Infinite mood boost:

just “some” clips/fancams of Infinite that would make your day better :)

  • 4K of The Eye perf. it’s lit
  • being thankful for this cute ass perf of Thank You
  • Sungyeol imitating Sungkyu singing 60 Seconds. 
  • Sungyeol in a suit, and chilling with a lil cutie
  • Nell Fanboy
  • that same lil cutie from the video above chills with Dongwoo
  • Woohyun and Howon gets gold medals and they’re too hype
  • idol sports way back when and infinite dancing heh
  • Sungkyu (and others) being embarassed by Woohyun dancing to Jewelry’s One More Time
  • woohyun swoon
  • have you ever watched sung-myung-jong trio dancing to Bangkok City
  • Hoya making gross hearts and forcing sungkyu and sungjong to throw up hearts. 
  • water bottle
  • sungjong laughing at sungkyu heh
  • hoya dancing ah-choo
  • heh sungyeol, man in love
  • aegyo set: Howon & Woohyun
  • 100 second aegyo 
  • sungkyu trynna dance but it aint going well
  • that one time infinite proved they sing well live ;)
  • pick me pick me pick me (sungyeol ft. howon)
  • myungsoo trynna rip sungyeols shirt off heh
  • myungsoo running back to his spot
  • sungyeol laughing at myungsoo running back to his spot
  • sungjong + soccer ball = not good day
  • everyone copying sungjong 
  • don’t
  • poor sungkyu & pt2
  • 뚜루 뚜루 뚜루 뚜루루
  • nam woohoo
  • 동우 성규

“There is no end to something infinite. Endless, forever, those are liar’s words. But, infinity… There’s no concept of stopping, only climbing higher, and the higher you climb, the better the view is. But, I don’t know how it could get any better because damn, it’s beautiful from up here.”

Happy 7th Anniversary to INFINITE – Thank you for always keeping us in your view, and we will continue to light your way.

to: inspirits; my friends.

I don’t know if many noticed, but I have been m.i.a recently and I had to deal with a lot of personal problems and had some hardships of my own. But, that doesn’t mean I didn’t check up frequently about Infinite. 

As many of you have seen by now through many K-Pop news sites, Howon did depart from Infinite. I’m pretty sure you’re upset; I am too. Being an Inspirit for so long and holding on how Infinite’s name means limitless and neverending, it did break my heart to hear that news. 

However, that won’t stop me from supporting Infinite as 6 and Howon starting his new career into acting and whatever else he will do in the future. The members respected his choice and I believe that we should too. 

I am sure that his choices weren’t meant to hurt any of his members, or any of the Inspirits. I said this every year and I will continue to say this, but as a fan, I will always be behind the members wherever they go and what they choose to do. 

A person’s dreams and ventures to a new path shouldn’t be put to a halt because they’re afraid the ones they love will leave them; they should be walking on with the belief that whatever they do, there will always be a person behind them to support them and cheer them through any endeavor. 

INFINITE’s name means “limitless”; so we shouldn’t think of Howon leaving in a hurtful, sad way, but think of it as another way to continue that name; to continue being limitless. I hope that none of you see Howon’s decision with a bad light and I hope you continue to support Infinite and Lee Howon on a new chapter. 

I love you all. 

After this terrible tragic, I remembered how in 2015 Woohyun dissapeared for 2 weeks after he had a total breakdown on the stage. He’s really sensitive person and I hope next time he will get a help from a therapist, because you can tell that he was really really depressed in 2015 and 2016. Same goes to Hoya and Sungjong. Most of you hate Hoya now, but let’s not forget that he locked himself in the house for 10 months because he was so stressing out about a decision he was making. Or Sungjong who was dealing with terrible depression, because of all the hate he was getting, because of his feminie looks. And Sunggyu who is really open about his anxiety disorder. Sungyeol even admitted that he started drinking, because he couldn’t deal with stress anymore. Please if you really love INFINITE, they already had a problems with mental illnesses in the past, so let’s be softer towards them, they put everything in this group. After all they are humans too and we know how emotional they can get, Myungsoo almost became paranoid after his dating scandal, he thought that members would hate him, he would be kicked out and imagined things, which would never happen and it once again, shows how much this group means for them. So let’s properly take care of our talanted boys.

And dear Shawols, Inspirits are always there for you. I can’t stop crying after hearing this news, I never was a fan, but I knew how amazing person Jonghyun was.

Rest in peace Kim Jonghyun

Infinite mood boost pt.2:

inspirits always need an INFINITE boost. (pt.1)

- that time before myungsoo was center in c.b.a
- wow sungkyu 
- gee?
- sungkyu can’t do handstands :) 
- when myungsoo and sungyeol gets bored
- how to trick kim sungkyu 101
- “what is woohyun’s high note?” - by jang dongwoo
- pen pineappLe apple pen
- lemon oppa swoon 
- korean melons vs. infinite
- how to be lee sungyeol 
- sitting is best thing
- no means yes and yes means no. but food is food
- plz take care of dongwoo
- be mine ver. 2015
- leader vs. viking ride (spoiler: viking ride wins)
- train ride of death
- nicest kids on earth
- where’s our waiting room??????
- expectation vs. reality
- lmao
- campfire crew
- grandpa woohoo
- remember that one time dongwoo cried like a little baby on his birthday
- howon before hoya
- don’t watch this video if you have a weak heart
- woohoo’s pole dance ;)
- jongffany
- INFINITE ❤ INSPIRIT (I saved best for last) 

Enjoy y’all ❤❤❤

why is sungjong so underrated?

why dont you like him?

did you look at his face? 

he’s the second visual ffs

literally a god


or Satanjong

his smile is

so fucking beautiful

predebut… look at this kid ;;

so inno-




even hoya likes HIS ASS him

and i mean once he almost died because of sungjong… so…