Hello mister, how do you do?

DAY 2399

The Oberoi Grand, Kolkata      Nov 9/10,  2014      Sun/Mon  12:19 am

Of white tigers .. who I believed had a link with the white tigers of Rewa, a royal principality in years gone by, when the Raja of Rewa mated and produced the white tiger .. !!

I may be wrong though ..

Of crowned cranes, with their hooded looks .. and peculiar hair styles ..

Of CATS, of course and coloured hat ..

Of the beauty of the setting sun against the new bridge across the river Hoogly, other than the Howrah Bridge ..

Of the stop over at the ‘kachori and jalebi’ eatery and all those that came to watch me eat it .. after an incognito ride through the morning streets  ..

Of meeting up with my old colleagues at Blacker’s and colleagues during the time when I worked here from 1962 to 1968 or a bit more .. they have aged along with me, but their hearts and their connect has remained the same ..

And tomorrow is the inauguration of the Kolkata International Film Festival and the family comes in to join me, along with many others .. and then later by the 14th an ISL football game of the 'our’ team ChennaiyinFC with the local team Atletico de Kolkata …

Time is racing by … the work continues unabated, and I need to deliver on various fronts - work, script, visits, meetings, … and that private unknown ride perhaps in the middle of the night to all those places which were our haunts .. to stand in front of them and recollect the time and place and deed .. to bring back the old , to bring back the adventure and compassion .. to simply stand silently and allow time to go by ..

I look at the stack of books that stare before me in complaint ..“ brought us here to be referred to, but no .. you have not even given us another glance ..”

Institutions and others send in their notes and letters of invitation, to various social generous programmes .. I cannot possibly attend to them, keeping in mind my schedule .. so I hope they shall understand .. it is difficult to respond to them .. I run a shoot schedule, not my office to be able to give response .. so .. sorry ..

O ! Dear .. I need to do so much now … but am sleep dragged .. was up from 5, and its 7 tomorrow ..

Good night and love …

Amitabh Bachchan 


Day - 17. Favorite song of your favorite singer (female): Asha Bhosle 
“ Aaiye Meherbaan” (Howrah Bridge, 1958), “Piya Tu Ab To Aaja” (Caravan, 1971) and “Dum Maro Dum” (Hare Rama Hare Krishna, 1971)

Even though my personal answer to this one was easy - same as for the men - I still think that it is hard to chose objectively. Obviously all singers that are known until today are totally deserving to be on top of any list, but this is all very subjective, so I think it’s okay for me to chose Asha here. [even though I really love Lata Mangeshkar, Geeta Dutt and Shamshad Begum, too]. But from all these women Ashas music is my favorite. Lata has a perfect voice, but for my personal taste her music usually was too innocent, Geeta is amazing too but her career kind of flopped at some point [whole Guru Dutt issue and competition at that time…], Shamshad is my queen. I love her husky voice. There was so much power when she sang, just amazing. But even though she recorded thousands of songs I don’t have a lot of input when it comes to her. Don’t know why.

And then there is Asha. Really melodious, beautiful and clear voice and extremely versatile. If we were talking about a certain decade probably one of the ladies above would have gotten my personal sympathy. But Asha is like my alltime favorite. You know what I mean? She had huge hits all of the time and I admire the evolution of her songs. I am a fan of 60s/70s music and Asha had bombastic hits at that time. More dance / pop / stuff like that.Thank god RD Burman and Asha found each other. With them working together nothing was able to go wrong when it comes to music.

Who is your favorite singer?