiko:Contact lost, considered heavily armed, presumed operational
  • Tokka:Recent engagements have left the ship crippled but the crew refuse to abandon her.
  • Zutara:Pirate ship, last seen patrolling Fire Nation waters - caution is advised.
  • Legend of Korra Fleet:
  • Makorra:Heavily damaged but still fighting, crew morale at an all time low.
  • Borra:Sunk on maiden voyage, no survivors.
  • Masami:Taking heavy fire from the Makorra, as yet no fatal damage.
  • Korrasami:'Girls do it better' can be seen painted in pretty letters on the side of this ship. It continues to lay low, evading Masami and Makorra at every turn.
  • Pemzin:Originally a cruise ship that anyone could nurse their wounds on, recently has showed its hidden cannons.
  • Linzin:Came out of nowhere, delivered a salvo to the Pemzin and did heavy damage to the Tokka, then was hit badly. Currently taking water.
  • Tahnnorra:Docked in Republic City Harbour, captain missing.
  • Amorra:Ghost ship. Sightings have been reported, none confirmed.
  • Korrlok:Pieces of the ship were found washing up on shore, rumor has it that the ghost ship Amorra decimated it and its crew. Everyone agrees that the Captain was a douchebag anyway.
  • Howrra:Last seen heading for second star to the right

“Why don’t you let that book and we make our own romance novel, Howl?”

I have this theory: from what i’ve seen, Korra seems kinda ihibited whenever she gets a compliment, but she feels safe with Howl, so she can be pretty straightforward.

Hola! xD